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Berry Ricotta Hotcake

$14.90 · 143 Reviews

Berry Ricotta Hotcake, first time trying this out and I gotta say I like it! Had a texture between cake and pancake (but fluffier), not so sweet, topped with fresh berries so it is very nice combined with the maple syrup and ice cream!

One of their signatures! So so good, finished it all up. ☺️

My go-to weekday afternoon chill-out in town when I have the time, Curious Palette is beautifully decorated and a great place for cakes and their ricotta hotcakes are great for sharing!

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Inside was rather fluffy and overall quite passable. Ricotta was rather lacking though and the ice cream melts q fast. Still worth a try since idk where else to get good berry ricotta hotcakes now that artistry is closed :(

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Ordered the ever famous Berry Ricotta Hotcake ($18.90). Waited 30 mins for this and I was so excited to have it after hearing rave about this beauty. It was filled with tons of ingredients and at first look, maybe the price tag isn’t so bad. Immediately digged in and somehow, my heart sank. I was letdown with how the hotcake was undercooked and the nuts being old and powdery. The berries were on the sour side as well. I guess that’s enough for me to not return anymore. I think there may be a consistency issue with this place as some hotcakes looks much darker in colour hence mine was an unfortunate event .. 😔

Super nice cafe to chill the interior design was super pretty kinda of look like IKEA 😂
The hotcakes needed a 30 minutes wait as they freshly make it!
Hotcakes was definitely fresh soft and fluffy!! Of cause it was Super pretty to look at!! Glad that the i team didn’t melt like crazy after a few shots!!

To be honest the hotcakes didn’t surprise me as much as it actually taste like a normal pancake but just a little more fluffy and bigger!!

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I have previously heard positive reviews about curious palette and finally had the chance to visit the cafe on a weekday evening.

As a fan of berries, we have ordered the berry ricotta hotcake and was told that we have to wait thirty minutes for them to prepare the hotcake. To be honest, I am not a big fan of hotcake, but the fluffy hotcakes from curious palette did not fail to surprise me. The hotcake is served with generous portion of strawberry & blueberries, pumpkin seeds and it is topped with vanilla bean ice cream. We love the hotcake with some maple syrup on it 😊.

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$14.90. Berries lover? This is your pick! Hotcakes that is fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside. Accompanied by maple syrup 😋

Good for sharing as it is a pretty huge portion! Especially so as there are other dishes to try.

Warm ambience, nice interior. Good for dates with girlfriends 👯 Can get crowded on weekends.

@curiouspalette is one of the longest standing cafes in Singapore, started by the same folks behind @strangersreu ✨thanks to @fatpigdiary ‘s entertainer app: We got 1 for 1 mains💕I only tried their famous berry ricotta hotcakes ($18.90) longtime ago which was really good and thick ( really filling). This time I got to try their mains! I got the 200g grilled pork ($24.90) loin with apple and pear chutney, roasted butternut puree, asparagus and cherry tomato🍎🍐🍅✨I do love the purée, it’s savoury and creamy! However, I do feel that the quantity/portion is not worth the price :((( I wasn’t full after this at all😞there isn’t sauce matched with the pork loin which is nearly close to bland or can be argued as the perfect taste of grilled pork😂 will personally like some sauce pairing and some carbs in the combination🤔 I get it that plating art is important but filling my tummy is critical as well🙈🙊
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A stone's throw away from Bugis MRT, this beautifully decked-out cafe warrants a visit on weekends. On the all-day brunch menu, the Soft Shell Crab Burger ($19.80) is a must-try. Don't leave without an order of the Berry Ricotta Hotcakes ($14.90), famed for its unfailingly crispy-on-the-outside, fluffy-on-the-inside texture as well as its berries, maple syrup and ice cream combo. Served in a handy glass bottle, the chilled Sea Salt Chocolate ($6.90) is a must for chocolate lovers.
Photo by Burppler SG MUNCHIES