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From the Burpple community

Tender, juicy batang slices are never overcooked with a tasty broth. Not sure why there isn’t much reviews.

Among all that I have tried, this is one of my fave. In this photo, it’s the $5 version with added fish slices of batang. The regular price is only at $4. Batang fishes are expensive even in the market. Give it a try if you are near North Point City!

The dishes from this singular Malay food stall are served in Japanese bowls. The Mee Rebus ($3.50) was served almost filled to the brim of the bowl; very hearty portions. It ticked all the right boxes in terms of components, but sadly lacked a certain Xfactor in its taste that would make me return for. Perhaps a little light handed on the seasoning.

Price: $4
Rating: 2.5/5

This is the changi village hokkien mee at 200+ yishun (i think blk 293??). The standard dropped. It was nice previously when i tried but This time round was disappointing. The dish is not well fried enough to bring out the wokhei robust flavour :( probably coz too many orders during lunchtime so the standard not there...... but i still like the gooey texture!! I prefer the vermicelli (chu mifen) to be thicker though.

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Price: $4.50

Must order with milk!!!! I think this is one of the best in YISHUN. NO JOKE. The soup is nice (altho sometimes i cld taste msg) and the fish is nice too. No need anymore explanation. PLS TRY GUYS.


This was $8 for two to share. Just ok in taste, nothing to shout about.