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Pictured here are the Mala Madness ($24) and the Hei Hu Hei Hu Pizza ($29). Props to this restaurant for being so cozy, having super friendly staff, and for coming up with unique dishes. The mala pizza was tasty and had the "kick". The "hei hu" pizza was, true to its name, filled with black pepper but was a little too overpowering, otherwise it's still very flavourful and tasty. Also tried the Seafood Sambala ($25) and the Bourbon Pulled Pork pizza ($26) which was equally as tasty and true to its name. Overall, worth a visit, especially since there's 1-for-1

Feature :
Seasonal Otoshi (part from 7 courses omakase).
💕Smoked quail egg with caviar.
💕Potato millefeuille with truffle rugout.
💰$88 ++.
36 Carpenter Street.

A lil pricey but perhaps bc it’s crab (done 2 ways - mixed in pasta sauce and soft shell crab). Pretty good, cafe is quiet and relaxing too.

Food here is kinda overpriced n really oily maybe it’s the night we visited but pretty disappointed cos reviews seemed rather promising. All the food comes in $5/$10/$15 but tbh the stuff that looks good predominantly falls under the $15 section. Total bill was $73 for 2 ppl n it was Zichar so rly not worth imo

One of the better Thai restaurants specialising in northern Thai cuisines. Deep fried pork belly well done, and kudos to the yummy chilli.

We really enjoyed our meal. The ribeye and the sirloin were perfectly cooked (medium rare). Delicious sides (spinach and mushrooms). Great selection of wine as well. The service was so friendly and professional. Highly recommend this place! Loved the music they had playing as well.

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Loved their service, live harp music, and the interesting spread. Preferred their plain scone over the raisin scone as the former was buttery and dense while the latter was a little dry. Their ondeh ondeh macaroon was great too. The pecan orange tart was interesting and better than expected; the nuttiness helped to balance out the sweetness. Loved the high quality chocolate used for the dense and moist chocolate cake. My friend and I weren’t into the fruit cake and pudding. However, we enjoyed the smoked salmon and prawn sandwiches. My friend particularly loved the crunch for the chicken in the mini waffle bowl.

Doubled boiled crab broth with a huge dried scallop and shredded crab meat. Nothing special though.

Tucked away at Circular Road near Boat Quay, @sanji_boatquay is a Kagoshima style ramen house which recently launched both Tom Yam Ramen & Tom Yam Tsukemen on its menu. Note that there are only 10 bowls available daily 🤭, so better head down early if you want to taste that spicy tingling sensation in your ramen/tsukemen!

If you love ramen but just can’t handle the heat 🥵, check out either their Special Rich Tonkotsu or their Special Sanji Ramen. And to complete your meal, go for their crispy handmade Sanji Gyoza 👍!

Thanks @karhingc for extending the invite and @sanji_boatquay for having me!


Served in a three-tier tingkat, this signature dessert at Un-Yang-Kor-Dai somewhat felt like a Thai version of our local Bubur Cha Cha. With the same dessert base of a warm butterfly pea coconut milk and coconut slices, each tier has a different topping, namely banana, sweet potato and taro.

The topping that stood out was probably the banana as it was of ultimate sweetness, from the banana itself and slightly caramelised, adding an extra sweet brown flavor to the coconut milk as compared to the other two.

One other thing that I enjoyed was the mix of black and white sesame seeds, really fragrant and a hint of nuttiness was evident in the milky dessert.

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