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Foodie W
Foodie W

Super sinful but amazing dessert to be shared! The chocolate drink was so rich, smooth, creamy and chocolately. It came with a small truffle piece which was really soft and rich, and not too sweet.

Got the genmaicha ice cream with dark chocolate sauce, and it was a good complement as the ice cream was not too heavy and had the fragrant rice tea aroma, while the sauce was not sweet. The chocolate sand crumbles really stood out with the ice cream and was crunchy and buttery.

Got it as a gift so I don’t really know the names and price of the muffins. The lotus muffin was delicious!! The muffin was topped with lotus biscuits and probably some cookie butter, and the more I ate I received the surprise centre filling which was chocolate and more cookie butter! Only downside was the muffin itself was a little dry but the topping and filling made up for it! The green tea muffin was topped with crumble bits which added a good texture and made the muffin look so good.

Possibly the best log cake I’ve tasted. The mousse was so creamy and thick and so rich in chocolate. The chocolate coating was a nice complement too. There was also a biscuit base which was filled with biscuits and nuts and chocolate.

Got the seasonal flavours, black forest and speculoos with cookie butter. Also got the usual sea salt gula melaka which didn’t disappoint as it was so smooth and was intense. The black forest was surprisingly a very thick and rich chocolate ice cream with some cherry pieces and possibly some alcohol. The speculoos with cookie butter was also really good, as the cookie butter taste was pretty distinct and there were bits from the speculoos biscuit.

The staff said that only the plain waffles were 1 for 1, the ice cream was not, and signature waffles were not included in burpple deals. Was a little disappointed overall, as the waffles were normal-tasting, a little too hard and not evenly baked. The run&raisin ice cream was smooth and rich, while the pistachio ice cream was a little icy.

The soft serve was really rich and creamy and smooth! Matcha taste was distinct and strong, and was a good matcha ice cream as the matcha powder used was probably premium quality. The soft serve was topped with the soybean powder warabimochi which was really soft and fresh. Flavour wise was nice too. There was some red bean which was also a nice complement to the ice cream. There were some brown sugar jelly at the bottom on the cup which was light but refreshing and went well with the ice cream.

Used burpple beyond so it was $3.4 for each large cup which was pretty worth considering the quality of the tea and toppings. All were fresh and the tea was fragrant. Brown sugar fresh milk was a little sweet as the sugar level was fixed but delicious. Pudding was soft and slightly sweet so it went well with the lower sugar tea latte.

Worth it with burpple beyond! Got the premium ice cream flavour, roasted pistachio which was more expensive and the maple cinnamon flavour. The pistachio ice cream was really creamy and rich, not too sweet. The cinnamon ice cream tasted similar to the waffles and was pretty unique. Waffles were crispy and coated with cinnamon powder and drizzled with chocolate sauce. Ice cream and waffle went really well together.

Used burpple beyond for this and it was so worth it! Waffles were airy and not very crispy, drizzled with maple syrup. Wished there was more maple syrup and waffles were crispier but it was still delicious. Pistachio ice cream was super rich and creamy along with some pistachio nuts crunch. Hazelnut with nutella ice cream was also very rich in chocolate flavour but not too sweet. The nutella bits were pretty unique. Would return if I’m around the area.

Used burpple beyond to save the cost of one scoop of ice cream and it was worth it! Got this at $11 for one earl grey scoop and one ube scoop. Earl grey and ube flavour were really rich and the ice cream was really smooth. Waffles were crispy outside and soft and warm inside. The flavour was really buttery and fragrant too! I really enjoyed the waffles along with the earl grey ice cream.

Used burpple beyond and it was super worth it! Got 2 premium flavours, strawberry cheesecake and pistachio along with one full waffle drizzled with generous amounts of nutella and some mini marshmallows for $10! There were 2 options of sauce, maple syrup and nutella. The waffle was served warm and was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and went well with nutella. Ice cream was also good, especially the pistachio as it was nutty, rich and smooth. The strawberry cheesecake had a stronger strawberry taste along with some biscuits crumbs which was pretty unique. Seating was quite limited so had to wait a while to get a seat. Would return to try the other flavours of ice cream as flavours available were quite limited.

Foodie W

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