Cempedak Creme Brulee

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$7 for this and oh boy it was so good! Thought it would be a hot dessert but it was cold. Not complaining at all cuz it was really good and sweet. Had the real cempedak fruit inside as well and it was big too! So worth it yum yum. However best to share with someone as it can get jelak


Craving for some Asian-western fusion food.. Down with a bad cold that affect my smell and taste, so have to get a food buddy with me..
CHEMPEDAK CREME BRULEE: Strong chempedak taste with 1 big piece of fruit at the bottom; would be better if the big piece is cut to smaller pieces for convenience of eating and able to pair with the custard; whole dish including the fruit not too sweet even my food buddy also agrees; can try..
AGLIO OLIO PESTO SMOKED SALMON PASTA: Strong and flavorful taste that even my bland taste bud can taste; my taste buddy said it's salty though; would be better if there's more smoked salmon portion; can try..
CRAYFISH LAKSA EH!: Similar to usual laksa with the exception of noodles for spaghetti; gravy is flavorful but thick and creamy; with 3 half pieces of crayfish; can try..
Overall a satisfying meal at a small cosy café; food taste is on the stronger side; service is good; no GST and service charge; probably can go back to try other fusion dishes..
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Salmon Au Fromage $27
Recommended to go along with Calamari Calapergi as sides $10-12

It's salmon steak w Mash potato and what's special about it is it's cheesy sauce! I'm a sucker at salmon and ANYTHING w cheese! There is really nothing; to not like about this cafe! They even have a pizza and complete variety of desserts as well! Those who have been here before will know by its popular desserts;

Cempedak Creme brulee &
Fried Mars Bars

Wait no more, Muslim owned Cafe, worth every single Penny!!


Unlike most desserts, this won't leave you with an overwhelming sweetness and gasping for water. On the contrary, it's bittersweet, making you want for more. The creme brulee itself is as smooth as a pudding, while the sugar crust on top lends a pleasant crunch to to the dish. To tickle your taste buds further are chunky bits of the luscious fruit itself. A must have!

One word: Sinful. Lovin' the fusion of East-meets-West tho. Sweet indulgance. A must haf fo sweettooth-ers. #halal

You never tasted anything as good as this east meet west


Cempedak Creme Brulee. So awesomely good...! Rich in cempedak flavour and you can have a bite of the cempedak fruit in it. It's not too sweet, very balanced flavour on your taste buds. I give this dessert rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. A must try when you dine in at Krave.

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