Unfortunately, the egg wasn't as runny as it should be and the kakuni braised pork belly did not melt in my mouth as it did previously.

The aburi mentaiko salmon grain bowl did not stand out as well.


The cookies were spot-on! 4 warm cookies that are crisp on the outside yet soft and chewy within. The lightly salted ice cream acts as a good contrast to this warm dessert.

Great for sharing!

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The beef bolognese and sour cream went really well with the nicely toasted flatbread. Love the juicy grilled portobello too! Other than that, you get pretty much the same old - bacon, eggs, sausage & some greens.


I particularly enjoyed the pesto quinoa mixed with feta yoghurt. Pretty refreshing!
We added a side of grilled chicken for $4, but it has lots of room for improvement. It was too dry and not well seasoned - not a worthy addition.


Look at that oozing cheesy goodness. I think I'll let the picture do the talking for this one.


This squid-ink concoction is so robustly creamy and briny, we couldn't stop going for more.

Just wish that there were more prawns to go around - we had to split 2 skinny prawns 5 ways 😪

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Settled for the Jumbo Sea Prawns & Greater Omaha Prime Ribeye (med-rare) instead, and we weren't disappointed!

Love the char on the prawns but I think the ribeye stole the show for me. It was juicy and tender - not the best steak I've had, but hey, good enough for just $27!

The coconut milk and gula melaka concoction is the secret to making or breaking this refreshing dessert, and this chendol connoisseur has done it right.

Don't order from the wrong stall! It's NOT the overrated Nyonya Chendol stall with many outlets across the island. This is a quiet, lesser-known stall which only sells chendol and cheng tng - please search for it!

Never leave this place without trying their crab dishes stir fried with scrambled eggs and fish sauce (a few styles for you to choose from!) The chunks of crabmeat are huge, sweet and succulent - and for a steal at just 440THB!

Will definitely be back for more.

While everything we had was delightful to our tummies, the dish that stole our hearts was none other than the creamy truffle linguine. Every bite got us craving for more. And more. And more. Arguably the best truffle pasta I've ever tasted thus far.

Many whimsical trinklets are sold here as well! All in all, a highly recommended cafe if you are in the area :)

Am salivating while typing cos' that's how fantastic this bowl of cheesy lil' bombs are.

It isn't photogenic, and may look like a moldy bowl of soup, but don't let that stop you from stepping into Raviole Heaven. Really.

Ever so lightly battered, crispy and well-marinated - these loops are highly addictive! The garlic mayo at the side is an added shiokness!

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