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Matcha Cheesecake This looks so much like a stock photo but is honestly just the on point lighting✨. This was really creamy and hit the right amount of matcha taste ☺️☺️
Just Keep
Get Teased by Tea b’cos their wide range of artisan and designer teas will appeal to everyone. From hot to iced, traditional to modern; fruity, spiced or even alcoholic. This fizzy Earl Grey has been one of my favourite at Arteastiq. Iced cold aromatic Earl Grey with a tangy flavour. Experience that fizzy “popping” sensation after adding the candy pops to accentuate the refreshing taste. Or check out their alcoholic selection which is also harnesses the combination of fragrance from tea and alcohol.
I makan
Breakfast at Arteastiq can be a pretty relaxing thing, sitting by the window, slowly enjoying our food and sipping our tea. Their mains and brunch menus offered a variety of western and Asian items, as well as the egg and toast kind of breakfast food. This was their omelette with spinach, bruschetta cheese with anchovy. Each element might not stand out in taste but they came together very well, balanced with the punchy saltiness of the anchovy. Smoked salmon could be topped up for an additional protein. Quite a hearty dish despite with just spinach and egg, and satisfying especially for those who likes bruschetta. Well of cos any meal here would not be complete without a drink, tea particularly in our case. We always enjoy their unique selection of iced tea which will be shared separately.
I makan
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Teppanyaki cod glazed with miso at @mikuni.sg 🇸🇬 . The fresh cod fish was lightly glazed with the sweet miso sauce. Nice sear on the teppanyaki grill and I liked the fresh and crisp slightly raw beansprouts. A solid dish. . #burpple #chopebites #teppanyaki
The Fine Diner
Birthday Dinner - Average Dinner This was a birthday dinner. Lady who greeted us put us in the corner where I had a great view of the back kitchen. Great view of the back kitchen prep + random annoyed discussions + sweat wiping. Asked to move seats early on but she said there was a group there ( it wasn’t a group there ) Soon followed by “ we charge SGD3.00 to serve ice water” ..... not a great start. + squid and truffle mayo dip a must have + short rib - comes with bean sprouts. A must have + / - Pork Belly Robotayaki was neither here Nor there. It was ok. - prawns with golden prawns ( crunchy frozen prawns ? Well that’s what it tasted like ) - I had white rice which tasted better then the garlic rice :) Unfortunately I don’t know the price because it was a birthday meal + we had an Amex discount. Overall * food was ok but only because we had the Amex discount * service and seats was only saved by the dude taking care of us after entree was served ( Amal ? Even got us some ice cream and dessert for the birthday) *still a little puzzled why this place is popular The Wife and I considered walking to Sushi Tei
Indulgent Set Lunch Back at Mukini! I loved everything about the sashimi set lunch I ordered from the rice to the sashimi. Somehow I remembered the sashimi slices used to be thicker though. hmmm nonetheless, it’s great. Heard there’s 50% promo with Amex card so that’ll really be a great deal.
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