The antidote to boring CBD lunches. This lobster roll at $16 is unreasonably good value-for-money with its chunky lobster meat and pillowy bread. Comes with chips at the side. Note: This is more of a takeaway place than dine-in.
Lobster Rolls With A View Three options - original, Connecticut, cheesy! I got the original roll where the condiments were light and the flavour of the lobsters could stand out. The store is more for takeaway and there isnt much seating space within the tiny building too. Ended up standing along the bridge which was not too bad as it was breezy. Great for a quick lunch if you’re also looking to satisfy a lobster craving!
Chunky’s Connecticut Coated and toasted with melted butter sauce, be ready to get buttery. 。 Nestled at the corner of level 2 of Oxley Tower, this is a new lobster roll shack that aims to make seafood affordable for everyone! As seats are very limited, it will be best to do a takeaway instead during peak hours. 。 Out of the 3 types of lobster rolls offered, I went for the roll that came with 90g of buttery Canadian lobster meat. Sandwiched between the buttered brioche buns, the generous serving of lobster meat chunks were really fresh and succulent. Though I was taken away by the sweetness and juiciness of the lobster meat, I felt that it could be tastier. Personal preference I guess 😄. 。 At just $16 nett, what more can I ask for? P.S. Get a bowl of lobster bisque for a complete experience. Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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Ken make It Most suitable for: Those who are in/nearby SMU/Bras basah Damage: 6 to 10 USP: Fresh quality ingredients imo and a wholesome meal (like most japanese meals) where you get to witness them torching your salmon/duck/chicken. Portion was sufficient for a hungry schoolboy on a budget
Donburis With A Special ‘Torch’ It’s easy to pass this shop without noticing it, but your nose will definitely not miss the smell of torched mentaiko wafting from this small little kitchen. On its wall brightly proclaim “an underground torching project” and rightly so, as you see each bowl being torched like clockwork in an assembly-line fashion. Although the queues look awfully long during lunchtimes, don’t be deterred by it. It’s worth the wait. Plus, you can entertain your time by watching the ladies torch each dish as you wait 🔥 I got the Honey Glazed Tofu bowl ($4.90 for SMU students/staff, and $5.90 for the public) with Cha Soba tossed in wafu dressing. All bowls come topped with sous-vide egg, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and pickles - but you get to choose your protein and base. For the whole of this week, they are throwing in free mentaiko sauce for each bowl as well! Overall, I’m pretty impressed. The tofu is glazed just right with the right amount of sweetness, which remaining soft (not overcooked like the ones you might find at The Daily Cut). The Cha Soba is silky and not too al dente, and well paired with the dressing. And the mentaiko sauce rocked the dish. P.S. The portions are slightly small, so bigger eaters might want to upsize their protein/base.
Smoked Duck Breast Bowl ($6.90 Student/ $7.90 Public) New food joint in school is decent; featured is one of the 3 protein from a simple menu: chicken thigh (that was OOS at 7:30pm), smoked duck breast (above) and torched unagi. My wholesome bowl with a flexible choice of half romaine lettuce and half cold soba (as base); had a complementary opening special- torched mentaiko paste. A hearty very tasty meal (with generous wafu dressing mixed in my noodles) at a reasoned price I conclude.
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Hitsumabushi XL from Unagiya Ichinoji (@unagiyaichinoji), a newly-launched unagi concept at Robertson Quay. Whilst Man Man’s unagi was soft to the bite and stickily sweet, and Uya’s unagi was memorably charred and smoky in character with a good crunch to the proceedings, Unagiya Ichinoji’s sendup is comparatively unexciting and vanilla in disposition, although it proves to be a happy canvas for the pleasingly spicy sauce and exotically mala-esque sansho pepper at your tableside disposal. 3.7/5
A decent Place For Unagi We did not made a reservation, lined up for 30 mins on a Friday night and get the bar table seat in front of the grilling station. The eels are all coal grill, very traditional. Sauce slightly on the sweet side but I like it so with the Hokkaido rice. The set comes with Dashi so you can finish with a heartwarming bowl of soup. Will go again if I crave for unagi rice bowl.
| 🥘 Look at that Extra Large Hitsumabushi !... ~ · Hitsumabushi (XL) - (2-3pax) - $77.80 · Opened since 1893, the 125 years old restaurant open it’s first overseas outlet in Singapore. Looking at the charcoal grilled unagi just makes me drool. You can enjoy the Hitsumabushi by itself, adding condiments, or adding dashi for a soupy ending. They provide Sansho Pepper & kuro Shichimi to spice up the meal if you are adventurous. But I would highly recommend adding just the original sauce to every scoop of rice, giving the flavour a sweet savoury boast. The unagi is rather tender on the inside but not crispy enough on the outside for my liking. That’s the only disappointing part, otherwise still quite an enjoyable meal · Unagiya Ichinoji @unagiyaichinoji
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Mushy Patty Burger The Cheesy Burger ($10.90 nett) might have also been a case of mismatched expectations. The patty wasn't a whole portobello mushroom like I thought it'd be. It was a minced mushroom kind of patty which couldn't hold itself together because it was not compacted tightly enough. Upon first bite, this already disappointed me. The sweet potato fries were the only respite. Perhaps I should've ordered the Buddha Bowl ($9.90 nett) which looks better & might taste better. 💳 Accepts credit cards & Favepay 🌬 Air-conditioned seats only 🙋 No Service Charge 🚫 No GST 📶 No WiFi available 💦 Free water served
So Salty I'm not really one to eat vegan food, but Soul ALife piqued my curiosity. However, my experience here was less than desired - might have been a case of mismatched expectations? I don't know. The Mac and Cheese ($7.90 nett) looked great in pictures & reviews - was pleasantly surprised to find this was actually a full portion enough for a meal, not like the appetizer-size that I was expecting. But upon first bite, I wasn't sure how I felt about it. It didn't have that authentic cheesy feel that I was looking for. A few bites in, I started to regret ordering it. Eventually, my partner & I didn't finish it; we left 1/5 untouched because it was just too salty to handle. Definitely not ordering this again 😔 💳 Accepts credit cards & Favepay 🌬 Air-conditioned seats only 🙋 No Service Charge 🚫 No GST 📶 No WiFi available 💦 Free water served
DOESN’T THIS MAC & CHEESE LOOK UTTERLY DELICIOUS?! Had some super creamy mac & cheese (S$7.90) from @soulalifesg yesterday and it definitely hit the spot 👌🏼 Wouldn’t say it tastes exactly like actual cheese, but without a doubt it’s a pretty good vegan rendition of the classic dish! Would 10/10 go for it again 🤤💯💯
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