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Featuring Sunday Folks, Atlas Coffeehouse, Hvala (CHIJMES), An Acai Affair (DUO Galleria), Creamier (Tiong Bahru), belle-ville Pancake Cafe (Bugis Junction), Acai Beach Club, Absolute Açaí (Pickering St), JUJU (Botanic Gardens), Three's a Crowd
i luv waffles
i luv waffles

Came back here after 1 week but this time the toppings were slightly less and the acai melted more quickly. Almond butter was quite little compared to the previous time which is personally quite sad because I really love the nut butter in acai bowls! (i transferred bananas from one bowl to the other) Overall, still a good acai bowl to satisfy my cravings😛

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Super generous almond butter given! There were many types of fruits including banana strawberry passionfruit grapes kiwi. Acai did not melt very quickly which is good! Overall super worth with BB and would definitely come back again!

Generous toppings given, and the soft serve was really good too! Can choose from many toppings like oreo, nut butter, fruits and granola.

Waffles was crispy outside and chewy inside, and quite thick! Hazelnut ice cream tasted like ferrero rocher, was good and not too sweet, but would prefer it to be bigger. The honey in the cheesecake is quite strong, slightly overpowering the cheese taste. Hojicha frap was really good! Not too sweet and had just the right amount hojicha taste! Iced chocolate however was less impressive, as it tasted more like chocolate milk compared to other richer iced chocolate drink i have had. Overall after BB and service charge, paid $19.35 for the 4 items. Would come back again to try the mains and other dessert!

super love the cheese foam!!! very creamy and cheesy and sweet! tea is normal but the cheese foam is greattt

fluffy hot pancakes with sweet toppings! makes a good dessert but best to share among more people! cafe was slightly small so might be squeezy.

cinnamon taste of the waffle is really strong. would rather the classic waffles. chocolate ice cream was rich and not too sweet 👍🏻

very good soft serve!!! soft serve comes with homemade cereal/ granola which was really crunchy and tasty! good addition to the soft serve! the milk tea soft serve was a seasonal flavour a few months ago, so the flavor now might be different. good place to go when u crave soft serve 😛

best waffles and ice cream place!! ice cream was very smooth! not overly powering. waffles was crispy on the outside and soft inside, served hot and fresh!

good mix of hojicha and matcha, but would prefer just a single flavor to fully taste it! hojicha cake was not bad but not as good as expected. nice ambience!

felt like this wasn’t really worth it even with BB because it was quite a small portion and little toppings.

my favourite acai place! ratio of toppings to acai is perfect because they are very generous with the toppings. for triple A there is strawberry blueberry banana granola cacao nibs chia seed goji berry pineapple kiwi dragon fruit and choice of sauce. i got cookie butter and almond butter. cookie butter is slightly sweeter.

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