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Berry Ricotta Hotcake

$14.90 · 156 Reviews

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▪️Berry Ricotta Hotcake ($14.90)
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Expect to wait ~20mins for something pretty mediocre. Slightly burnt hotcake, showered with loads of mixed seeds and little berries.

Highly recommended. Visual wise 💯💯 crispy on the outside, fluffy and warm on the inside. The strawberries added a sweet after taste to the whole meal!! Worth the 30 mins wait👍🏻

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Was the 30 minute wait worth it? Taste wise was pretty good, but the presentation definitely dropped. Would rate it a 4/5 if there were more berries on top.

Not just a feast for your tastebuds, but also a feast for your eyes! It looks beautiful, and tastes great too - fluffy, just the right amount of ricotta, and is well balanced with the tartness of the berries and ice cream


Hotcake / Berries / Mix Seeds / Maple Syrup / Vanilla Icecream - really delicious hotcakes; crispy on the outside and fluffy inside. The aroma of this dish is irresistible, but you would need to wait for 20min. As a big fan of berries, I thinking more would complement the Hotcake better

As an avid fan of dense pancakes, this one really hit the spot with its almost cake-like texture. It was thick, dense and just the right sweetness, which satisfied every bit of the carb-monster within me. I also enjoyed the slightly caramelized outer layer, which provided some variety in texture. That being said, if you are looking for fluffy japanese-style pancakes, this one's not it!

The hotcake is served with a generous amount of rum-soaked raisins and a scoop of vanilla ice cream (oh how i wish there was more of this!).

Very fluffy n gorgeous 😍 Loved the addition of the toppings which went pretty well with the thick pancake, only gripe was that I could barely taste the rum in the rum sauce. Other than that alls good, heads up it’s pretty filling u rly must share w a friend if not u might die

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We waited at least 30mins for the ricotta hotcake. The slightly crispy outer layer complemented with a warm, moist inner texture. The tangy berries balanced out the sweetness of hotcake. The rum syrup was good, it will be even better if there’s more rum syrup given. Definitely recommend for sharing as it can gets surfeit if eaten on your own.



Crispy on the edges, fluffy on the inside 🥞 Super good rum sauce that accompanied it! Must try!!