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From the Burpple community

Some crazy good cupcakes from @alainlicious – please PM him if you want to know where these sweet babies are from!

I highly recommend the PBJ, which has a hidden core of peanut butter and strawberry jam – I should have taken a photo of its cross section because it was so neatly done!

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One helluva awesome cake from @alpha_bakes. Had two slices in the office and am now clutching my allotted take-home portion to my chest, wild-eyed and all Gollum-like – "My precioussssss..." Yeah, that's kinda the effect that mindblowing, good cake has on me.


Swirls of cream cheese and chunks of dense, slightly chewy red velvet cake that tinge the ice cream a soft, rosy pink. The sugary cake frosting-like taste of this latest @BenAndJerrySG ice cream flavour will certainly tickle your sweet spot.

Thank you, once again, to Ben & Jerry's Singapore for picking me in their giveaway a month or so ago!

P.S. - Nails by @Manicurious.


Thanks to this sweetheart for treating the foodie gang to her awesome possum pandan cake. Moist, pillowy soft, and melts in the mouth like a dream. Seriously can rival my favourite pandan chiffon cake at Love Confectionary. PM her for orders!
#pandancake #chiffoncake #cake #baked #sgfood #food #foodporn #burpple #eatoutsg


Not sure which stall/hawker centre this is from cos my colleagues tabao-ed for me. But damn, is this good! The noodles, fragrant with sambal, reek of umami goodness while the accompanying portion of pork rib soup bears a sweet-and-peppery resemblance to bak kut teh. And all this for just $3 (albeit with only one prawn)? Shiok!


No proper name for this prototype that I tried at a new patisserie slated to open in January, but it's one of my favourites from the sneak preview tasting I had last week. Here, ripe banana and dark chocolate mousse are sculpted over a dense brownie base, then cloaked in liquid chocolate and chilled to set. It was satisfying, without being too rich nor too sweet as I find many chocolate desserts to be.