Double Fantasy

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Their usual soft choux pastry, except with coffee cream that's quite milky actually. Loved it as usual but while the coffee taste is strong enough the fact that it's milky might turn people off

Score some cream puff for high tea on friday afternoon to pre-celebrate TGIF. Thick hokkaido fresh cream paired with the matcha custard cream create a double fantasy to the tastebud!


Fancy some ice cream in this scorching hot weather? I like Chateraise for their reasonably-priced quality products that are air flown from Japan, especially a place to satisfy my craving for choux cream puff.
A classic Japanese dessert, this taiyaki is stuffed with smooth matcha ice cream. The slightly blandness of the matcha here was countered by the overly sweet azuki red beans, white and milk chocolate shavings hidden inside. Would have been better if the azuki red beans were less sweet and the matcha flavor was intensified.

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Cream and Matcha in a puff. There was a sign advising us that the puff was best eaten immediately, and so we did 😛 The soft cream tasted light and pleasant, but the matcha taste was too subtle. The pastry wasn't too hard, but slightly dry.

They have the puff in original flavour too, and lots of other Japanese-styled cakes. Overall, good grab if you want some affordable desserts after your meal! (No seating though)


To celebrate the end of COS yesterday! 🎉🎉 #burpple

This is my second time buying these wonderful pastries. Definitely unforgettable and makes you feel like you didn't buy enough even after devouring all of them in a swoop. Yes, very soft and very fluffy. You won't want to share it. Must try!!


Found this during the okinawa fair and it taste pretty average with the filling tasting like ice cream but the sweet potato flavour is very faint and light. The pastry can be further improved as it is dry and tough


My boy loves their cake rolls & cream puffs whereas I am a fan of their millet crepe & strawberry cakes. What about your picks at their outlet? #cuisineparadiseeatout #cakeporn #burpple

$2 cream puff! And has lips smacking good vream and custard cream, this small puff will surely make you go for another👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻