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Love the spices that were not too strong and of course the delectable garlic naan and crispy papadum 😋 Only down side - not too attentive service & quite a long waiting time 🙃

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We had the pistachio (premium flavour, additional 50 cents), caramel seasalt, caffe del nonno (essentially coffee) and stracciatella (essentially something like chocolate and cream). I loved my piccolo cup ($6.20 for 2 flavours) flavours (mine's the left one)! Made worth it with the 1-for-1! Do use my code:SPOO360 if anyone is keen to get 20% off all day membership plans for burpplebeyond!☺️ #burpple #burpplebeyondsg
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But I must say the service here was bizzare?? When we first entered the store and indicated we were using burpplebeyond, the staff was v enthusiastic in requesting to claim our burpplebeyond deal first. That was even before we had time to see what flavours were on sale and to try them. In my mind I was thinking what if we see and try already but decide not to buy? So we told the staff to give us some time to see first. Then we requested to try the gelato. But somehow, some of the flavours were kept at the back of store. So the staff wanted to make sure we listed all the flavours we wanted to try before she walked to the back of the store to take it (so this made us even more paiseh to try all the flavours we actually wanted to try). We requested to try the pistachio flavour, but was given the ans that it was their bestseller, and hence no need to try. Of which we laughed and replied "oh", thinking they will still bring it out for us to try. But they didn't! 🤷🏻‍♀️ I'm just glad it turned out to be nice. And the next strange event was that the staff made a comment that the spoons could be reused. Urm, it is the first time at an ice cream/gelato shops whereby we were requested to reuse spoons after trying. I do accept that it is environmentally friendly, but I just found the whole experience vvvv weird. But maybe it is just me. Haha.

I really love their hand cut fries! I have returned to this restaurant for a few times. It gets crowded during peak hours but when we came at 945am, we managed to get a reservation for 4. Food is decent but service can be a lot better but maybe the wait staff are too overwhelmed on weekends.

This was so filling oh my gosh.. I couldn't finish it myself!! It was really good though - nice and fluffy pancakes and the chocolate chunks were not too sweet and even placed in between the pancakes!! Next time I'm sharing this.

Small cup 3oz ($4)
This was a Saturday (23 Feb) special flavour
The pipagao gave a nice herbal minty taste to the ice-cream. The plus point was that it made me feel cool and refreshed each time I took a spoonful
Perfect for this humid weather in Singapore
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Ordered my Favourite salted egg mix with savoury crunch ice cream to takeaway and then noticed the Burpple beyond sticker. I asked if I can use the 1 for 1 on the takehome tub ($18) and the staff said there has to be 2 people present in order to redeem it. Helping us to keep our diet in check? Doesn't really make sense since it's a takehome tub and it doesn't matter how many people are around so I just paid for my one tub and left.

Prices have increased over the years but I still think it's worth it for the quality! Just remember that there has to be 2 people present to redeem 1 for 1s.

In this skewer it's the bacon's flavor that shines, and the enoki provides a burst of juiciness inside

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Bacon wrapped around shiitake and cheese. Completely different from the flavor profile of enoki pork even though both are pieces of bacon wrapped around mushrooms. The cheese mellows out the bacon and allow the shiitake's meatiness to shine

Slightly different from what I expected. Sweet, with a unique taste. Sure, the pork can be slightly dry and rough, but it's worth a try just for the well charred miso glaze

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Wings were really smoky and slightly crispy. Well caramelised resulting in lots of flavour

In frame: French waffle with Parmesan Cheese and Cream Crackers [$10]

This umami mix of flavours was slurped up in no time, and likely one of my fave value-for-money mazesoba place. The tender noodles clothed in the eggy goodness and its not-too-salty sauce comes with a generous spread of meat (fried chicken with a tinge of ginger, braised pork which is on the tougher side and the all time favourite tonkotsu slices.) Had the 1.5x noodles (free upsize!!) with no regrets 💮

#tgif #burpplebeyond ($15.90 without gst, for two!)