Legendary Fresh Cream Cake

$5.10 · 5 Reviews

LE version of their legendary fresh cream cake made with in season tochiotome strawberries. Same price so why not

The strawberries aren't necessarily sweeter but it is much fruitier. Same for the jam, it's fruitier and less sweet but not necessarily better if you have a sweet tooth particularly. Luckily the fresh cream's sweetness balances out everything. Not a significant improvement over their original but if you were gonna get their signature anyway, then it's worth a try


Wow, they named it "legendary".. so my expectations are high, and the fact that Japanese cakes are uber light is real. So does this live up to its name?
Sponge is really soft, cream is rich yet light, and strawberries are sweet, not sour. It's no wonder, you know they're really serious about it when the ingredients, including the water, are imported from Japan.
Not easy to make something simple this good, when you cannot depend on flavours, but only only the texture and consistency of flavours to elevate it.


Cloud-like sponge cake with rich yet light fresh cream and sweet strawberries makes for a perfect afternoon tea treat!


❤️ the fluffy sponge cake with lusciously rich and yet light fresh cream that pairs together with the juicy sweet Japanese strawberries. #cuisineparadiseeatout #cakeporn #chateraise #burpple


Featuring the Strawberry Milk Cake, the Legendary Strawberry Shortcake and also tried the Matcha Bombe.

The Japanese are known for producing cakes with freshness and quality of ingredients, they are generally lighter in flavour but seems like they fall short in those department.

The only win was the unbelievable pricing, as most desserts are below $5 a piece. I think these folks have lots of potential, will give them a second chance.