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Berry Ricotta Hotcake

$14.90 · 150 Reviews

Very fluffy n gorgeous 😍 Loved the addition of the toppings which went pretty well with the thick pancake, only gripe was that I could barely taste the rum in the rum sauce. Other than that alls good, heads up it’s pretty filling u rly must share w a friend if not u might die

We waited at least 30mins for the ricotta hotcake. The slightly crispy outer layer complemented with a warm, moist inner texture. The tangy berries balanced out the sweetness of hotcake. The rum syrup was good, it will be even better if there’s more rum syrup given. Definitely recommend for sharing as it can gets surfeit if eaten on your own.



Crispy on the edges, fluffy on the inside 🥞 Super good rum sauce that accompanied it! Must try!!

When Seven Spice Tea Latte and Matcha Latte date Berry Ricotta Hotcake ♥️ ♥️
The fragrant of cinnamon in #sevenspicetealatte is simply so nice!
One of the best #matchalatte
#BerryRicottaHotcake is just like a potted plant with our favourite berries, seeds, ice-cream and is served with maple syrup.
The hotcake is crispy outside and fluffy on the inside

Order to share. If not it can be too gelat.

Warm, moist fluffy hotcakes with vanilla bean ice cream, berries and pumpkin seeds.

Expect to wait about 20 to 30minutes and these hotcakes are made fresh upon order.

It was a hot Sunday afternoon and the cafe was crowded and noisy. We got a table for 2 rather quickly. Were told that the waiting time for ricotta hotcakes is 30mins and we decided to wait. Coffee were served fast. Flat white was decent ($4.90) and White Magic was magical, it has a coconut x caramel aftertaste which we kinda like it. The hotcakes arrived 30mins later and oh boy, it was huge and soft! Love the rum & raisin syrup! We were so stuffed after that though we did not order any mains. Would suggest to share this with more friends!

💵: $14.90++

📈: 7.5/10

🤔: Despite it being a pretty dessert, there was no compromise on its taste at all! The slightly crispy outer layer is complemented with a soft pillowy inner texture. The tangy berries balanced out the sweetness of the hotcake, making it neither too sweet nor too sour. Loved the addition of the vanilla ice cream, however, the dollop of it was so tiny two scoops was all it took to finish it. Definitely recommend for sharing as it can get a bit surfeit if eaten on your own.

Berry Ricotta Hotcake, first time trying this out and I gotta say I like it! Had a texture between cake and pancake (but fluffier), not so sweet, topped with fresh berries so it is very nice combined with the maple syrup and ice cream!

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When the food came out, strong truffle scent sails in the air 👌🏻
[Crab cake]; on top of a sourdough with mesclun, very tasty pink colored coleslaw (I love it so much💕), unique PAN-FRIED onsen egg, and IMPRESSIVE sweet potato truffle fries. MAN THEIR TRUFFLE SWEET POTATO FRIES ARE TOO DIE FOR! MUST TRY! Would love it even better if it was on a brioche or something else than a sourdough (I don’t really like sourdough) but it’s a GREAT DISH 🙌🏻 totally something you gotta have when you crave new sensations! [Eggs on toast]. Multigrain toast was so nice, eggs scrambling done right, with SUPER GOOD TOMATO RELISH! Curious palette has truly taken a classic breakfast into the next level! [Croque Madamme] tasty gammon ham and cheese sandwiched over warm toasted brioche, topped with PAN FRIED onsen eggs, served with the sweet potato fries again! 🤤
Ricotta hotcake was reviewed in previous post!
Would definitely come back for another great brunch time 👌🏻💕

📍Curious Palette, Prinsep Street SG🇸🇬
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One of their signatures! So so good, finished it all up. ☺️