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Will Not Go Back Cost 24 - salmon on rice with a sad miso soup and 4 spring beans... portion small, food not fresh. Taste like a 7-11 bento.
@thesaltedplumsg is the place when great zi char restaurant should be, served home-style cooking that comforting flavours, hearty, and affordable, officially open their second outlet at @sunteccity features a spacious dining area, an outlet-exclusive dishes, plus new version of Lu Rou 2.0. . The 3 outlet exclusives dishes are :. 馃挄Dou miao stir fried with their house bacon 馃挄Cold Tofu with fried century egg. 馃挄Salmon Fresh AF My favourite is lilac sweet potato porridge, pair with tender lu rou and joey鈥檚 lala. pork belly braised for 10 hours in 17 different herbs and spices, while the Clams are stir-fried with house-made Asian Pesto, seasoned in its own juices and topped with crunchy pork croutons.. . 馃挵Prices from $5-$15 (ala carte). 馃挵set meals during dinner - $50 for 2 pax , $100 for 4 pax.. . 馃搷The Salted Plum Suntec City Mall 3 Temasek Boulevard #B1-122A (West Wing).
Taiwanese Tze Char Ordered their lu rou, triple fried yam, Taiwanese sausage patty and braised cabbage. The lu rou had a nice tinge of dang gui flavor, good fat-to-meat ratio, and was braised to the tenderness I like. The Taiwanese sausage patty was nice though salty, which was expected. The braised cabbage was good too but I find the serving small for $10. The triple fried yam was average and uninspiring. This is their newly opened second outlet and it鈥檚 the first time I鈥檓 patronizing this restaurant. The cost of our meal - 4 dishes and 2 bowls of sweet potato porridge ($3 each) - came up to almost $50. They have a set for 2 at $50, which is a good deal but we didn鈥檛 order that cos it looks like way too much food for 2 persons. Not sure about the concept at their Circular Road outlet, but the Suntec one is self-service - not just collecting your food but returning your tray and utensils as well. While the food was tasty, we find the price point too high considering the self-service concept, ambience and portion size. Wouldn鈥檛 mind eating here again but it wouldn鈥檛 be a place I鈥檒l frequent.
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MAN MAN UNAGI x TEPPEI Had this pretty good Kaisen X Hitsumabushi don from the new Man Man Unagi restaurant in Clarke Quay Central. At $32.50, it doesn't come cheap, but, quantity of the food justifies the price. Although I was quite disheartened to see that the Unagi was frozen, they did prepare it well, and it was crisp on the outside and moist and tender inside. They have both the original and spicy unagi sauce (I went for spicy, although the original is sweeter). I did expect the unagi to be fresh though :(, and see it cut live - was really quite a bummer. As for the sashimi, it was of a nice, fresh, and had a good mix but unfortunately, was rather tasteless. They could've done a better job with the marinade. The combo of Kaisendon and Hitsumabushi is rather unusual I must say, but it (kind of) works I guess? Overall, the food could've been better in terms of quality, their quantity hits the right spot. It's still extremely satisfying to eat here though, a good meal! Come to Man Man to fulfil your unagi cravings! Rating: 4/5
Man Oh Man Man Man Unagi have just opened their newest outpost at Clarke Quay Central today, and they鈥檝e roped Tendon Kohaku in as the other half of the tag team duo. Oddly enough, instead of offering an outlet exclusive special like tempura with their signature charcoal grilled unagi (eel), they鈥檝e paired with Teppei to offer grilled eel with sashimi of all things. Weird innit? The Kaisen x Hitsumabushi ($32.50++) is the end product of that collab. The sashimi was...barely passable. The unagi was undoubtedly umami and sufficiently smoky from the charcoal grilling, but I鈥檓 starting to get the feeling that some people may have grossly overhyped how good it was. However, transforming a portion of the eel & rice into an ochazuke soup with rice by pouring the broth provided on the side was rather revolutionary.As a matter of fact, I found myself being impressed by the light but sapid broth ably accentuating the sweet & savory flavors of the unagi. The portions are pretty hefty and can surely satisfy a big eater, but I find it difficult to convince myself to make a return trip to Man Man for this. With that said, even on opening night, Man Man鈥檚 service crew were impeccable, so I鈥檇 expect them to have minimal issues with their service in the future.
Unagi X Chirashi The best do both worlds!! Unagi was great as usual, however felt that the chirashi could be better
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For Conversations Over Oriental Teas Take your loved one out for a relaxing afternoon tea session at this elegant spot 鈥 think gorgeous tea ware and furnishings straight out of Kinfolk. To ensure you'll enjoy your tea at its best, you'll be given an hourglass set for three minutes so you'll know when your tea is done steeping. Order the Peach Oolong Tea ($6) for a balanced blend of floral and earthy Oolong notes with a gentle peach aroma. Otherwise, kick it old school with the Wenshan Oolong Tea ($6) or the refreshing iced Hojicha ($6.50). Have your tea with a slice of Black Sesame ($8) cake or the Honey Earl Grey Hazelnut ($8). Photo by Burppler Maureen Ow
The gorgeous decor looked like a set out of a Kinfolk Magazine shoot. Upon ordering, you are also given a set of gorgeous and elegant tea ware, with an hourglass set for 3 mins, to let the tea steep. Then you pour it out yourself into the glass jug, it was a pretty cool experience! - Their infused Peach Oolong Tea ($6) was nothing like normal commercial syrupy dross. It was a balanced blend of light floral and earthy Oolong, which was gently perfumed by peach aroma. The lustre of the peach didn鈥檛 add any unnecessary sweetness that took away from the Oolong, still possessing the characteristics that make traditional tea so good. - That said, their traditional offerings were great too. My friend ordered a Wenshan Oolong Tea ($6), and it was exceptional; as good as any other Chinese tea house. Definitely going to come back for a relaxed afternoon tea session again.
New Specialty Tea House Specialising in Oriental Teas Instead of the whole shebang, you only have to wait three minutes for the tea to steep, and then pour it into a special tea cup of your choosing!聽 Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/antea-social/
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