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Mexican street style grilled corn, chipotle mayo, cotija cheese
👃🏻Smells super cheesy

Verdict: 😐
Cant be compared to the ones i had in New York...not really worth the price as the taste was meh and its not really a full 🌽
It felt like the corn was boiled to cook then grilled for a minute or two...it lacked the fragrance of the being over the grill.

Excellent Mexican appetizers, extra love for their Elotes (Grilled Corn with Cojita Cheese) and Crab Tostadas.
Also, Frozen Lime Margaritas going for only 10bucks every Monday!

Super amazing grilled corn


Grilled corn coated with a delicious concoction of (parmesan?) cheese paprika and other goodness😍

So good you can cry. These babies are grilled to tender perfection and smothered in a thin layer of mayo, chili, and cojita cheese. Sounds deceptively simple, but that's where street food always stumps you, right? Comforting, slightly messy and downright satisfying, this is the best start to a meal.

(Mexican street style grilled corn with mayo, chilli & cotija cheese) #burpple #cornoncob #superloco #mexicanfood

Ceviche de Pulpo: Octopus Ceviche with smoked paprika & squid ink was pretty good too.