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It looks dried up because I waited too long. But it's good.

Had the fish macaroni and fried fish beehoon soup. Both were fantastic, the fish slices were really soft, probably the softest fish slices I have ever eaten. The fried fish beehoon was pretty good also! We also had the iced milo which was damn thick and not as sweetπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

I ate this during my younger years and it's as good as ever. Look at that egg!

Jin Xin has my favourite Teh C Siew Dai around the area and their mains are pretty good too. They have a huge range from fish soup to char siew rice and ban mian. Their wanton mee has springy noodles (the less floury kind) with slices of char siew and 3 wantons! Not amazing but it’s a good affordable bowl, though the consistency may differ depending on who’s cooking. Jin Xin’s a stand alone shop just down the stretch from the bigger coffee shop.

πŸ“ ι‡‘ι‘«ηΎŽι£ŸεΊ— Jin Xin Mei Shi Dian
Blk 304 Serangoon Avenue 2

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The ba chor mee chain is known for its, well, you know. Here's a different dish, still with that lame onsen egg. Ribs and noodles were generous, but I must say the former wasn't good. I appreciate the shiitake mushrooms and wetness of the mee.

You would be pleasantly surprised by its tastiness after you gave it a good mix. The sauce was good! Having ban mian dry instead of soup was an interestingly tasty experience. For big eater, you may want to double up the order as even I found the serving a little too little 😁 I must comment that the θ›‹θŠ± in the serving soup was pretty nice & good πŸ˜‹
Block 304 Serangoon Ave 2 is where you can find this relatively new ban mian stall


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