Oysters (Happy Hour)

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Popped by on Tuesday as there was a 1-for-1 promo on rice bowls and 15% off ala carte items! @cherylkang and I ordered a Foie Gras Truffle Yakiniku with Fresh Truffle ($30) and Unagi Foie Gras with Scallop ($28.90) as well as the Spam Fries ($10.90?) to share. Cheryl had 3 oysters at the Happy Hour price of $2 each (so cheap righttt) and she really liked it and wanted to order more, but it was sold out unfortunately. I can’t give a review on the oysters myself as I’m not a fan of oysters! The rice bowls were generally pretty good but I felt that the yakiniku slices were a little too thin. From what I recall, they used to be more thickly cut (or maybe the one at the other outlet is meant to be different?). The spam fries were not bad, though nothing extraordinary. Cocktails at $10 during Happy Hour were a good deal also and I had 2 glasses. I quite liked the Sake Honey as it’s something a little more special. Of course, my safe choice of Lychee Martini didn’t fail me either:) #sgfood #sgfoodlover #sgfoodtrend #sgfoodporn #sgfoodstagram #foodstagram #instafood #foodphotography #sgfooddiary #sgfoodies #sgfoodblogger #instafoodsg #foodsg #foodiesg #sgeats #sgrestaurant #japaneserestaurant #japanesefood #japanesecuisine #sgjapanesefood #donburi #japanesedon #truffle #spamfries #foiegras #burpple #cocktails #happyhour #singaporeinsiders #sgeats

Sweet, juicy with a slight touch of briny flavour at the end. With a few drop of lemon juice, it is just perfect.
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Tanuki Raw at Kapok now has a coffee brew bar where their barista @whelthatslife presents his coffee creations such as his nitro cascara honey-lime (a concoction steeped from coffee berry peel) and his range of flavoured cold brews. Beans from local roasters and sourced from his travels are also featured at the pour over bar.
And I liked their White Cold Brew. The coffee grounds are first steeped in cold water for 24 hours to fully extract the flavour of their blend, before the brew is methodically sieved to fully extricate all the oils so as to achieve a clean brew. Milk is mixed for a richer and full bodied brew. This version with maple was infused with vanilla, so it had that little smokiness to it, and it still wasn't too sweet.
One of my favourite cold brews around, and it's a very enjoyable drink for our weather. And since I was sipping on this at 5pm, I had their $2 oysters too, bliss 😁

Passed by Tanuki Raw at Orchard yesterday, gave up with the long long q. Today! We made it to the branch at Bugis area. Thankful for the much more peaceful and enjoyable environment.

Happy hour! $2 per oyster and we had 8 in total by ordering two drinks. Had the fruity Kyoto Protocol ($14) and the sweet Sake Honey ($10).

Foie Gras Yakiniku ($23) still taste as superb and rich. Tried Negitoro Don ($18) today but I didn't quite like it thou.

Will definitely go back again for the oysters.

Must order the oysters! Well, it is cheap, fresh and good. $2 per oyster if u order any alcohol drinks during happy hour. So why not? The honey sake taste good! Surprisingly nice when combi w the fried sweet potatoes. The fore gras truffle yakiniku was a bit too salthy to my liking thou. Will go back for oysters and drink.

It's happy hour time! Weekdays from 5-7pm just order a cocktail which comes with a complimentary slider, you can order up to 6 oyster at $2 each with every cocktail! Fresh and served with a wonderful vinaigrette

First time here. Came with a big group and between all of us, we tried ALL their donburis. You can the rest a miss but do try the one with the US short rib beef, truffles and foie gras donburi. That's the only one worth your time. And eat their makis. But they have A LOT to improve on. They had baby chairs but no baby utensils..? They ran out of oysters and they dont have wasabi - not even for their raw chopped tuna donburi. Their tables smell really bad :(. They really should use a table cloth or use a stronger detergent to wash away the odour.

Between 5-8pm, for every cocktail/ drinks you order, you get to order up to 6 oysters at $2 each! Some oysters are fleshy while some are thin. Nonetheless, a good deal!