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i luv waffles
i luv waffles

Overall, they were not bad for the price after burpple beyond! Peanut butter taste was quite distinct while the speculoos flavour was a good combination with the chocolate! However, the caramel biscuit was very soft which was quite weird. Would come back to try other tarts!

Super refreshing and amazing cup of ice cream that’s kind of healthy and not too sweet! Soya taste was quite distinct 👍🏻

One of the better brown sugar fresh milk around! Brown sugar is super fragrant while pearls are chewy. Just the right amount of sweetness after mixing with the milk!

Price increased while the size of the cake decreased:( Maybe the staff cut a smaller piece that day, because the outlet at Parkway gave larger slices. Nevertheless, cakes were still as delicious as always. Carrot cake was moist and the cream cheese paired really well with the cake. The pandan cake was nicely sweetened with the gula melaka cream.

Personally, I loved this drink even was slightly too sweet as both the strawberry syrup and the creme brulee were sweet. The creme brûlée was torched nicely and super creamy 👍🏻 The milk and the strawberry syrup went well together along with the creme brule!

Really worth it with burpple beyond and super good!! There are 3 choices of ice cream, dark, milk chocolate and sea salt butterscotch, but we got both dark chocolate! It was not too sweet which was good while the chocolate cookie was super chocolatey and rich! The cookie crumbs at the side of the chocolate ice cream was a good touch too!

Drink was super chocolatey rich but thankfully not too sweet except for the milk chocolate pieces sprinkled at the top. Staffs were friendly and ambience was nice.

The chocolate flavour was premium so had to add $2.9 for it. With burpple beyond, still worth it! The chocolate ice cream was rich and smooth, not icy at all! Was not too sweet as it was more towards the dark chocolate than milk. The salted butterscotch is their signature flavour, which had biscuit crunches in it! The crunch really added another level to the ice cream! Flavour was really strong and could taste it even at the last few spoonfuls I ate. Slightly sweet but super delicious!

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Pretty bowl! Acai base was not too icy and had quite a rich banana taste, and tasted good! The crunch from the nuts and seeds were a good complement to the acai base! Strawberry was a little sour though. Overall, good with burpple deal! Anyway, they only allow one redemption of burpple per visit, even though 4 of us were there?

My favourite acai!! Only $6+ with burpple beyond, with lots of fresh fruits and granola! Sadly, cookie butter was not available when I went, although the almond butter was delicious with the acai too! The seating area is permanently closed so had to stand and eat, but thankfully the acai was worth it!

Green tea ice cream was very rich and not too sweet! Chocolate flavour was not bad though the belgium chocolate pint is nicer. Nice cone too!

Got this during the promotion so 1 houjicha and 1 matcha parfait for $9.9! Preferred the houjicha soft serve as it was more fragrant. The parfait was wholesome, with lots of different types of mochi and jellies, which went well together with the soft serve. It wasn’t too sweet as well! Am satisfied that the staff was generous with the amount of soft serve given!

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