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To cap the meal, Mustard Seed presented their take on two local desserts -- pandan purin with coconut and putugal with bingka.

For the former, a Japanese-style pandan custard with freshly squeezed coconut milk is topped with shaved ice made from young coconut milk. I am no fan of coconut milk but this was super creamy, rich and full of flavours. I love the pandan custard in particular. @jooeunchung did find it a little gelat towards the end.

I thought the putugal and bingka were a nice decent way to finish the meal though I wish there was something sour to cleanse the palate after the pandan purin.

Gukbap (국밥) or hot soup rice, is the Korean equivalent of the Chinese 泡饭 or 汤饭. The broth used is usually ox or pork bone soup.

Mustard Seed's rendition of gukbap is a spin on our local favourite, bak kut teh. Niigata rice is topped with sliced pork cooked shabu shabu style. A pork bone broth with garlic is poured into the bowl and the dish is served with a side of picked burdock and fried lard.

@jooeunchung and I loved the hearty and peppery broth with a subtly sweet dangui after taste that warms the cockles of our heart. Gimme a side of kimchi please next time to go with this!

Ordered the mushroom cheese Crepe. It sure tastes better eating on the spot compared to at home but it's a pretty ok meal plus the set includes the fried sweet potato fries which is good too.

The pungent smell of durian filled the whole place. Durian haters please avoid! But smells heavenly for durian lovers! Awesome dessert. Reasonably priced. Worth the wait (about an hour during weekend).

50% off from total bills when you dine-in at @yunnanssg latest outlet located at @nex.singapore from TODAY, 28 Sep to 30 Sep 2020
Location: @yunnanssg 23 Serangoon Central, #B1-15 NEX, Singapore,  556083.
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It will be @yunnanssg third outlet at Singapore, with offers over 10 new dishes.
Feature my 3 favourite dishes from 10 new dishes.
💕Crispy Duck with Dried Chilli.
Deboned duck, cut into strips, deep fried till crispy outside and stir fried with chillies fr Yunnan and broad beans.

💕Stir Frued Yunnan Rice Noodles with Assorted Seafood.
Poached rice with cooked with Yunnan signature prawn broth and seafood.

💕Poached Seabass in Spicy Pickled Vegetables.
A duo of pickled vegetables fried with chilies and then cooked with Seabass, vermicelli and tofu.

23 Serangoon Central,#B1-15

Ah, finally wanton mee that is quite (but not quite there still) close to M’sian wanton mee, with its signature dark soya sauce colour and good wanton. Getting the regular sized one will also include fried wanton and sliced pork chop which were delicious and well worth the upgrade.

🖤I did not foresee myself enjoying the Pork & Pear Tartine ($20.9). I mean... bacon & pear?? Sounds like a hella odd combination 😧 BUT I was pleasantly surprised by how well each of the ingredients complemented one another. (Though I must add that towards the end, the dish got a little too sweet for my palate)

🖤I loved the chewy texture of the Farro grains in the Miso Bacon Risotto ($23.50). Paired with fried enoki and bits of Miso Bacon, this dish was hearty and full of character (+ it definitely wasn’t as cloying as most risottos).

💔 Thought their Iced Mocha ($7.5) was rather disappointing. Tasted like an Iced Long Black with a dash of cocoa powder. 😂 Would probably appreciate it if it was less diluted (more milk, less water).

💵: $7

🤔: Prob the cheapest eggs ben i've ever had, but you definitely only get what you pay for
Brioche was soggy from the eggs, and the bacon was dry and tough 🥵

Using fresh eggs 🥚 specially flown in Okinawa 🇯🇵, it is of no wonder how fragrant & eggy these pancakes were - worth the 20mins wait! 👍🏻👍🏻
Topped with fresh strawberries 🍓 & milky house-made whipped cream, a drizzle of strawberry sauce & sprinkle of pistachio nuts 💚, the tall & fluffy stack was boasting of rich eggy aroma! 🤤
Absolutely loved how the sweet berry sauce & tangy fresh strawberries complements the pillowy soufflé pancake! 💕 Adding a doze of sweet maple syrup, it was indeed indulgence at its best! 🌟

i loved the interior of this place, looks great! basic cafe food, on top of what’s pictured, i also tried candied bacon waffles - that was the winner for me. whole family loved it, amazing combi of sweet and salty

This lychee cheesecake is good. The fruity lychee pairs well and balances out the richness of the cheesecake. Will definitely buy again.