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3 types 0f mushr00ms in the p0rridge
p0rridge itself has flav0ur but mushr00ms 0f c0s kinda blend 😅
this dish is n0t f0r th0se with str0ng taste buds 😜

flav0urful, é gravy was g00d that any plans f0r n0n carb diet can be shelved aside 😜

The tomato cream sauce was slightly bland. I would prefer the normal bolognese sauce which has a stronger taste to it

Har Cheong Gai done well! Portion was plenty. Chilli adds a zing to the dish. Love how the rice served wasn’t just plain white rice, but it’s rice cooked in chicken stock.

Surprisingly good! Somehow hint of truffle oil enhanced the whole crab eating experience. Love it. #ps_3star #tastyloong #burpple

Deep fried till golden brown, they were served piping hot to the table, along with fries, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, buns and drinks of your choice (I got Bandung).

Fresh, crispy and tender 😋. But all-time my favourite fast food fried chicken still has to be Jollibee's!

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I went Northpoint City branch on last Saturday, 13 July 2019. We were seated, and order was sent in at 1947hours, we had waited till 2025hours. As I’ve overheard from the staff that due to peak hours, the food may take 18-20mins to arrive. However, we have waited for a good 35mins and I asked the staff politely how long more it takes for our food to arrive. We were told ‘it’s being prepared’. Less than a minute, my friend’s yasen don set came. I’ve waited for another 10mins and asked another staff when my food is coming, he said ‘still preparing’. I’ve ordered ton katsu curry don, which I thought it will be faster.

I’ve overheard (I believe is manager) telling the ‘uncle staff’ that ‘you sent the wrong order! You should have sent it to table 22 (my table) the curry don. And that got me even angrier, because all other customers WHO CAME LATER THAN US got their food and ate. The ‘uncle’ came and apologise that got to wait for another 10mins for my food to arrive. So, I asked how long more, as I’ve waited for the 35mins and now another 10mins. It’s almost 9pm! 1 of the staff was being nice and offered me A BOWL OF LETTUCE which was claimed as their SALAD. I got even more pissed off, as I don’t eat vege. Thankfully, when the uncle saw me putting the bowl of salad away, he offered the gyoza to me first which was in my set. And my food came right after it.

While we are kind of done with the food, the uncle came and asked if he can clear and apologised again. He added on that due to shorthanded, that explains the delay in food. But the issue is not shorthanded, ITS BECAUSE HE HAD SENT THE WRONG ORDER!! We had to pay for 10% service charge for such service. I’ll never patronise here again!

For the white pot, it is a peppery, collagen-filled stock that is boiled for
eight hours with chicken feet, chicken bones, chicken fats and ten other secret ingredients to
achieve a rich, milky texture. Served with chicken meat, pig stomach. 😋