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Foodie W
Foodie W

The goma kinako mochi roll was a pleasant surprise as it tasted so familiar yet unique. The cake was sesame flavoured and there were peanut muachee-like pieces which went really well with the cake.
Hojicha tiramisu was super creamy and delicious. It wasn’t too sweet and the hojicha flavour was present.

Got the hazelnut chocolate flavour which had bits of hazelnut in rich chocolate gelato. Also had the strawberry flavor with chocolate chips which was good too!

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Got the hojicha flavour which was quite rich and not too sweet. It melted quite quickly. Also got the honey&cinnamon flavour which had digestive biscuits crumbs and it was special and good! The 3 flavors complemented well. Also got the sesame flavour which made me feel like I was eating a tangyuan/sesame paste as the sesame taste was strong. Sweetness level was just right too. Worth it after burpple beyond deal.

The cheesecake interior was super soft and creamy! Personally preferred the original burnt cheesecake as it had more cheese taste while the hojicha one didn’t taste like cheesecake but more of a hojicha cake. Still really liked the texture for both cakes and would definitely return to satisfy my creamy burnt cheesecake cravings!

Chocolate cake was too dry and did not taste very fresh. Cheesecakes were better and the assorted flavours made me enjoy the cheesecake more.

Overall, all the cakes were good! Particularly liked the hojicha tiramisu the most as the hojicha taste was of the right level and wasn’t overpowered by too much sugar. The mousse on the top of the cake was also creamy and went well with the sponge cake. The yuzu meringue had a strong yuzu taste which I enjoyed very much too! Matcha and chocolate cakes were decent but better cakes of these flavors can be found elsewhere. Pretty cafe with nice vibes but service could have been improved as there were some mess up in our orders.

Waffles had a subtle cinnamon flavour which grew on me the more I ate the waffles! The yoghurt also went really well with the waffles, together with the almonds and apple pieces which gave extra flavours. The lavender from the ice cream was quite subtle and would be nicer if it was stronger. Waffles are worth a try with the 1 for 1 deal!

Warm when first served and looked really good! Waffles are more of the soggy kind instead of crispy but the pandan flavour was good! The pandan coconut sauce also went really well with the pandan flavour, making it taste like an ondeh ondeh! There were also chocolate cookie crumbles around to add texture! Ice cream was decent but nothing to shout about.

Was honestly expecting a lot from Lady M due to the rave and good reviews. However, I had the earl grey mille crepe and it was quite mild-tasting. Perhaps, I am not a fan of mille crepe cakes, but the layers of crepe and cream were really impressive!

Lemon curd was smooth and subtle but packed a good flavour. Tart complemented the curd well as it balanced out the taste of the lemon. Was pleasantly surprised with this tart!

Hazelnut based chocolate mousse cake! Mousse was super creamy and chocolate-y while the biscuit base was crunchy and tasted like ferrero rocher! Slightly expensive for this small slice but was worth a try!

Waffle was crispy on the outside and soft inside. The chocolate sauce at the side was rich and a nice complement to the waffle! Ice cream was smooth and creamy. Blue milk ice cream was mild but good.

Foodie W

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