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One of the better underrated white bee hoon at the zi char stall in the middle. Tasty soup with fish. No super long queues

The famous ah tan wings (1.80 each)
Very well breaded and fried

Pretty smooth, and they let you add soya milk on top. Tho the sugar syrup looks mediocre in quantity, it's actl pretty sweet. Dont make the mistake of rationing out the sugar syrup like i did or you will start off with taste less beancurd and end up with a pool of syrup.

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Yam rice was not mushy unlike most places, with the rice grains hard enough, well separated, and having a decent bite. Quite unique and well executed

The highlight is obviously the braising liquid which is definitely the best I've had so far. It's savoury slant and full bodied flavours easily beats out the sweet or herbaceous kinds that you have elsewhere, but that might be my own preference. To put their already excellent braising sauce over the top though, they sprinkle sesame oil to make it more fragrant and i feel it's really spoiling the market. Duck meat wasnt the most tender but still pretty good

Usually there's sambal and lime chili, but over here the thicker chili alr has sour notes. The lime chili however, was pure sour and unrelenting heat so dont go crazy on it from the start

Unfortunately their braised Pork was tough and flavourless, and its extremely rare i dont recommend pork lol. Their soup was also way too sweet, i stopped after a couple spoonfuls

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Priced at $9.80, felt it was a tad bit expensive for the portion. Cant be compared to the authentic one in Taiwan but i guess this is good enough if you have cravings. Not too salty and good portions of fatty meat.

Fish Soup itself was pretty good, with enough delicate clean tasting seafood umami to go with the slight bite from the alcohol, and red Grouper was cooked well. Only a little off from perfection, but its flaky texture easily beats out the more common types of Fish. Fish Eggs were passable at best, over cooked and slightly hard, fishy as well. If u have to order the Fish Eggs remove them from the soup asap to prevent overcooking.

Their sauce is a variation on the usual chili lime sauce, and is the only thing saving the Fish Eggs. Rather unique esp in looks, and i particularly liked that the chili was just a hint


Tastes like bakzhang because of the flavours, but dont have this if you're having the Fish Soup as the oiliness really affect the taste of the delicate Fish soup

Not very generous for its price, but ive got to admit it's pretty damn good. Mutton was lean but extremely tender, soup's sweetness was well balanced by the depth of flavour, so that the sweetness wasnt one dimensional. One of the best I've had

Perks of checking out Yishun Park Hawker Centre on a Sunday afternoon - there’s no queue at @ahtanwings and we got our hands on those sexy wings immediately. It’s not just about the whiffs of fermented shrimps, but the flavour that permeated through the batter was strong within the juicy meat. No surprise that the marination takes at least 2 days. Every bite produced a loud crackle, as the crispy batter crumbled into tiny pieces. So glad that the lady was generous in giving us extra serving.

The chilli dip was a perfect complement to cut some grease, with its tinge of sourness, just as apt to pair with the aromatic chicken rice topped with a sunny side up. Only turn-off was the wings were already pre-fried and served cold.

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Went here on a Thursday night and price is Abt 60 dollars for 2 pax.(There is 1-1 promotion from Monday till Thursday).

Food was regularly topped up.Spread was massive and you have everything from Indian to Chinese to Malay cuisines.

The prawns and flower crabs were okay but go for the salmon fish head curry and the Satay.The tandoori chicken with the mint chutney were good too.But other than that nothing stands out really.

Skip the roast beef.The meat is so tough, PSLE is easier to manage 😂😂😂

Overall, A very value for money Buffet!

One has to constantly innovate to keep up with the competitive industry, but innovation need not refer to fancy fusion or absurd new creations with confusing palates.

By paying a little more, I tried their Satay Chicken Chop (S$10.90) which I enjoyed very much. Firstly, the sauce that was layered atop the grilled chicken was thick with a rich nutty flavour and mildly spicy. Secondly, familiar ingredients such as the diced cucumber and raw onion rings helped in balancing the Satay flavours, just like what we would have in their skewered forms (thankfully, no Ketupats here!). Lastly, the usual sidekicks — fries and coleslaw — helped remind me that this was still a Western meal, with the coleslaw especially maintaining its usual creamy consistency. Overall, it’s tasty and balanced, yet rich enough before it became an overkill.