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Top 10 in Beach Road

Top 10 places in Beach Road, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Beach Road

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Beach Road, Singapore.

Sesame and Matcha:
Sesame is fragrant and rich and it goes well with the slightly bitter Matcha gelato. Hate it whenever I see Matcha flavor but you can hardly taste any Matcha. The Matcha gelato here is on point! 👍🏼
Mango Alphonso and Lime with Basil:
Both sorbet flavors are very refreshing, especially the lime with basil. It kinds of reminds me of solero split, except with a hint of basil.
P.S.: Don’t take too long to take photos, they melt too fast!
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The chocolate manages to stay prominent over the course of consumption, as a numbing spiciness hits quite immediately to eventually demand for a cup of water, which definitely did not stop at one for me. If anything, this affirmed for myself that my tolerance for mala hits rock bottom, but if you are a self-professed 中 or 大辣 lover with a knack for bizarre or savoury flavours, you have to give this a try! The ice-cream melts oddly quick so if there's a need for snaps do not dawdle on it! 😨

If you want to live life on the edge, here's a challenge for you: fastest time to finish a LARGE cup of this ice-cream flavour stands to win a private ice-cream making class worth $300 as well as a DJI Tello drone worth $150! Participation fee is $6 and takes place on 22 December; results will be announced on the 23rd. 🏆

Thank you @oohsg for the spicy treat and the staff at @tomspalettesg for being so accomodating! 🙏🏻

This is the Vindaloo, basically pork chops marinated in a tangy mix of spices and paste of ginger, shallots, and garlic from @FolklloreSG Christmas menu!

Cheese 🧀 Lava (S$3, S$4/2pc, S$11/6pc)
4 types of cheese
Available at @mr_baguette_singapore
So cheesy .
Mr Baguatte
Address 🏠 : 505 Beach Road, # B1-51 Golden Mile Food Centre, Singapore 🇸🇬 530 102
Tel ☎️ : 9184 1257
Open ⏰ : Wed - Mon : 12pm - 8pm
MRT 🚇 : Nicoll Highway (CC5)

Fried truffle mushrooms were pretty good, although I would say the truffle taste wasn’t very prominent. Shakshuka was very flavourful!

the fish is so fresh it nvr has that “fishy” smell even without any marinade — i don’t eat tuna normally but i always find myself finishing up everything including the tuna heh

I could cry. Don’t know what took me to long to try this place but it is SUPERB. The four cheese pizza was delicious, the wine list was good (and a very pretty sommelier helped us out too), and the highlight of the night was their homemade pastas, which clearly was so delicious that I ate it all before even taking a picture...

Quite liked this sweet-salty dessert, which tasted really like an actual cheesecake, though I do prefer Tokyo Milk Cheese for a stronger cheese flavour! The regular size is already quite substantial for the price so recommended to grab a friend to share the calories, especially since I feel that the softserve here generally leans towards the sweeter side so it might get kind of jelat if you finish one whole cup on your own.

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I can’t seem to stay away from this Thai eatery ever since I was introduced to it by my hairstylist Maurice.
Had an early dinner there tonight and ordered a couple of new items on top of some of our usuals. This stirfried chicken in red curry with rice was one.
I enjoyed it a lot as the cook didn’t stinge on the housemade curry paste used for the frying. Wonderfully aromatic, its spiciness was manageable and didn’t threaten to incinerate my tongue. The squeaky crunchiness of the long beans were a good match for the tender slices of meat too.

Nutella Brownies Cheesecake $4.5
This is good, comes with chewy brownies cheesecake bits, not too sweet.
New flavor: White Chocolate Tiramisu $4.8
This diabetic alert white chocolate based soft-serve is too damn sweet, the coffee fudge sauce is too mild for you to notice any coffee taste at all. Basically sweet till can die!
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Rating: 🌟🌟

Price: SGD 13.95

Extremely creamy and delicious carbonara served here at Positano Risto. Probably one of the best halal carbonara in Singapore 🤪