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Family Pizza

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Make this your regular haunt for pizza outings with the gang! You're here for the Family Pizza ($55), supersized pies made for sharing between three to four. We recommend going with two toppings — the creamy Pancetta and saltish Prosciutto Crudo di Parma. But really, everything's good, so go crazy at one of their many outlets spread across Singapore.
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If you're ravenous and find yourself in like-minded company, rock up to Peperoni Pizzeria for their 21-inch Family Pizza ($55). A sight to behold, this XXL pizza is good enough for four hungry people and the fact that it is thin-crust means you are less likely to fill up on dough. The crispy edges are a delicious bonus! You can choose to have two flavours (from 19 available), and additional toppings are at $7 each. Burpple Tastemaker Fabian Poon swears by the combination of Pancetta (cured bacon, tomatoes and egg) and Prosciutto Crudo di Parma (Parma ham and rocket salad) — but honestly, everything here is good. Pro tip: There are seven Peperoni Pizzeria outlets spread out across Singapore so there's no longer a need to travel west to Greenwood.
Avg Price: $30 per person
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Officially our N+1th time here.
And since the last time we over-stuffed ourselves here with the 21 inch family pizza, we swear not to come again without a third party joining us.
Today we ordered two 12 inch large (half-half) pizza, no promise broken.
The egg should not be the stranger here, yes, that’s from our all time favourite….. PANCETTA!!!! Still loving the creamy and rich texture of egg white with cheese. Pairing with slices of cured ham and fresh tomato, you will not be too overwhelm to come back for more.
For the other 1/2, was a bit reluctant at first as the word sausage always sounds cheap to me. But between pepperoni and this, I decided to be a little more adventurous. End up it didn’t disappoint at all, nice combination of sausage, onion and CHILLI PADI!

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Coming in at 21 inches, this pizza is a sight to behold. On one half we had parma ham with a heaping portion of rocket, and on the other was suprema (which wasn't as good as the ham). They were quite generous with the ham, although the pizza itself was not very impressive and was a little soggy in the middle, probably due to its size. Having said that, it could definitely fill up 5-6 people, and overall not too bad.

6 men, 3 XXL Pizzas. Anything in excessive portions is bound to make one gag at the thought of taking another bite. Especially too much cheesy pizza. Quattro Formaggi, Fruitti Di Mare, Pancetta, Prosciutto Crudo Di Parma, Salmone and Diavola. In general, Peperoni's serves up decent pizzas at affordable prices. I wouldn't make a special mention for any pizzas but one of the dishes I never fail to order is the entrée of Mozarella Fasciato Con Prosciutto which is a delightful combination of pan-fried Mozarella wrapped with Parma ham. I think I've had enough of pizza for the next few months. And yes, I think I'm well deserving of the certified glutton title.


21 inches of goodness! Happy birthday @weejohnnychew

21 inches Pizza! :)

XXL pizza with the gang! 1/2 pancetta 1/2 funghi @totallyguan @timothyethan @fredkieran #dinner #food #instagrammers #iphonography #foodporn #pizza #foodgasm