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Crispy Eggplant, Homemade Flat Bread With Labneh & Duck I think they’ve taken the duck off the menu; it was cooked nicely and quite tender. The flatbread was my favourite, as this was pretty tasty and delicious with the creamy labneh. The crispy eggplant was okay, but the batter could have been lighter!
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Halloumi to me, is a fabulous ingredient to feature in salads; which is why I almost always have it if it turns up on a menu. This Halloumi & Squash ($16) number comes with sweet pickled beets, collard greens, almond flakes, and a nutty burnt butter dressing. Sounds fabulous, but unfortunately the seasonings were a wee off and it turned out a little meh. The squash for one, though well roasted, was completely unseasoned. Would’ve been fine if the burnt butter dressing had a touch of salt, but there was also way much of that sweet pickling juice added in which tipped the whole salad onto the sweeter side without good balance. They were also too heavy-handed with the dressing, leaving me eating basically greasy vegetables sitting in melted butter. The biggest disappointment however has to be the halloumi: the semi-hard cheese was fried to the point of being just crazy tough. Honestly if they’d just refine each component and pay a little more attention, this could be a fabulous salad.
Self-saucing pudding (aka lava cake basically): a dessert so simple to whip up, so utterly basic to put it, yet so incredibly satisfying. Especially when you’ve got some crunchy hazelnut praline crumbled over, and decent enough vanilla bean ice cream to go with. Ainch gonna say it’s the best I’ve had or whatevs, as long as it’s oozy and gooey and flowy I’m good.
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Dulang Ambeng Royal ($36 For 2 Pax / $50 For 4 Pax) After treating our Muslim friends to the “Dulang Ambeng Royal” from Pu3, I decided to order one for ourselves as well since they‘d raved about the food, and frankly, I have been eager to try this place since forever. Truly ecstatic to have done so because it was pure joy to eat. Partly because I have been missing my Nasi Padang for a while now. Shown above is the platter for 2 pax ($36) and it‘s massive. I reckon up to 3 people could share it actually. Anyway, all around the big mound of rice is an assortment of tastiness. My favourites from this “ring of fire” (ok, I may be exaggerating because not every item was fiery 😆) were the Daging Rendang (love, love, love the ridiculously fragrant and tender beef), the Paru Goreng Rempah (spices-marinated cow’s lungs - the main reason I am crazy for Nasi Padang), the Ikan Kering (crispy dried salted fish) and the Ayam Lemak Cili Padi (its gravy is sublime on rice or simply to slurp). The Udang Sambal Belado Hijau was also delicious but I wish there was more of the sambal. Ditto the Terong Sambal Belado. But that’s just me nitpicking because frankly, I’d be happy to feast on this again in another week or two.
Dulang Ambeng Royal (4 Pax) [$60] Delicious plate of Malay food that was beautifully plated and also satisfying to eat. Every ingredient was well-made and tasted like it was painstakingly and lovingly made at home by a mother.
Nasi Ambeng 💵: $28 📈: 6.5/10 🤔: Big portion, but food was just okay. Recommend the ayam lemak cili padi and begedil, but the rest of the sides in the dish were not that good. Sambal is so delicious I would totally order rice just to have the sambal with it.
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Fish & Chips Gathered here for team lunch! Gotta agree that the ambience is chill and relaxing. The fish was fried crispy yet juicy, not dry unlike some. The fries were fried just nice. Overall I liked how it tasted. Will definitely be back for more of their interesting menu!
🎶Oh my TOSH!~ Baby let me~ Did it again, so Imma let the beat rock~🎶 Serving up American food with a Malay twist, @tash_tish_TOSH is a hidden gem nestled along Kandahar Street! 💕 Opens Tue-Sun 11am-2am, let this halal-certified restaurant delight you with their specialties! 😊 . Here's what we tried: 🔹️Buffalo Wings (6pcs $11.90) - their signature dish! 😉 Spice level is very manageable! 🌶 . 🔹️Smoked Salmon Bruschetta ($8.90) - a nice starter! ✌🏻 Can't go wrong with savoury salmon 🐟 with smoky notes on buttery toasted bread 🥖 with garlicky aroma! . 🔹️Mothership ($27.50) - HIGHLIGHT! ⚡ A combination of Tashookah, 3 red bone Toolangs (mutton & beef) & chunks of meat all on a pizza dough, this was certainly an eye-catcher! 😍😍😍 Loved the gravy so much! ✔ Being my virgin Toolang experience, i sucked up those jelly-like marrow with a straw - slightly gamey but v unique. 👌🏻 . 🔹️PMS Belachan Arrabiata ($16.90) - MY FAVE! ❤❤❤ The belachan chilli sauce renders a SHIOK fiery kick 🔥, which imparts so much flavours to the linguine & accompanying seafood - Prawns, Mussels & Squid! 💯 . 🔹️Cream Basil Soft Shell Crab ($18.90) - very rich cream sauce lusciously coats the linguine, with the taste of basil cutting the heaviness a bit. 👍🏻 Liked the crispy soft-shell crab! 🦀 . 🔹️Briyani Burger ($18.90) - only available on Tue Wed & Thu, the patty could be more moist & juicy imo. 🍔 . Found this to be a really nice place to chill with friends over some food (their pastas are good! 🍝). Thank you @tash_tish_tosh for the invite & yummy spread! 😘
@tashtishtosh ,halal restaurant that located at Kandahar street, serves American food with Malay touch. @tashtishtosh famous for their buffalo wings and battleship. But beside that, this PMS Belachan Arrabiata is another dish that I enjoyed a lot. Al dente pasta cooked with sambal belachan and served with prawns, mussels and garlic bread. .💰$16.9 📍Tash Tish Tosh. 50 Kandahar Street.
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Picnic themed afternoon tea, with quirky and pretty tiffin cans contained within. In conjunction with the “International Women’s Day” celebration in March, HSBC is offering amazing credit card dining offers with the theme “All About The Ladies”. Ladies get to enjoy 1 for 1 hightea at @andazsingapore and other hotels during March. Expect a selection of savoury and sweet treats, including the luxurious Lobster Croissant, Parma Ham Toast with truffle brie cheese, Mini Pandan Chiffon Cake, and Passionfruit Curd Tartlet. More here: #DFDSP #HSBCDining
Hangover Brunch - inclusive of Alley of 25 buffet plus choice of 1 Main [$58] Highlight of the buffet: 1. Free-flow Egg station - eggs done your way, scrambled, poached, fried, omelette. Sautéed mushrooms, hash brown, chicken, pork sausages, roasted carrots, bacon 2. Cheese & charcuterie board - Brie, comte, edam, salami 3. Seafood on ice - Alaskan king crab legs, mussels, clams 4. Viennoiserie - petit pan au chocolat, croissant, pancake, Belgium waffle, egg tart 5. Soft serve - vanilla, chocolate, mixed 6. Mixology table - with fruits, dried orange, cinnamon, cucumber (free flow alcohol option available) Choice of mains include: Eggs Benedict - poached eggs, smoked salmon, English muffin, hollandaise, shaved truffle Breakfast quesadilla - truffle scrambled eggs, guacamole, jalapeño chili, cheddar cheese, bell pepper, sour cream, tomato Peri peri chicken - coleslaw, jalapeño salsa Grilled salmon - jumbo asparagus, truffle hollandaise, rocket, lemon Breakfast burger - angus beef patty, pork bacon, portobello mushroom, fried egg, fries Steak & egg - Australian sirloin, fried egg, fries Selection wise, it is not the most extensive. But good price point for the quality of food offered. Some hits & misses with the mains, particularly enjoyed the steak & egg as well as the grilled salmon. The buffet includes coffee, juices, lemonade and iced tea. There is the option to get unlimited alcoholic drinks for 98++.
Andaz Afternoon Tea Picnic Set My favourite form of self-care is chilling with my girlfriends over tea and of course, that is where Alley on 25’s Andaz Afternoon Tea Picnic Set comes in. Available from Monday to Sunday, 3pm to 5pm, the line-up is priced at $38++ per person. And you can give yourself an upgrade by topping up $40++ per pax to enjoy free flow wines, beer and prosecco as there’s always a reason to celebrate! Displayed in tiffin carriers and delivered to our table in a huge weaved basket, the medley of savoury starters and sweet baked goodies were simply delish. And of the savouries, I was totally diggin’ the Lobster Croissant and Prawn Kueh Pie Tee! Turning up the heat, the buttery, flaky pastry was filled with a good amount of fresh-tasting crustacean and diced vegetables. The Kueh Pie Tee too, with a spicy tinge from the sambal was well-executed. Crisp on the outside with the fried-to-perfection thin tart shell complemented by the tender sweetness of the turnips and a single plump prawn atop. Furthermore, fancy yourself some dainty treats like their Crab Cake, Impossible Cheese Ball and Smoked Salmon Tartine. Then switch things with the array of sweets such as the Kueh Lapis, Ispahan Shooters, Lemon Chia Seed Tea Cake, Valrhona Chocolate Bon Bon, and fresh strawberries which were incredibly juicy. To conclude, the mini Andaz Chiffon Cake is served with a choice of Chocolate or Vanilla soft serve. Noting that the ice cream melted pretty quickly and that the vibrant green glaze of the locally-inspired cake was a tad thick for my liking. Oh, not forgetting the free-flow beverages; take your pick from their house-made iced tea, lemonade, TWG teas as well as coffee.
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