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I thought this dish fell a little short of my expectations following the wonderful chilli crab scramble egg. The rosti was a little too over fried and it was too oily and way too hard. They were generous with the smoked salmon though but I might come back for other dishes instead.

My observations is that popular cafes often have that one or two novel dish that looks super enticing and have great taste. For cheeky, it has to be the chilli crab scrambled eggs as it was so fluffy and resembled the real taste of chilli crab really well. They are also generous with real crab meat bits which goes really well with the pieces of toasted bread.

It's my must order regardless of which Chinese restaurant I go to. Crystal Jade is impressive in their consistency in that there is very little variance in the standard and quality of their food regardless of outlet which is rather rare for a chain restaurant. The soup was just right in that it was not too sour or spicy. There were also shrimps and scallops which made it even more delicious!!

It's normal to have second thoughts on having ramen noodles with the broth after all that's the winning combination after all. But this one defied all odds by proving that dry noodles with the right texture and seasoning can too be a winner. If you like more taste in your noodles, feel free to add more chilli oil and vinegar. The fried chicken was totally a bomb and I can't wait to come back for more since its super worth it with 1 for 1.

I was recommended this place for a friend who has nothing but raves about the food here and it's not hard to see why. The kani was so well cooked and it tastes really good with the grates wasabi and plum slices and the ikura brought it home with the finishing touches. I am looking forward to coming back more often for other dons

The dessert menu for salted plum was rather limited and this was the fixed one that came with the 2pax set meal. The boba were well cooked as it was soft and chewy and it was a nice finish to the otherwise strong flavours of the side dishes as the milky red jelly helped to neutralise the flavours.

I was disappointed when I realised this is also part of the 2pax package as it looked so plain and normal like any other home cooked dish. However, even a cold tofu dish takes skills as the tofu was well soaked in the gravy which is sweet and salty and the century egg added more flavours to the tofu.

An excellent choice for breakfast as the aroma of the truffle oil and chunky mushroom bits would enhance your appetite for the rest of the day. My continuous return to Grids and Circles has proved that they are indeed consistent in their bread as it's always so buttery and crispy.

Ordered the set for 2 which came with about 6 sides dishes and of which there were hits and misses. The lu rou was one of the better ones as it was slowly simmered which made it extremely soft. It would be perfect if it were less salty.

TDC is probably one of those few DIY salad eateries that got my heart back recently with the continuous change of menu for each season. I remember food there being rather plain and bland. But the pomegranate seeds, chilli crisps and the soft dory fillet from the summer menu was so addictive I saw myself buying it 5 days in a row. Good thing that the service is fast too despite the long lunch queue

It might sound pompous but I have to really say I am an expert at chirashi don given how frequently I have it. I felt that the raw fish were not as fresh and the rice was a little too hard and sour. While it was extremely worthwhile with Burrple Beyond, it's hard to see myself coming back here.

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Better known as the cousin of the famous xiao long bao, sheng jian can be considered a fried version of the soup based pork dumpling. Being a born and breed Shanghainese, I have once gone a spree to find out the best Shanghainese eats in Singapore and I am confident to conclude that Ding tele is one of those few eateries where most of the dishes came close to the childhood taste I have in mind. In particular, the sheng jian is a must eat because the the rich soup of the pork bun overwhelms you at first bite but it gets even better when you reach the pan fried base. It's so addictive that I can polish off an entire plate by myself!