As someone who loves different kinds of mushrooms, I had to try this dish even though the price tag of $25.90 for mushrooms alone made me think twice.

The wild porcini mushrooms were stir fried such that they were slightly crispy and yet retained some moisture within. The spices that were mixed with the mushrooms gave the dish a unique umami flavour profile, one which I don't think can be easily found elsewhere in Singapore or in our local cuisine.

Will I order this dish again? That's a definitive yes for me, but do note that this is coming from someone who loves and appreciates mushrooms in general. Some may find the price a little too steep for mushrooms alone (wild or otherwise).

In contrast with its steampot chicken soup counterpart, the broth here is really thick and infused with the goodness and sweetness of seafood. There were clams, prawns and meatballs in the dish.

Upon being served, the waitress added what appears to be crispy rice pops into the broth. The crispy rice pops provided a jarring yet interesting contrast with the mushier grains of rice in the broth. This added a different dimension and mouth feel to the entire dish. Would totally recommend this dish (approx $18.90)!

FYI, there's more to the dish than shown in the picture. The picture was taken in the middle of the meal.

I was informed by the waitress that this pot of chicken soup was prepared without even a single drop of water 😮 Apparently, a pressure steaming technique is employed and the soup is derived from the condensation alone.

The soup was flavourful and yet clear and delicate at the same time; absolutely perfect for the current chilly weather.😋😍 Priced at approx $23.90, I wouldn't say it's exactly cheap but I guarantee that it's worth it.

The restaurant also provides a separate plate with beansprouts, slices or red chilli and pepper corn. The chicken pieces in the soup are meant to be placed in the said plate before being drizzled with the mala-like sauce. For those who are not used to spicy food, no worries, the sauce isn't that spicy (微辣/小辣).

I understand that the soup may run out during the course of the dinner sitting. So do get them to reserve the soup for you first, while you mull over your choice of other dishes from the menu.

Although the fried rice was merely average, the pork cutlets were an absolute delight - thick slices of juicy pork enveloped with a crispy batter. What surprised me as well was the very reasonable price of the dish (approx $11 or less). Definitely value for money.

Thick tonkotsu broth, with slices of tender pork cheek, black garlic oil and topped with roasted crispy garlic chips. Overall, a very hearty and satisfying bowl of ramen noodles at approx $13.

A shout out to their staff as well. Although they seemed a little short-handed, their service was really warm and friendly once you get their attention.

Will most definitely return for more. 😋

Crispy fried exterior with fairly plump oysters in each cake. Apparently, this seasonal dish is fried and cooked only upon ordering. The oyster cakes were served with a sauce that had a hint of sweetness.

The oyster cakes, while good on their own, were elevated after dipping into the sauce. Definitely recommend others to try !

Ordered this as a novelty; never tasted a dish pairing yam and duck before.

Overall, while the yam had a crisp outer skin, the duck was a little on the dry side. However, the dish was still flavourful and decent.

Generally I don't order egg plants when eating outside as it tends to be a little too bland for my liking. Nevertheless, decided to give this a shot. The batter was light and crispy. It was not overly oily and I wonder if this could be attributed to the pairing with the pork floss to soak up some of the excess oil. The pork floss also gave the dish a good hint of sweetness.

A small plate ($17.90) is more than sufficient as a dish to be shared by 2 to 3 people.

Bought this as a side dish to pair with their signature hor fun.

Not sure if it was because I ordered this as a takeaway but it wasn't as tasty as I thought it would be; it's average decent.

That said the portions were fairly generous; this was about $4 and you get about two layers of 肉饼.

Steamed horfun that's doused with a savoury sauce and topped with mince meat, char siew and fried meatballs. Unlike the horfun at hawker centres, the horfun is steamed so there's no wok hei. However , this is still a flavourful bowl of noodles, and the MVP would be the fried meatballs which are really tasty. The char sure was a little on the drier side though, and there's little to no cameralisation.

Do note that the prices on their menu do not reflect GST. Total was $7.35 and they do accept credit cards; great for those who don't have the habit of using cash.

Comforting bowl of pork udon with a runny egg and smooth chewy udon noodles. Personally, I prefer the sanuki beef udon over the pork udon as the former is more flavourful. Nevertheless, a decent and reasonably priced bowl of udon with value that's hard to beat.

There is usually a queue at the stall, so you may wish to head down during early lunch or early dinner hours to avoid the queue.

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Comforting bowl of sanuki beef udon with an umami broth, runny egg and smooth chewy udon noodles. The price is reasonable too.

There is usually a queue at the stall, so you may wish to head down during early lunch or early dinner hours to avoid the queue.