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I ordered chicken pepper rice ($7.60) w/o set meal at food republic. I felt that chicken topping got a bit less tbh when stir fried. Overall, I almost stir fried rice until char surface on the rice.

It's like half year that I seldom eat soursop ($4.90) but it's taste between in mixture of sweet and sour. Really like their refresh series for own different unique blend a lot.

There are limited quantity to the skewers so do visit early to avoid disappointment! When we visited on a weekend dinner (~6pm), most of the skewers were already sold out. We had…

🥓 Charcoal Grilled Pork Belly
🐖 Poached Pork Collar with Pickled Chilli
🐟 Braised Beancurd with Fish Maw and Cordyceps Flower

Would recommend visiting in a big group to try more dishes!

📸 Instagram/TikTok: @myfoodframes

I am very impressed with the food at 88 Seoul BBQ. The Aged Pork and Marinated Pork are very tender, smoky, and richly flavored slices that practically melted in my mouth. To complement the meats, the Seafood Pancake was crispy, generously filled with fresh seafood, and the accompanying soy dipping sauce added a burst of flavor. Highly recommended!

Thoroughly enjoyed my experience at 88 Seoul BBQ! The pork collar was perfectly marinated and the side dishes complemented the meat very well. Love the korea retro vibes of the restaurant as well!

Seen a lot of men bo sha from korean shows so tempted to order one. It's like fried bread with prawn paste in between. Very crispy and nice. Given it is deep fried, so it's abir oily as well. Have not tried this at any other places so not sure whether it is legit.

Ordered from the lunch menu which was $12nett. They are generous with the minced meat in the sauce. The noodles were well-cooked. I opted for pork bulgogi and can taste the bbq smokiness. Pretty legit bowl of jjajangmyeon. You can add on a drink and steamed egg/dumpling for $4. The steamed egg was not the overflowing kind like ahjumma's. But still quite special as can taste the clam broth used in the egg.

Brown Rice Sencha ($3.50) w Chrysanthemum Pearl ($1.20) I opt out for less honey and I preferred less sweet inside the drink. Got similar taste for Hojicha (roasted tea) and strong tea taste tbh.

The food served here were very fresh and tasty. I liked the 6 side dishes that they served and the noodles were cooked perfectly. Pork belly was flavourful and grilled perfectly.
kimchi fried rice portion is huge, we’re unable to finish and they allowed us to takeaway 👍🏼

Loved the comfort food, the ambience and the refillable sides! Portions were great and worth the value. Must order their jjajangmyeon, kimchi fried rice and their oden soup!

Throwback. We tried this because we usually give Henghua food a chance. Unfortunately it was mediocre.