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Lamb Shakshouka

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Anytime a Shakshuka appears on a menu, I will order it as T.H. likes it a lot.
We find Artichoke’s particularly delicious as the two eggs are simmered in a rich, thick tomato gravy beefed up with peppers, green chillies and skhug. There is wonderful oomph and body which is best savoured with the thick slice of grilled sourdough served alongside. What’s more, you get to choose between roasted lamb and halloumi cheese to be added in too. I think whichever you go for will not disappoint but my preference has always been for the cheese as I love the good chew it brings to the dish.


So this is the one, the only fantastic and exquisite Lamb Shakshouka ($26++).

As pricey as this might be, I can say in a heartbeat that this is by all means worth what you pay.

Essentially two eggs baked in a skillet with spiced tomato sauce, slow cooked lamb shoulder, green chilli harissa, kewpie yoghurt and with pita served on the side, this is one dish that is guaranteed to please you greatly with pretty intricate flavours in the tomato stew and none of that gamey nonsense from the amazingly tender braised lamb. Definitely worthy of being a huge game changer to any other baked eggs or equivalent dishes you've had before in Singapore. 💣

A while ago, a friend of mine visited Artichoke for the first time and said he loved the Lamb Shakshouka there. The result from having two eggs in a skillet with spiced tomato sauce, slow-cooked lamb shoulder, green chili harissa, kewpie yogurt and pita, this is probably the best Shakshouka you are looking at in town. I like how everything similar seemed to have been done from scratch especially for the spiced tomato sauce which was a good balance of sweet-sour flavours without that "bleh" aftertaste that usually comes with canned purée, which went well with the slight gaminess of the pulled lamb shoulder that went into it. Dip the Pita into the Shakshouka, and the bread was able to absorb the flavours all so beautifully without getting soggy, maintaining its fluffiness without being all too doughy. It may sound exaggerating, but it felt like I am done with my hunt on finding a good Shakshouka around the island right after having the one served here.

Although I am very picky on lamb dishes, their slow stewed lamb didn't let me down👏

Been meaning to try Artichoke since its been trending on Burple and I was not disappointed. This is one of the best eggs shakshuka I've had and I cook this dish regularly at home too. Tomato sauce was thick, rich, aromatic and well spiced with generous chunks of tender lamb shoulder. Topped with perfectly baked eggs with runny yolks and warm pita bread. I wanted to steal the recipe, it was that good!! Overall a standout menu and great ambience although slightly more pricey (~ $30 p/person), it's money well spent for the quality of food, generous portions, nice relaxed setting and good service. Good for brunch with friends. They also have large tables you can book for big groups too. Will return!

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Definitely lived up to its reputation. I've heard so much about @artichoke_sg's shakshuka, and now that I've had it I'm adding on to the sea of positive reviews. Lots of moist braised lamb, perfectly runny eggs, stunning green chili harissa. I especially like how the savoury components and creamy sauces tempered the acidic tomatoes, so the resulting dish would please most people - even those who aren't fans of tomato-based stews!

Tender slow roasted lamb shoulder which went really well with their pita :)


The fried chicken was super crunchy and had a unique seasoning that was on the sweet side (but still yumz). The cauliflower sabbich converted the meat-lover in me. Lamb shakshouka was fork tender. Definitely one of the best places for brunch.