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It's okay, just a bit small. Fyi they've closed this outlet and expanded to multiple branches.

This lets you try three Malaysian noodles - curry mee, Penang prawn mee, meatball mee. Variety aside, they didn't add up to be filling enough. Taste-wise also ordinary. Fyi they've closed this outlet and expanded to multiple branches.

($14.80) come with sauce to dip with. not bad tbh but the pork katsu slightly hard to chew thru.

Topped with a scoop of Apricot Honey Yoghurt ice-cream
Overall, the Apricot Honey Yoghurt flavour was creamy and matched perfectly with the earthy bitterness of the matcha ganache

Oatside x KOOKS Creamery
A harmonious medley of flavours made with Uji matcha, espresso and a creamy OATSIDE Barista Blend

Went to eat Katong Laksa 2 weeks ago and ordered the Laksa with Muah Chee set Regular ($7.50) and Laksa with Drink and Otah Set Large ($10.50)!

Overall ratings 7/10😄 Laksa was okay but felt that the Queensway outlet is more fragrant in terms of the soup😅 Muah Chee and Otah was decent, would visit again only if I am craving laksa tho

Wah damn good. But maybe it's just freshly fried.

It's a signature but it's underwhelming. The dryness of the noodles was difficult for the supposed star sauce to shine. Also, it only tasted spicy, and if that's the sauce, then sorry no.

Very wet and good amount of crabmeat. Plus it has the ee-fu flavour I love.

We chose beef and pork for our 4-5pax set to bbq. It was pretty substantial and tasty!

It wasn’t presentable as we like but it tasted alright!