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From the Burpple community

吃了吗 offers simple and value-for-money steamed fish set meals. The menu is simple with just 5 items - Steamed Sea Bass, Golden Pomfret, Garoupa, Salted Black Beans Steamed Fish and Chopped Chilli Steamed Fish Set Meal.

Do expect long queues and waiting time because the uncle is doing everything from taking orders to serving on his own. I was there at about 1PM and everything on the menu was sold out except for the steamed sea bass set 😲

Each set meal is served with steamed fish doused in light soy sauce, steamed egg and rice. The fish was served fresh and warm with firm, tender soft and juicy flesh. It was a rather clean tasting with just light soy sauce flavours. The rice was a little hard and dry side but it could be saved by drizzling some soy sauce from the fish. Other than that, this is definitely worth the money for something healthy and delicious 》$5

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this is a very homey meal, a big portion of steamed fish, steamed egg, and white rice. All this for S$5.5!

I cannot say enough good things about this place so you just have to go for yourself! You get a big portion of freshly steamed fish, steamed egg, and lots of rice for only S$5! I for one am definitely going back!

Steam Groupa Set ($6):
Comes with steamed egg and rice. Fish is rather fresh and it is definitely worth the price!

This stall in Golden Mile Beach Road Food Centre #01-87 sells very good and value for money fish sets. For $5 you get the Sea Bass set or $5.50 for the Golden Pomfret set. A set consists of half a steamed fish, rice, steamed egg pudding and slices of fruits. The fish is really well steamed not over or under cooked. You can mixed the steamed egg pudding with the rice to eat. Belly yummy.


You didn’t read that wrong! This set at 吃了吗 is a mere 5 buckeroos and it comes with pomfret (well, half a pomfret). Chanced upon this stall at Golden Mile Food Centre with a looooong queue in the morning and jumped right in. The fish is steamed perfectly and comes in a light soy sauce. The set even comes with steamed egg and watermelon slices! They’ve got a total of three sets, the other two fishes being sea bass ($5) and grouper ($6). They open from 10:30 daily and closes once they sell out, so I’d recommend you come early.