Dinner with Drinks, Date Night dinners in sg πŸ’‹ Dinners to me aren't as heavy as lunch, but I'm always looking out for meals which can fill my tummy up nicely, without making me feel like I've loaded too much on the calories! Here's a list of a variety of restaurants that offer excellent dishes to end of your day feeling guilt-free!
Popular, Rainy Day Comforts, High Tea lunch in sunny sg 🍴 I'm always on a hunt for restaurants that can offer very filling lunches! So if you're looking for a very filling lunch with your family or friends, you can try out these restaurants!
Desserts, Ice Cream & Yoghurt desserts in sg 🍰 I am a sweet tooth and I'm proud of it! Desserts are always my favourite meals but they are usually loaded with sugar, so I try my best to keep my selections as healthy as possible (vegan) or if not I will indulge a little! Nonetheless, I've been trying out a few ice cream parlors around Singapore and I hope to try even more ☺️