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It took a while to arrive on our table but it was well baked for the cheese to melt into the dish with penne in beef bolognese sauce, white sauce & cheese.


Chicken marinated in Spices and grilled to golden perfection. Very tasty, spicy and delectable. Just like the ones I make at home!

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Chicken with mixed cheese was flavourful!

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Spaghetti beef bolognese with poached egg was tasty and filling. 👍

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Hojicha (Hot Fudge) ($2.30)

hmmm i felt that it's not strong roasted tea bc of too much milk contained and also covered up by strong hot fudge chocolate tbh. It's quite normal pricing compared to those tea shops if you want to try it or crave for dessert.

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Emperor's Clouds & Mist (Venti - $4.90) (Hot)
under Teavana Series and I just realised that I didn't tried it before. I always order mint blend in the past. So it's just green tea without adding sugar and syrup. Green Tea just so good and a bit bitter aftertaste. oh yea I want to order cold but I forgot to tell barista :")

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Pork, Egg & Cheese Set ($6.60) w Signature Milk Tea ($3.30)

Bread was toasted well, got that crispy texture but its quite hard and dry. It's quite cheesy paired with egg and pork patty. I find that it's like not bad for fillings so it's hearty and quite full aftertaste. The patty is quite hard tbh 👌compared to pork patty set.

I really like milk tea flavour and got that special taste for this but not like the normal tea (enhanced flavour).

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Strawberry Jelly

(gift from my colleague) I tried it on room temp but I should be fridge it instead if you want to try as cold dessert. It taste like strawberries jam (not that sweet but a bit sour aftertaste)

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