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Went to Putien last week and ordered their Stir Fried Chilli Clams ($16.80), Deep Fried Tenggiri Fish ($6.80/pcs), Sweet and Sour Pork ($16.80), Shredded Pork with Sesame Buns ($6.80/pcs), Fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon medium ($25.60), and an Egg and Shrimp Fried Rice!😇

Overall a 9/10! Overordered for 4 people but all food items were really good🤣 Recommended to try though its a little pricey for some items😅

Went to Friends Tasty Korea last month and had the free flow KBBQ ($19.90/pax) and also the LA Galbi Regular ($23)!😇 Food was pretty decent and the LA Galbi is really good🤤 Overall ratings 7/10 value for money but nothing too fancy😅

Went to Orchid Live Seafood at the end of Feb and ordered their Live Lobster porridge (serves 4), Steamed Bamboo Clams, Kampong Spicy Lala, Steven Chicken and Sambal Kang Kong! Very filling for 4 pax and total bill is about $178 after gst and svc charge!😇 Overall ratings 8/10!! Really like the food esp the steven chicken but food is pricey😅

Went to Seoul Kitchen at the end of Jan and had their BBQ Buffet ($19.90/pax) and added on a Seafood Pancake ($15.90)!😇 Food was pretty okay and its quite affordable!! Would'nt reco the seafood pancake though its p average😅 Overall ratings 7/10! Value for money but nothing fancy food wise!

Went to Monster Curry at the end of Jan and had the Tako Tako! Curry Rice ($14.90) and the Spicy Tori Karaage Pizza 8" ($9.80)!😇 Really liked the pizza though the crust was a little tough😅 Would head back again to try other items hehe

($8) we always make it a point to include veggies in our meal so though this wasn’t special, we would re order! fragrant and generous portion

($7) this was just the right amount of spicy as well! they were super generous with the seafood (many chunks of squid) so i really enjoyed slurping this

($5) yes u read that right, $5 for this massive mound of rice!! loved the pork floss on it, added some crunchy texture and was overall yummy :D the rice itself didn’t have actual pineapple bits (at least not that i tasted) so it’s not the strongest tasting on its own

($9) would give this a miss the next time because they use egg tofu here… nothing special

($5) this was really yummy too! big fan of tanghoon and this was cooked just right! strong coriander taste so if you’re not a fan of it make sure to request for them to leave it out!

($12) Didn’t want to go for the usual prawn paste chicken so we went for this instead! To our pleasant surprise it wasn’t too sweet. The pieces were really meaty too

Been craving for rosti and since i was bringing out my fur kid, so the best option on google was at urban hideout! Chose al the herbed rosti AND mentaiko rosti, both are so good!!! Mentaiko was tad heavy for me, but all’s good!