Just had to give this limited edition flavour a try because I am a huge fan of the candy!

The flavour was pretty mild, though. Milky and sweet as it should be, but missing that extra oomph somehow. I liked the milky mochi that came along with it - wish there were more than 3 pieces! The rice paper was a nice touch too, mimicking how the candy is like.

Am confused as to why the tip of the cone was filled with cornflakes though..

The noodles were consistently cooked till al dente - firm yet springy with every bite.

The flavours were all pretty rich throughout. Can't say which is better than the other - it all depends on your palette! Why not make use of #burpplebeyond to get a variety to share?

Oh, and the serving is h-u-g-e.

The quality of this don exceeded my expectations - I enjoyed the meal thoroughly. The set also comes with a bowl of miso soup and free-flow green tea.

Will definitely be back for more! Would love to give the aburi wagyu don a taste next using #burpplebeyond ;)

Yummers as always, just wish they don't melt so quickly.

Get two for the price of one with #burpplebeyond!

This classic main was a pleasant treat. I especially enjoyed the portobello mushroom that had some cheesy pesto sauce slathered onto its underside. The chutney also added a pop of flavour to it all.

My only gripe would be the portion served - definitely not enough to feed a grown man!

Generous fillings too!

In order of my personal preference:
The original > fried pierogi > smoked duck > veggie mandu > moko curry

Interesting flavours all in all - they even have dessert dumplings! I'd say it's worth a try, but make a reservation or get in line early to avoid a long wait!


Look at it and go 'aww'. Here lies a chocolate mousse shar-pei pup on a patch of matcha grass. Way too real to be eaten. We tried, but just couldn't destroy the head cos it was eyeing us ever so pitifully... We can't be inhumane creatures.

A truly intricate piece of work, I must say.

It will awaken your taste buds. It comes with huge prawns (with roe!), and a side of their in-house green chilli concoction which elevated the dish even further! Yum, yum & yum.

Just go for this and skip the soupy version.

We had the Qingjiang fish as the recommended Limbo fish was out of stock. Fish was tender with a firm bite. Everything (together with the add-ons like sweet potato noodles, enoki mushrooms and whatever you may like from the menu) screamed of piping hot shiokness at the beginning, but it got rather salty towards the end, after all the goodness in the broth was soaked up.

A special mention to a cold dish, chicken in chilli sauce (not in photo), that doesnt sound like much but tastes really good! You can get 1 for 1 cold dishes/snacks with #burpplebeyond ;)

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