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@ Harvest Didn’t realise katong area had so many cafes around 😱 Was preparing to slim down cuz of graduation so we’ve been hunting for places to clean eat😂 Strongly recommend getting their chicken breast! Super tender and well marinated, what a treat for my tummy!! No surprise that the cafe was packed w many patrons at dinner time🤗 Plus point, the regulars are only $12!!!!! Just a lil’ disappointed at the baby carrots cuz it’s only one long thin stalk boo :(( I thought it would be many short plump ones☹️ - 🍽 FUD FOR THE TUMMY • Chicken Breast + Soba + Baby Carrots + Marinated Cherry Tomatoes + Guacamole + Lemon Vinaigrette ($12 + $1.50) • Norwegian Salmon Fillet + Brown Rice + Whole Roasted Garlic + Onsen Egg + Avocado + Mentaiko ($12 + $3 + $1.50) • Bottled Water ($1.50)
Protein Bowl Grab a paper on the counter and choose your protein, base, 3 sides, topping and dressing for $12 and above.
Grain Bowl Of Chicken May I disrecommend the Yuzu sauce. If there’s such a word? Haha It was really more a jam; really sweet and artificial tasting when I had high hopes for Yuzu-anything 😍😭 Tasted icky on paired with anything. That said, the chicken is truly consistently good 😋 thank God they allowed me get a serving of soy garlic; which is a much better gel for the rice bowl 💪🏼 This dressing is: 2/10 Also in case you are wondering why I’m back? Well, it’s part of social obligation paid for group sorta friendships. Haha. Pardon the neon!
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Delicious Pork Burgers In A Pub Ordered the jams and eggs together with wedges. What is so outstanding about the burger is the sweet jam spread on the toasted buns that gives the burger the sweetness that is not commonly found in burgers. The savoury pork patty is tender, together with the jam, toasted bun and runny sunny-side egg makes the meal feel like a hearty delicious breakfast.
Tried the burgers from Seven & Ate and we truly enjoyed them. The buns were light and fluffy and the patties were juicy too. We had a Peppa pig, which comes with a cheese stuffed fried jalapeño, and a Three Little Pigs, which has a bacon wrapped sausage and luncheon meat in it. We enjoyed these even more because they were at one for one with #burpplebeyond yay!
Steak Bowl ($16) If you’re looking for a healthier option at this gastropub, I think they’ve done just the right thing! Choose between a salad or quinoa base and a topping, of which I chose steak, and they’d add in their house-made guacamole, fresh salsa, roasted squash, oranges & sous vide egg. The combination was simply, but a pretty smart move. The steak was done medium rare, which was served as requested and was well seasoned. The salsa had a tad too much onions in it, so it was quite difficult to finish, but the oranges did help to turn the dish around. As simple as it is, the oranges added a sour tang to help heighten the flavours of the dish. Thanks to #burpplebeyond, we got a 1-for-1 offer for their mains (burger & bowls section)!
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MealPal #2/12 Buddha Bowl [Non-MealPal price $9.90] after a sinful weekend of kway chap and seafood boils, this healthy vegan bowl was perfect for a Monday lunch. the beetroot hummus went well with the quinoa and veggies. Otherwise the ingredients are quite plain. 3/5.
Mushy Patty Burger The Cheesy Burger ($10.90 nett) might have also been a case of mismatched expectations. The patty wasn't a whole portobello mushroom like I thought it'd be. It was a minced mushroom kind of patty which couldn't hold itself together because it was not compacted tightly enough. Upon first bite, this already disappointed me. The sweet potato fries were the only respite. Perhaps I should've ordered the Buddha Bowl ($9.90 nett) which looks better & might taste better. 💳 Accepts credit cards & Favepay 🌬 Air-conditioned seats only 🙋 No Service Charge 🚫 No GST 📶 No WiFi available 💦 Free water served
So Salty I'm not really one to eat vegan food, but Soul ALife piqued my curiosity. However, my experience here was less than desired - might have been a case of mismatched expectations? I don't know. The Mac and Cheese ($7.90 nett) looked great in pictures & reviews - was pleasantly surprised to find this was actually a full portion enough for a meal, not like the appetizer-size that I was expecting. But upon first bite, I wasn't sure how I felt about it. It didn't have that authentic cheesy feel that I was looking for. A few bites in, I started to regret ordering it. Eventually, my partner & I didn't finish it; we left 1/5 untouched because it was just too salty to handle. Definitely not ordering this again 😔 💳 Accepts credit cards & Favepay 🌬 Air-conditioned seats only 🙋 No Service Charge 🚫 No GST 📶 No WiFi available 💦 Free water served
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Thunder Tea Rice Weekend’s over & looking to eat clean? Probably the healthiest food at a food centre. Rice topped with a variety of fresh veggies & a bowl of aromatic soup made out of herbs & nuts. I chose brown rice & added meatballs & taukwa on top all the veggies. The thunder tea soup was very light & wasn’t that strong unlike other places. I’m a huge fan of TTR but this was my first time trying the one at Amoy Street food centre. I have tried better ones but this was just lighter in taste. Do you like lei Cha (pounded tea/grounded tea) rice? 📍: 7 Maxwell Rd #02-127 Amoy St food centre 💵 : $4 for white rice, $4.50 for brown rice 👄 : Will I return? If I’m craving for this at that area. 🌟 : Tips : - I still prefer to drink the soup on its own instead of drenching my whole bowl of rice with the green tea soup like some people do.
Thunder Tea Rice Choice of white rice ($4) or brown rice ($0.50 more) Very filling and vegetables were yummy. You can choose to add 3 meatballs or a taukwa topped with meat for a dollar more. The taste of the thunder tea soup wasn't too strong, so those who are skeptical about Hakka thunder tea rice can try this.
Lin Da Ma's Thunder Tea Rice 😍😍 Newly opened at Amoy! I tried thunder tea rice once and oh gosh, it was a horrible experience and I never dared t order it again 😩 But I decided t try it again today becos this stall looked promising and am I glad I did!! 💕 It was so deliciously yummy and it won't cause the usual post-lunch-food-coma/post-lunch-pregnancy syndrome cos it isn't very heavy 😊 It's also v affordable at just $4.30 for the choice or organic brown rice! This is gona be my new favorite food haunt 😁 #burpple
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Ji Ji Wanton Mee ($5, takeaway). Missing this wanton mee, especially now that Hong Lim has just been closed for renovation from 1 Nov to 31 Dec. 🔸 This is one wanton mee that I like, but it's slightly different from the wanton mee that we are used to, in several ways. 🔸 The noodles were thicker than most other wanton mee, but I like that it was eggy and springy. It's closer to the Malaysian style of wanton mee as it came with dark soya sauce with a tinge of sweetness. Though the char siew lacked smokiness, it was meaty and satisfying enough. The fried wanton, however, were scant in its fillings, so it's all about the fried skin. 🔸 Overall, I'll return for this, if the queue was not too long.. Waiting for 2019! 🔸 #foodphotography #burpple #foodporn #sgfoodies #sgfood #foodsg #instasg #foodstagram #instafood #instafood_sg #f52grams #hungrygowhere #cafesg #sgfoodblogger #thisisinsiderfood #sgig #cafehoppingsg #thedailybite #makan #burpplesg #foodie #stfoodtrending #wantonmee #jiaklocal #uncagestreetfood #sghawker #hawkerfood #singaporefood #honglimmarket #flatlay
Wanton Mee I'm not big on wanton mee but I belly up to the way Ji Ji Wanton Noodle #02-48 does theirs. A $5 portion comes with three pieces of fried wanton and five more swimming in an appetizingly savoury soup. Their pork fillings have a lingering peppery taste. Toss the noodles well so you get their deliciously sweet binding sauce with every bite. The char siew slices have caramelized flavour, while the kailan adds crunch, and the braised mushrooms lend some earthiness. Slap on some sweet chilli paste to mix but the meal is moreish to me even without. We added a few braised chicken wings ($1.50 each) which are bathed in salty-sweet sauce cause, oops, more meat please! 😆
One of Singapore’s Best Wanton Mee Char Siew Wanton Noodles. Read more:
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