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Quite affordable at I think about $7 for the waffles and $5/ scoop of gelato. They have really unique flavours here and Keto alternatives as well.

Thought it was quite a decent combination of waffles + ice cream and they even had like a caramel sauce on the side. Waffles were not too sweet and little on the crunchy side when I had it.

Plus point, shop smells really nice all the time and they’re open till late!

It was too pretty to resist. The scones is delicious, not too dry. Topped with raspberry icing, has alot of chocolate bits within.

Hidden inside City Gate, there’s this place serving some Eurasian food using grandparent’s heritage recipe.

Their signature devil’s curry used premium pork cuts and succulent chicken cocktail sausage, simmered in a rich spice curry.

Gotten the small portion for $10 ($10.90 comes with drink during lunch time). And you get to choose the spice level from mild to spicy.

The mild wasn’t spicy at all to me, but definitely flavourful taste. Enough portion of meat in the curry for one person.

First time trying steamed egg as a dessert and we were thinking whether it would taste like chawanmushi or this cai png steamed egg 🤣. We found that it tasted like the egg tart filling but slightly milkier and less sweet. We thought that it was pretty light and the red bean topping overpowered everything, so we would get it without any toppings if we were to get this another time.

Even though it was a Monday night, there's still a queue for Ah Chew and dining time is only limited to a mere 20mins. Desserts were served pretty fast though, <5mins after ordering!

@tingyuanhotpot is the way to go! Highly recommended by many of my foodie friends.👍

Mon - Thu SGD22.8+
Fri - Sun, PH & Eve SGD25.8+
(Prices are applicable for the entire day)

There are 6 types of soup base to choose from:
👉招牌麻辣 Signature Mala
👉养生白汤 Wellness White Soup
👉滋补菌汤 Boletus Mushroom
👉原味番茄 Tomato Soup
👉酸菜汤 Pickled Cabbage Soup
👉东炎汤 Tom Yum Soup

They also have a wide variety of free-flow fresh shabu cuts of meat, seafood, mushrooms, meatballs, tofu, noodles, vegetables and even cooked food for diners to enjoy. Drinks are included too!🙂

If you happen to be in Bugis area, head on over to @tingyuanhotpot to get your hotpot cravings satisfied. You don’t have to worry about burning a hole in your pocket…😉

💌Thank you @laoniangagency for the invite and @tingyuanhotpot for having me!😄

📍Ting Yuan Hotpot Buffet
22 Liang Seah St, S189043
🕐11AM - 1AM Daily

杨枝甘露 is one of our go-to desserts at any Chinese dessert stall! The version at Ah Chew strikes a right balance between the sweetness of the mango and the sourness of the pomelo. The dessert also isn't overly sweet and this makes it really drinkable. However, it would be great if Ah Chew didnt add so many ice cubes to the dessert because it can get quite annoying to accidentally bite on the ice. Great dessert nonetheless for $4.80, although you need to pay an additional $1 to add an ice cream!

Note that Ah Chew has a strict dine-in time limit of 20 minutes at night and their staff will not hesitate to chase you off once you have finished your dessert.

I am a huge fan of prawn noodles, and this one is pretty good! Noodles were seasoned well, prawns and prawn balls were fresh, soup was very rich. Some may find the soup a tad too rich though. I must say this was the thickest prawn noodle broth I have tasted! Personally enjoyed it.

Both the hummus and bread are freshly made. It’s delicious together. I love it that the hummus is without garlic. You taste just the fragrant chickpeas and olive oil.

Crispy Sesame Chicken Skin with Japanese King Crab Seafood Mousse & Balsamic Vinegar Pearls.
Location: 藝 yì by Jereme Leung, Raffles Hotel Singapore, 1 Beach Rd, Singapore 189673

The soup of the day on our visit was pork ribs with lotus root. It was something light, sweet and flavourful to start off our meal while waiting for the claypot rice to arrive 》$9.80

Each pot is served with toppings of pork belly, salted fish, chicken chunks, lup cheong (Chinese sausages) and fresh vegetables. The claypot rice is cooked over the charcoal fire so do call and order in advance or prepare to wait 30 minutes as they cook this upon ordering.

When the claypot arrived on our table, the server would help to add the dark soy sauce and mix them all together to achieve a sweet, savoury and smoky flavour from cooking over charcoal. The portion for the small claypot (1-2pax) was quite an amount that we think it can fill up to 3 pax. The chicken was cooked just right and was moist and flavourful. There is a layer of crispy rice bits at the side and bottom for those who love digging and scraping them off the pot 》$16.80/small (1-2pax)

We try the 2 signature dishes, Lemongrass Pork Chop Rice & Dry Vermicelli with Spring Roll, Meat Ball & Lemongrass Pork Chop plus few grill items - Iberco Pork Belly, Fermented Bean Curd with Asparagus, Mama Meat Ball & King Mushroom. All items are nicely prepared, tasty & homey. Portion are generous too. Pleasant environment after the restaurant moved to Bussorah Street. Will return.