Third visit here and decided to try their rice bowls instead.

Boy, was I glad to do so. The meat slices were thick, juicy and tender. The vegetables added colours to the dish but did little else in terms of flavour. The rice portion was solid enough for someone with a larger than average appetite. This dish which was absolutely worth it and value for money.

Surprisingly, the soup that accompanied this dish was much tastier than the soup broth that came with the ramen which my partner ordered. 😅 The owner may wish to seriously consider using the former for the ramen as well.

Be warned: the place may get a little crowded during dinner time on the weekedays. Due to the current safe distancing measures, one may need to wait a while before getting a seat at these timings.

What you see if what you get - eggs with runny yolks between a buttered croissant. Nothing to shout about, although the food is decent enough.

That coupled with the colonial house exterior and ambience of the place makes this place worth a visit for brunch.

Crispy curly fries with truffle mayo sauce. The taste of the truffle was definitely distinct, but not too over powering. Pretty decent fries in totality, but would have expected more fries for $14.

Food is decent enough. That coupled with colonial house exterior and ambience makes this place worth a visit for brunch.

This stall has been around for some time but I have never had the opportunity to try out their food.

The noodles has the right amount of firmness and springiness, and are topped with tender slices of beef.

But the real star of this dish would be the soup. Don't let the clear soup fool you, its flavour packs a punch. Moreover, the flavour profile of the soup is rather unique; it reminds me of the dishes that I had in China. You would be hard pressed to name another local place which serves beef noodles with a similar flavour profile. 😋

The truffle beef mushroom burger and wagyu burgers were slightly above your average burgers. While the beef patties were still juicy, somehow the burgers did not taste as flavourful as they smelled.

I would recommend the sweet potato fries though. A good combination of natural sweetness from the sweet potato and savouriness from the salted fried crisp exterior.

Kudos to the single staff who had to deal with the dinner crowd on 30Jan- she not only had to handle customers' seating arrangements, but also their orders and delivering food and drinks. The proprietor of this burger joint should seriously consider hiring more staff. Till then, for those who are interested, you would be better off making reservations.

You may also wish to check out their menu option for 2 pax. Depending on what are your burger and side choices, it may be more worth it than the burpple 25% discount.

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Got this for lunch during one of the weekdays. It was pretty satisfying overall with distinct enough wokhei (the beansprouts were slightly charred), and topped with a combination of squid, fish slices and shrimps.

A robust, quick and satisfying lunch before it's back to work. Will order again !😄

Steamed Horfun with prawns, shredded chicken and mushrooms. The horfun is steamed so understandably there's no wok hei to look forward to, but it's mixed with a savoury dark sauce that's fairly flavourful. Prawns were fresh and peeled (that's a nice touch) and the shredded chicken was not too bad.

It's a decent bowl, but I would rather stick with the signature hor fun in future.

The hojicha parfait started off great, with the smooth hojicha soft serve that had the right balance of sweetness paired with the chewiness of the mochi and the natural sweetness of the red bean.

However, it became overwhelming sweet nearing the end where the bottom is layered with what appears to be brown sugar jellies. Would have preferred if it was simply soft serve at the bottom as well for a consistent finish.

Once again, you get the option of either the matcha sauce or brown sugar sauce to go with your parfait. Better to stick with the former for a better balance.

Perfect choice for those who love both matcha and hojicha. Personally, I prefer the hojicha as it has a stronger flavour profile than the matcha as a result of the roasted tea leaves.

The soft serve comes with the option of either the match sauce or brown sugar sauce.

First time trying old wife biscuit and my, was I in for a pleasant surprise.

The winter melon filling was just the right amount of sweetness for me, and I enjoyed the buttery and flaky crust. Didn't expect the biscuit to be that soft though. My personal preference is that the biscuit tastes better when it's still warm.

This box was purchased from their branch at raffles city though but I couldn't find the pinned location. $15 for a box of six biscuits.

Decent bowl of noodles with noddles that were qq, although the flavour profile could have been stronger. Priced at $12.90 (drink included), you get noodles, mince meat, some char siew, fried wantons, steamed wantons and shrimp, along with what appears to be abalone slices (?) in the soup.

This was made much more worth it with the burpple one for one deal.

I have never ever tasted duck served in such a manner before. That said, this was a really addictive dish (approx $15.90) - crispy duck that's fried with spices and served with toasted nuts and a heap of chilli and ginger.

If this dish was packaged like bags of chips and sold in the supermarket, I would stock up multiple bags of these at home. 😋🦆