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The Fuwa Fuwa pancake with Matcha Azuki (RM21) definitely felt heavier (vs. it's original) due to the addition of matcha cream and red bean paste. Pancake syrup is also provided. Nevertheless, it shod please matcha and/or azuki lovers!

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We ventured to Neighbour's Coffee Bar for their famous fuwa fuwa soufflé pancakes. 🥞

As the name implies (fuwa fuwa means fluffy in Japanese), the pancakes are indeed fluffy and light! It's light eating air! #aircakes 🌬️

We enjoyed the Fuwa Fuwa pancake with seasonal fruits (RM22) - the acidic fruits 🍓 give a nice contrast to the eggy-creamy pancakes topped with whipped cream. The perfect dessert after a heavy pasta meal!

Before we fuwa fuwa'ed, we past-wa past-wa'ed!

Vegetarians (& more) will be pleased with the Pesto Genovese (RM18) - a sauce full of garlicky and basil goodness served with lots of mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. 🍅🍀

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The Carbonara with Turkey Toast (RM21) 🦃 was quite delicious - fettuccine was served al dente and the carbonara sauce had a lovely thick, creamy consistency.

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The Creamy Miso Clam Pasta (RM24) is everything you expect it to be - creamy sauce with a hint of miso and briny taste of clams. Clams were fresh.

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Our friend raved about the Chipotle grilled cheese toast (RM22) 🧀 here and we had to agree.

Gooey cheese slapped between two sourdough slices is super satisfying comfort food. The sourdough is toasted perfectly to yield crusty sides with a nice, soft and warm middle.

It comes with warm, peppery and tangy tomato soup 🍅that's perfect for dunking.

We came after a heavy lunch, but we still crushed the sando. 💪#sadokeranasando

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We tried their second most popular dessert - the vanilla crème brûlée (RM9.50) - made with Madagascar vanilla beans and a smidgen of stewed berries. The custard is superbly delicate and top is perfectly torched. The stewed berries on the side is a lovely touch to provide some sweetness if you need it.

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[Halal] Do you fancy tea 🍵and scones? 🇬🇧 👸

If that's a definite YES, check out Miss Ellie Tea House - our favorite place for homely and reasonably priced scones.

We love the homely, cozy feel with charming trinkets 🎍 and fresh baked goodies filling the place.

For Saturday tea, we opted for a pair of Christmas scones 🎄(cranberry and white choc) for RM13, and one plain scone (RM4) with cream and jam.

The scones tasted lovely, with just the right amount of sweetness. Other flavours include chocolate, raisin, and oats. There are 14 tea flavours 🍵 to go with your scones. How delightful!

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[Non-halal] Pause Cafe is a pop of yellow 💛 in an old part of KL.

Located on Jalan Choo Cheng Kay in Kampung Attap, the cafe offers various unique caffeine concoctions.

If you need the caffeine kick , go for the affogato (RM15) with two shots of espresso and two scoops of Kapiti ice-cream.

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I enjoyed the Sober Tonic (RM15) - tonic water infused with coffee and ginger - resulting in a refreshing herbal-like drink. The slice of dried orange 🍊 and mint leaves provide fragrance.

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Crabs were super huge and super-satisfying. We ordered two crabs (RM88/kg)  to feed five. The kam heong sauce was fragrant - we detected the addition of bunga kantan, which really elevated the dish. The sauce goes well with rice.

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Clams though small, were succulent and fresh - which is key for a good lala soup. We loved the ginger and peppery highlights of the soup.

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