a really decent cup of matcha latte!! it had the perfect balance of matcha and milk and didn’t get diluted even though i left it aside for quite some time. also love how they don’t charge extra for alternative milk options, which is great news for lactose intolerant people like me ☺️

heard it’s the best banana pies in sg so i had to try it! love how it’s not overly rich or sweet. the pie crust was firm yet crumbly at the same time and the buttery fragrance really complemented the sweet banana filling. also loved the added fragrance and texture from the coconut shavings and chopped nuts on top. truly a slice of goodness 🍌🥧

my go-to place to satisfy my jjamppong cravings 🍜super flavourful with strong wokhei and the noodles are so perfectly chewy and springy 💯 even at level 1 spice, it still provides a real addictive fiery kick that makes you crave for more. it came with a generous portion of bulgogi beef which was v tender but on the sweeter side. would stick to the regular cha ppong instead!

mochi cheese: can’t find any fault with this omg this had the perfect mochi texture — not too runny or thick, and goes super well with the savoury cheese cubes 🤤 also possibly the only bread w generous fillings in this collection 🤣

so yammy: the idea of a savoury yam bun sounded unique but it kinda fell flat for me. the filling tasted quite similar to what you’d find in curry puffs but i loved the texture of the turnip/yam cubes!!

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have been eating this for years and the quality is consistently great 🤤 generous portion of fresh sashimi cubes with other ingredients like tamago, cucumber and steamed ebi. especially love the sprinkle of furikake and the crispy tempura bits for an extra savoury touch and crunch 🤩

tea was quite fragrant and i loved how chewy the taro balls were!! however i still think the price is too steep for what it is. had burpple beyond 1f1 tho which made it lighter on the wallet!!

what we got:
seared tuna bowl ($14)
lox & bagel ($14)
beef kofta shakshuka ($16)

can’t comment on the bagel or shakshuka since i didn’t try them but the seared tuna bowl was decent. it had a good portion of nicely seared tuna slices but they could be fresher and juicier. the breadstick felt a little out of place but i’m not complaining, bc it was rly crunchy and flavourful 🥖

not somewhere i’d travel down for, but i wouldn’t mind coming after classes in school!

first time ever trying dirty matcha and i didn’t expect myself to love the espresso + matcha combi this much! matcha could be slightly stronger to counterbalance the robust espresso but this is still a really solid cup that i’d return for ☕️🍃

the raisin swirl was a letdown though. buttery but lacking in flakiness and crispiness despite being heated up. pastries aren’t their strong suit but get their coffee, which is where they truly shine!

not your usual spaghetti or linguine, the pasta is had a thickness similar to udon with a firmer bite, perfectly al dente 💯 less creamy and rich compared to other mentaiko pastas i’ve had, it doesn’t get surfeiting but mentaiko flavour could be stronger. portion is on the smaller side!

not as popular as their burrata and mixed mushroom pizzas but this ranks quite high on my list 🍕 for the meat lovers, this pizza comes with lots of cured meat and is flavourful without being overly salty! has a good mix of saltiness from the meats, mild spice from the nduja and tanginess from the tomato base👌🏻

truffle was ~decently~ strong but came with a rather sad amount of shaved parmesan and got cold and soggy v quickly 🥲 ended up tasting q similar to macs fries + abit of truffle oil

got the $5 toast set but had to top up $0.80 for the PB&J toast and $0.70 for the lychee orange tea.

PB&J toast was just like what you’d expect and tasted quite ordinary but i appreciate how generous they were w the PB and strawberry jam! bread was quite fluffy and could be toasted for longer to make it more crispy on the outside!

lychee orange tea was nothing to shout about either but tasted quite refreshing with a subtle lychee taste.