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Go for their buffet priced at $24.90 for weekdays (Sunday is considered a weekday!). Super affordable but please don鈥檛 expect the world. There鈥檚 enough variety on their buffet menu. Get the mid wings. They also offer a beer buffet for an addition of $29.90. (6.8/10)

the portions are really generous with the pasta but not so much w the ingredients. mine came w pan seared scallops and bacon bits. there were four thin-till-translucent scallops that鈥檚 probably one scallop sliced into pieces so that was a slight downer but the linguine was very well cooked and seasoned :-) JK鈥檚 tuna was very fresh and the angel hair complemented the citrus vibe of the dish well + i liked the addition of veg that mine lacked!! i must say their pasta is really one of the better ones out there but they can probably work on their accompaniments to enhance it further ~~~

i got a butterscotch mocha and JK got an iced salted caramel latte. the drinks are a miss bc there鈥檚 not a hint of caffeine but i guess it makes for a pretty nice flavored milk!!

Served chilled, the C&C pasta was done al dente and came with a generous portion of crab meat and caviar served in lobster bisque. This dish wasn鈥檛 as impressive as I imagined it to be. 馃檨

My go-to dish when i鈥檓 in need of a good satisfying burger is the Wimpy Burger ($15+). So juicy and the turkey bacon adds an overall Wow-factor too!

Recently I tried @fatpapas鈥 Chicken Mac and Cheese ($13+) and it was a good alternative if you鈥檙e not feeling burgers! The portions are huge as always and the marinade on the chicken was just nice so that you won鈥檛 feel overwhelmed from all the cheesy goodness. A safe go-to dish!

If you鈥檙e looking for a satisfying softserve ice cream treat, this Cendol soft serve ($6) is for you! Such a refreshing treat on a hot day and the toppings are everything 鈥攖hink crunchy coconut shavings and chewy jelly in every bite. Great for sharing!

I enjoy fried, greasy foods when nursing a hangover鈥攋ust not like this. The pulled pork was dry and overpowered by the mushiness of the pinto beans, topped with a fried egg and some pork cracklings to hopefully, appease you. I didn鈥檛 taste much of any red salsa, and the chamomile yoghurt didn鈥檛 do much as well. All on fried tortillas. I need a drink to forget about this. @themassessg
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$4.40 for this yummy plate of mixed rice. Located basement of Gateway East. Chosen curry potato, eggplant minced pork and long bean. Wide variety to choose.

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Date visited: 22/5/2018 (Tue, 6:45-7pm)

Not my first time here. But the last time I had my claypot rice here was at least two years back, when the stall was still located at the basement level near the ATM machines.

When I reached at 7pm, there wasn't really a crowd (yet). More diners started streaming in from 730pm onwards.

My family reached at about 645pm and placed our order - 2 large pots (& opted to top up with extra ingredients).
It costs $28 per claypot.

The food came pretty fast - at 7:10pm. Waiting time: 25 minutes - very reasonable wait time for claypot rice since it is made to order.

I read that this stall cooks its claypot rice over a gas stove before transferring the claypot to a charcoal stove. As the claypot rice is cooked on a charcoal stove, it has a distinctive smoky fragrance. The rice at the bottom of the claypot becomes toasty with crispy bits of rice that are slightly charred (閿呭反), giving it a light burnt flavour.

The fragrance and flavour of the rice are enhanced by the ingredients that are cooked together with it - (2 types of) lap cheong (sausages), tender chunks of chicken, bits of savoury 'kiam her' (aka salted fish) and green leafy vegetables. Their chilli goes really well with the chicken and the rice.

The stall may look unassuming, but the claypot rice definitely speaks for itself.

The aroma, colours, and different textures that you can find in one (clay)pot make the dish an awesome one.

Personally prefer the Honey Garlic Miso Chicken Breast over the famous C&C Pasta. The chicken breast was utterly tender and no surprise, tasted like honey, garlic and miso. I also enjoyed devouring the bed of vegetables nestled below the chicken, which was kinda like zhap chye.

Quite an interesting take because you鈥檙e supposed to compress it into somewhat like an icecream sandwich. Matcha went well with the red bean and jelly 馃憤馃徎

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With Uni, truffle, caviar this is quite an atas somen and it was decent but not sure if it was worth that hefty price tag

Taste: 4/5
Price: 2/5