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Foodie W
Foodie W

All the cakes were super good except the suzette which was disappointing as the cake at the center of the mousse was very little and the mousse tasted like whipped cream. Hojicha cake was not too rich but had a decent amount of hojicha flavour. It was alternated with layers of cream and sponge, in which the sponge was slightly dry, but overall super delicious and not too sweet. Earl chocolate had a decent earl grey taste and was really rich as the bottom was a rich brownie base and mousse. Hazelnut praline had a fragrant hazelnut flavour and had a crunchy base which was really a good addition to the texture of the cake.

Was not the croissant danish that I was expecting, but more of a chocolate chip bread which was really soft and fluffy when heated up. Was worth a try but ordinary and would go for the more popular danish pastries instead.

Used burpple beyond for this and was worth it. Waffle were crispy and there was maple syrup and cookie bits. Ice cream had some chocolate chips in it and was not too sweet too.

Donut was really chewy and filled with assorted cream. The chocolate one was filled with chocolate cream and topped with chocolate, and wasn’t too sweet or over-chocolately. The cheese one was really rich as they used cream cheese for the top but the cream was lighter cream cheese. The hazelnut donut had biscuits on hazelnut chocolate sauce on the top, and normal cream.

Crispy on the outside, soft inside! Served warm with good quality maple syrup! Really good when eaten itself even without any ice cream.

Worth with burpple beyond! Earl grey flavour was super strong and rich, and not too sweet, so the flavour of the earl grey really stood out. Hazelnut chocolate flavour was decent and had bits of hazelnuts in it. Also tried the mint chocolate and ube flavours which were not bad!

The cheesecake didn’t have a very strong caramel flavor but was good enough so as not to overpower the cheese taste. Cheesecake was soft too, softer than the new york cheesecake from starbucks. The frappe was slightly sweet due to the caramel sauce but the salted flavor was a good complement to the whole drink. Really enjoyed both the drink and the cheesecake, especially the cheesecake!

Got chocolate, hazelnut, pistachio and earl grey (left to right) using burpple beyond. Was worth a try but not very worth the price even after the discount. The chocolate eclair was not bad, as the chocolate cream was quite rich and strong. The hazelnut eclair was the best, and had pieces of hazelnuts in it. It really reminded me of ferrero rocher. The pistachio flavour was also really good, as the flavour of the pistachio was rich enough and very creamy! Earl grey eclair was more mild in flavour, and the least appealing as I would prefer stronger flavors in my desserts.

Had the dark chocolate ice cream along with the s’mores, which was a nice balance because the s’mores was really sweet. There were some cinnamon apple crumble topped with marshmallows and torched before being served. Would be nice for sharing as it might get jelak.

Got the black sesame and hazelnut flavoured ice cream using burpple beyond. Waffles were crispy but flavour was overpowered by the chocolate sauce and toppings they gave. But ice cream was smooth and was a good topping to the waffle. Black sesame flavour was slightly subtle and just right, not too rich. Hazelnut flavour reminded me of ferrero rocher and i was pleasantly surprised. Would return for the ice cream but maybe not the waffles.

This was screaming diabetes as the waffles were drizzled with chocolate sauce and topped with chocolate chips and oreos. The sweet toppings overpowered the waffles’ flavour and the waffles were more soggy than crispy. Only worth a try for someone with a sweet tooth.

Really worth it with burpple beyond as the scoop was really huge and super smooth. Got the tiramisu and speculoos flavour, and both had their appeals. The tiramisu flavour wasnt really sweet and had a bitter coffee taste which i really liked, while the speculoos was slightly sweet but had lots of biscuits and was sinfully good. Staff was really friendly too.

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Foodie W

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