Both carbonara and truffle mushroom pizza was decent in taste and portion was okay for the price. The carbonara was fragrant with bacon, cream, garlic and cheese. The pasta texture was good too, al dente. Bacon given was generous. The truffle mushroom pizza was a thin crust pizza with so much cheese that it was crispy at the crust, which was really good. Mushrooms and onions were enough and flavour was there. Good for sharing. Didn’t try the oven baked pork as my friend ordered it. Could have informed us that iced water was $1.4…

The chicken was grilled nicely with a charred flavour to it, and was tender. The mushroom risotto had some vegetables, but the mushroom flavour was distinctly strong. Texture was slightly chewy and not too watery. The garlic snowing pizza is always a must order here, with shrimps, cheese, sweet garlic sauce, garlic chips and sprinkled with parmesan cheese when served. The crust was thin crust and was crispy and complemented the ingredients on the pizza. Shrimps were fresh and plump and garlic chips were crunchy and freshly fried.

Portion looked small but recommended to share as it was very creamy and might get jelak. There was a decent portion of prosciutto ham, garlic chips and some greens in the risotto dish, adding flavour to the risotto. I enjoyed the texture too, as it wasn’t too dry or watery, and the chewiness of the rice bits were just nice.

The portion was really huge! We were allowed to choose 2 vegetables, which I got broccoli and long beans, both were flavourful and fresh. I also got some curry drizzled on the rice, it was not spicy but made the rice more tasty. There was a huge barbecue chicken thigh soaked in the signature black sweet gravy. The chicken was tender while the skin was grilled nicely so it was really tasty and sinful. The gravy was enough for the chicken to be tasty and for the rice to have more flavours on top of the curry. Would definitely get this again for a heavy filling meal.

Got the tomato fusili as the base, which was quite bland alone but went well with the other dishes, like the shimeji mushrooms as the main dish, as it was fried in some gravy. I also got the three side dishes, corn, cheesy pumpkin and fried cauliflower, all were delicious though the corn was ordinary. Good for a light meal.

The portion was pretty big for 2 people. The chicken pieces were tender and tasty, served in a bowl of sauce which wasn’t too spicy, but flavourful and thick.

I really enjoyed this prata! The outside was crispy yet the inside was soft and some parts were even molten! It wasn’t too oily as well, and the cheese was generous as I could taste the cheese. The curry was also quite thick and tasty, and went really well with the prata. Would definitely order this again.

Used burpple beyond and this was a good deal! I preferred the mocha and brownie set, with a rich and chocolately hot mocha and a warm fudgy chocolatey brownie served with chocolate sauce. The brownie was surprisingly really good as it was fudgy and rich with chocolate and not too sweet as well! It wasn’t dry but moist and slightly crumbly. The other set had more items to try, each in smaller portions. There was a smaller version of the brownie without any chocolate sauce drizzled, and was not as moist probably cos it is smaller. There was also a chocolate tart which was good, with soft chocolate mousse in the centre. The ice cream was simple yet smooth and delicious, while the tiramisu had some mousse and chocolate sponge, overall was creamy and slightly bitter due to the cocoa powder.

The dish was served really quickly. There were 3 tacos, with crispy taco shells that tasted like nacho chips, with one piece of fried halibut fish tender in each taco, topped with some mayonnaise and mango salsa. It was overall very flavourful, with many different flavours from the mango, mayonnaise and sauce. The fish itself was fresh and tender and crispy on the outside. There were also fresh curly fries and salad which were all delicious.

Portion was quite generous, and the chili crab given was also very generous! Flavour wise was not too salty and spicy, tasted like tomato-base with some chili, served with pine nuts, which added a crunch to the dish.

Queue moved pretty fast during lunch time. This set came with the fragrant basmati nasi lemak rice, one chicken wing, one fried egg, some cucumbers, peanuts and ikan bilis and the signature chili. The rice was light and fragrant, and went really well with the sweet chili sauce and the peanut ikan bilis mix, which was fresh and crispy, not soggy. The fried egg and cucumber was complemented with the chili which wasn’t too spicy. The chicken wing was fried with lots of batter and was crispy and delicious.

The ribeye was cut into 4-5 pieces for us, and served with salad with kewpie dressing, cherry tomatoes and sun dried tomatoes, along with some sea salt at the side and a sauce. The salad was fresh and the dressing given was generous. The ribeye was so soft and yet so easy to cut. It almost melted in my mouth as it was so soft. Flavour wise, it was fragrant as it was grilled, and went really well with the sea salt and sauce. Would have wanted more sea salt to go along with the ribeye. The truffle mash was also really good! There was a mild truffle flavour, lightly salted and buttered too, and the potatoes were fresh as I could bite into the small bits of potatoes. Portion was slightly small for the price though.

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