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MooTeow’s Mixed Beef w/ Tendon sports flavourful slivers of beef tripe, beef brisket, soft beef tendon and a couple of beef balls. Just like Empress Place’s version, all the ingredients sit on a mound of kway teow that’s drenched with soy sauce and sesame oil, accompanied with a dollop of tangy chilli sauce at the side.

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We used Beyond for 2 mains and it was really good Peruvian food! Looking forward to coming back. Unknowingly ordered still water (note to ask for tap) and it came as Acqua Panna, which was around $8 per bottle?

Plancha De Mariscos: 5/5 ($36)
Really good seafood and the quinoa was so delicious and flavourful. I think they fried it to give it more crunch!

Peruvian Paella: 4.5/5 ($36)
Expected a huge pork sausage but it’s more of small cut up pieces in the paella. Although it might look quite a small serving compared to the one above, it was actually filling for the hubby.

Highly recommended place with very personal service.

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Come to this simple, old-school fish soup shop along Beach Road (just across from The Concourse) for a comforting bowl of Mixed Fish Soup ($6). What's great about this spot is the option to have your fish soup with Yi Mian, an unsual pairing that works so well. While the fish here isn't the very best, the milky soup served with crispy ikan bilis and spinach is what you're here for. Prepare to wait for 15 minutes at lunch hour. Pro-tip: order an portion of fried egg wisps ($2) for you and a friend to share.
Photo by Burppler Veronica Phua

We had the lunch set at $39++. Everything was average, nothing was remarkable. If i had to choose, the desserts were more memorable.

It is sooooo sweet. This is definitely for the sweet tooth. Upon 1 bite, you can taste the milo. Instead of milo powder, they sprinkle milo biscuit on top of the ice-cream, and in the middle.

The biscuit remained crunchy even after the ice-cream melted. It is delicious but i do find the portion a little bit too much.

$5/regular cup

Egg Fried Rice with Pork Cutlet $6.50

Waited for around 30 mins for my food during weekday lunch period and there wasn’t even a large crowd. Nonetheless, quality of fried rice was so good, fragrant and not too oily. Well balance amount of egg and green onions. Pork cutlet was juicy and flavourful despite looking a bit dry. Also, love their chilli which gave the finishing kick to the fried rice. Can’t help but say this is so good even it was such a long wait. Will be back for this, maybe when I have more free time on my hands.

Ordered all the flavors of the balls with peanut soup to try. My favourite is the peanut and matcha. Peanut flavor is sweet yet salty, matcha is very fragrant. If you love matcha, it is a must try.

For $4, it’s the best lor mee I’ve ever had. Plenty of ingredients but the noodles portion is pretty average. Do opt for the $5 bowl for a bigger portion and more ingredients.

Value for money, especially when it’s 1 for 1 with Burpple beyond. We ordered 2 large cups of white peach oolong tea and osmanthus oolong tea. Give it a try if you’re nearby 👌🏼

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Worth it using the 1for1 deal. Different variation from the usual ramen

I’m not at all a coffee person, but this collaboration flavour between Tom’s and Parchmen & Co had a well handled balance! I liked how they retained the natural bitterness of the tie guan yin and didn’t overwhelm it with sweetness. The white chocolate and hand ground coffee beans coated popcorns gave a contrast texture and flavour.

This anniversary flavour is available on 20th and 21st September, as part of Tom’s 14th Anniversary celebration - they’ll also be serving up other brand new flavours and returning fan favourites through the month. Thank you @tomspalettesg for having us and @burpple for the kind invite! ✨