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Okay listen here, I had alot of fish and chips in my foodie career and the best value for over 24 years of my life was Long John silver's. Now, before you start flaming me for lack of taste, I had ate in many F&C restaurants like BLISH AND FO, VANHALIAN BLISH GASKET and SICK BLISH DRAW GLISH. They all freaking suck and lost to LJS, ya I #saidit but today I found something that actually may BEAT LJS after 24 years of fried fish tasting... The Mad Sailor. We ordered the fish and chips as well as the Pesto fish and I have to say that I am now Nemo because I am hooked by what I ate today. If you ever need me, I'll be at the fish tank inside The Mad Sailor trying to hatch a plan to escape back into the ocean, but I'll probably end up back there anyways because the fish was absolutely succulent, flavourful and delicious. Peace out🤪 (P.S. LJS, I still love you)

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Overall was pleasantly surprised at the taste! The laksa pesto has managed to capture the essence of laksa flavour, we can actually taste the fragrance of the herbs. For the fish & chips, the batter was crispy and the fish does goes well with the tartar sauce. As the dining area is pretty small, it might be advisable to make a prior reservation before making your way down.

Sweet notes of coffee, caramel, mocha, rum. And even the candy bits at the side of the glass add a different dimension to the cocktail.

First bite was wow! Very good blend of flavour espcially if you like mushrooms and a creamy texture.

First time here using Burpple 1 for 1 deal, paying SGD6 for 2 chendol soft serve. Getting another cash back with FAVE PAY as well! Big portion as dessert after dinner. Personally feel it taste just nice but my friend said it is abit too sweet. Still we both satisfy with it. Worthy and definitely will come again! *enjoy the soft serve outside the shop, no chair*

Rib Tacos and Shrimp tacos are delicious, also enjoy the ambiance, very relaxing

Food is very delicious. Staff are friendly
We feel very satisfied 👍🏻 Will visit again even without Burpple App ❤️

We used 2 Burpple Voucher (4paxs)
Main dishes : We order 2 different taste of Lala dishes
Chicken pot (M size) : 2 different taste pot (麻辣 and 奇味 )
Japanese beer 🍻 : Buy 2 free 1 @ $22

Total bill include service charge & GST $146

Most ppl get the pork chop but I don't eat fried food so I chose shrimp

The fried rice was really masterfully done, decent wok hei and the rice had such a pleasant chew. Can imagine the number of trials to perfect it.

Shrimp was ok and the tobiko is highly recommend as it lends a sweet saltiness to the rice. The chili is v fragrant, like concentrated fried shallots+heat. Despite the look it's actl pretty dang hot

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Chicken was v slightly grainy and meaty. Not in a bad way. The sauce was v savoury, more than it was sweet. V intense sauce so they were calculated in drizzling it, do ask for more by the side.
Chili was hot

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There are limited seats available for reservation to cater for walk-ins! We managed to get a seat outdoors after queuing a short while - it was really enjoyable with the setting sun and evening breeze. Opted for the mexican burger ($24) - the double patty is layered with bacon, guacamole and jalapeño. Enjoyed the spiciness and medley of flavours!

Finally made it back to Tom’s Palette at their new location! The crowd comes in at 9 pm, so I’d recommend coming earlier to avoid the snaking queue. Opted for rum & raisin, Vietnamese coffee and dark chocolate in a large cup ($5)! It was my first time trying Vietnamese coffee, which is hand-dripped. Enjoyed the strong caffeine kick and lingering bitterness! The alcoholic sweetness from the raisins balanced it really well.