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never really heard of cinnamon ice cream until i came here to try it and it was pretty interesting

Items ordered: carbonara ($13.90) & BBQ chicken leg ($16.90)

Food: 4.5/5 - love the carbonara especially!! They serve beer too :)
Ambiance: 4/5 - not too dark & noisy
Service: 4/5 - friendly staff that greeted us the moment we entered
Overall experience: 4.5/5 - will return for pasta again~


Though these crispy bites were pretty addictive, there were more fried chicken skin than chicken chunks. Probably best to manage expectations!

Thank you @fatbirdsg for having us and @burpple for the kind invite! ✨

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A nice pairing to the food we had that night! Refreshing and came in a variety of flavours like original, lychee, yuzu, etc.

Thank you @fatbirdsg for having us and @burpple for the kind invite! ✨

Preferred their other skewers to this. You get to pick your choice of seasoning(s) for those - chinese secret spice, spiced salt, spicy miso kimchi and teriyaki tare.

Thank you @fatbirdsg for having us and @burpple for the kind invite! ✨

Ordered pan seared sea bass ($15.90) and top up a coleslaw (+$3). Was looking forward to something more fulfilling but ended up getting a portion so little I was still hungry after finishing every bit of food on the plate. The sea bass is fresh, not portion can be more. The coleslaw is even more disappointing.

Incredibly thin and crispy pastry stuffed with caramelised apples, served with rich vanilla ice cream. A yummy post-meal treat!

Everything here was pretty darn good, and make sure you sit near the stall because you can top up that umami (from the salted veg) soup! Only issue was that the rice was sadly grainy, not shiok to eat even with the soup or sauce :/

Won’t go wrong with Anderson Ice Cream~ I like their Belgian chocolate chips and chocolate rum 👍 extremely crowded on Friday night, couldn’t even get a seat at Nex outlet 😞

P/S: Also available at Burpple Beyond.

Banana split, brownie and 6 scoops of ice cream accompanied with chocolate sauce! Ice-cream craving satisfied :)

Refreshing, ice cold Kirin beer with a frosty do. Comes in a range of flavours like yuzu, pineapple and lychee. Perfect with their spicy hot pots and skewers.

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Spaghetti tossed with mushrooms and spinach in truffle infused cream sauce and finished with shaved grana Padano. A very creamy pasta dish which I enjoyed. Good amt of garlic and well seasoned. But I wished the truffle aroma could be stronger. Mushrooms were plentiful. I really enjoyed the spinach. A huge bowl that I could not finish, thou I really tried.