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Chocolate cake and light citrusy orange cake, with orange fresh cream and sweet diced orange.
Besides that also have prosperity cookies and gift set.

Enjoy early bird (till 24 Jan), 25 % off supreme/pillow/orange pineapple tarts and prosperity cookies and 50% off for every second tin of pineapple tarts.

25 Jan onwards, customer will enjoy 15% off supreme/pillow/orange pineapple tarts and prosperity cookies.

It’s light on the palate and refreshing with a mild avocado taste. A good combination between the sweet melon and avocados! As usual, yomie’s yogurt drink is smooth, thick and creamy😌.

Small booth tucked away in the middle of the basement of Wisteria Mall. Have tried the 贡丸汤(meatball soup), 卤肉饭(braised minced pork rice), 咖哩卤肉饭 (curry minced pork rice - featured here) and 三猪便当 (pork 3 ways bento - features here).

My fave was the bento with pork 3 ways even though i was surprised that the pork cutlet was braised, not fried, and actually nice (a good balance between the fatty pork belly and minced meat). Overall, the dishes were decently good; not too salty and felt like homecooked food, especially the meatball.

But there was inconsistency in the soup, and was too peppery on the 2nd try. The wintermelon drink (featured here) was also tad too sweet for my liking.

It's not that cheap but worth a try if you are in the vincinity and are craving for Taiwanese fare!

Recommend to try the 贡丸汤(meatball soup) + 卤肉饭(braised minced pork rice) set as a sampler!

Recently I just know about this place that was also originated from Taiwan, focusing on their fruits blended drinks.

Button’s colour was stand up among the rest for me. It was a mixed of Banana, Honey, Raspberry, Pineapple, Orange & Sparkling Water. Giving a very refreshing taste actually with some nut bites which I couldn’t identify.

Pancakes are soft and fluffy and are great with maple syrup. The cream is not too sweet, so most people might be able to polish the entire plate off without feeling too sick / “jelat”. A safe option to choose from the plethora of desserts on the menu 👍🏻

Tamago-en is such a cute place to have a meal or dessert! I enjoyed this version of panna cotta, loved the black sesame taste which isn’t too sweet and pairs well with the chocolate sauce. It’s a delightful dessert 😌

Bought their chicken pie, pandan and egg tarts. Still love their tarts more. Pandan cost a bit more than the egg tarts. Sadly no dine in for this outlet

Tiramisu flavour was good but cheesecake texture was not our favourite. We prefer a denser texture for our cheesecake but they might have made it lighter to pair well with the fluffy tiramisu/coffee-flavoured sponge.

We saw a few tables ordered this and it looked soooo good so we bought one for ourselves too. Love the addition of cream cheese! It made the bread a lot more creamy in general. But with that said, it can get v gelak if you’re having this by yourself so be sure to share. You can choose to heat up if you’re dining in, which is highly recommended :)

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Hae Bee 5 Treasures Set (S$13.80++)
Consisted of
Hae Bee Hiam Rice Balls (3pcs) - not spicy
Choice of Meat
- A : Fish Fillet in Oyster Sauce - the sauce was yummy
- B : Soya Sauce Chicken - slightly more salty than preferred
Fortune Vegetables - look plain but tasted not bad
Prosperity Fish Maw Soup
Rosella Tea - got cold or hot version!
Available in @currytimessingapore in @northpointsg

Oyster Pancake 黄金海蛎饼 (S$5.90++/ 3pcs)
2 oysters in one pancake, fresh fried upon order
Available at @putien_sg in @northpointsg
It wasn’t the usual Teochew meat puff. Much smaller too.
Served with a garlicky dip.

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Just known from the news that @engswantannoodle in @northpointsg got suspended.
Yes the food standard dropped a lot.
Even the Pau from @teochew_handmade_pau didn’t look similar to the ones from original outlet

Kong Bak Pau (S$1)
So flat can’t see the meat.

Lo Mai Kai (S$1.80)
More on the dry side

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