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Lucky that we joined the queue right before the lunch crowd came! Picked mee kia and they were done as q as usual. Just can’t get enough of their umami sole fish based broth - it’s super comforting and the depth of flavour is always so impressive!

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Salmon soba bowl ($18+)

The mix of the bowl was simply delectable! Salmon was well cooked and you can add the sourish yoghurt to pair. However, even on its own, it tastes good. Didnt have any trouble polishing off the entire bowl.

Hokkaido Croquette Burger (ala crate - $2.65) drizzled with Teriyaki Sauce and topped with sliced cabbage. I always order it beside fish, chicken burger or seasonal burger. You also can order via Croquette Set Meal if you prefer without burger.

Since it’s opening, it has become one of my top favorite cafes✨💕since I visited the last time, have been eyeing their cold brew bottles 👀 you can bring it home!!! I tried the cosmos, I love the lightly bittered yet smooth refreshing coffee toned flavor - easily appreciated by even non-coffee regulars 👍 you will definitely see this place few times on my feed🤗
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yummy meal platter 😋😋🥰, full whole chicken with one large wedge and 2 bottomless drinks. so full ,great with their hot sauce worth it !

Small little cafe tucked somewhere in the heartlands of Serangoon. It’s a gem!!! Got their pot tea and Swiss rolls (chocolate orange and original). Loved the Swiss roll, it melts in your mouth and most importantly the sweetness were made to perfection! Neither too sweet nor tasteless. Cafe is nicely done up and nice to spend your few hours there to relax. Give this place a shot!

Love their Butterscotch Banana Pancake but I can’t say the same for the Strawberry Maple Pancake. The thick pancake was generously topped with fresh strawberries and strawberry compote, accompanied with maple syrup and butter. Strawberries helps balance the sweetness but as it was kinda dense, we couldn’t quite finish it.


Ingredients were fresh and the place was nice to dine in + there was a good playlist of mando pop playing the whole time 😛 They had a whole fridge of meat, seafood and assorted meat/seafood balls on top of the usual vegetables selection. The bowl was very fragrant and garlicky, though I’d like it to be slightly more thoroughly fried. Heat was great and it was just right in saltiness. It’s not as numbing, but you probably can request for more when ordering. Other than mlxg, they also have a few soup options - tomato, chicken, etc. Was a bit pricey, but will be back to try the ma la soup!

Psst, we came by on V Day Eve so the Beyond deals were locked, but they actually have deals for both their lunch steamboat buffet and ma la xiang guo. That’d be very worth!

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looked so good that I Forgot To Take A Picture! Yum! The Squid Ink Pasta Was Good! Food arrived fast too :)

The beef is tender and flavourful and the onsen egg cooked to perfect runny doneness. The serving size is a little small but for the price and given this location, I think it's appropriate. My only gripe about this meal is that the meat is cut up into too small pieces!

Eleven strands is a cafe that has been quite a trend recently, with some around me giving rave reviews about the place.

Starting with looks: the plating was decent, could do with the elements being packed tighter on the plate. The individual elements in the dish were done well. Nice to see the pork with char grill marks, and a large enough portion (even though it was slightly dry, slightly overdone), the sauce tasted good, apples were nicely caramelised.

However, the dish overall was not cohesive, and not balanced. There were too many sweet notes, with the apples, pickled onions. The pork and mashed potatoes were not salty enough to balance it. The cream based sauce was also not appropriate as it has an element of sweetness in its balance; a brown sauce would have added a more savoriness to balance the overall dish.