Masizzim (313@Somerset)

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Beef Rib Stew

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Definitely a must try if you visit this place, their beef rib stew is rich and packed full of flavor - tasty and will leave you wanting more! Generous serving of meat as well. Slightly regretting not ordering the bigger size instead!

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Stumbled across this place while I was in the basement of 313 Somerset. Their food selection is really good if you're looking for authentic Korean food. We had the chance to make our own rice balls (which was disastrous) but loads of fun. The highlight for me had to be the cheese egg roll and the beef stew. For a restaurant in Somerset, the prices were also really reasonable and perfect for those looking for good affordable food.

The interior of the place looks nice and chill. I thought that I would be getting some korean dishes that could be found in any Korean restaurants in Singapore. But I was surprised by the taste of the stew and the omelet. It was so good and I would definitely go back again.

Really enjoyed my meal here. The ambience of the location was just right and ideal for meetup with friends or bringing your family to. We got ourselves the Soy beef rib stew, Beef Bulgogi Rice balls and the tomato cheese kimchi pancake. They gave us gloves to roll the beef bulgogi rice into balls ourselves, which was a lot of fun! The food was mouth-watering and very authentic from my experiences dining Korean delicacies and the portions were big. Super worth it for their price point!

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One of the best korean beef stew I've tasted. Their bacon kimchi eggroll was extremely flavourful and the tomato cheese korean pancake is crispy on the outside and soft and cheesy in the inside. I also like that the portion of the pancake is big and this was an extremely filling and satisfactory meal for two. Their melon aloe vera ice blend soju was definitely the highlight for me, this is the best complimentary drink for korean food and it was not overly sweet. What a pleasant experience!

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My to go place for korean stews especially on a cold rainy day. Spicy, additive and filling. Best paired with their rice ball.

One of my favorite place to go for Korean stews ๐Ÿ˜‹ The level 2 spicy beef stew is ๐Ÿคฏ๐Ÿ˜

The picture says it all - my staples at Masizzim are always crab meat rice ball (10.80), beef stew (18.80) and a Korean pancake. We had the tomato mozzarella kimchi pancake (13.80) today which was just like a Korean pizza! All in all, Masizzim never disappoints - a bonus with burpple beyond discount but I will still come back without!

About $30 for each and it comes with two bowls of brown rice. Level 1 spicy-ness was already quite spicy for me. Ribs were good and soup was flavourful! We added topoki for $2 but I wouldnโ€™t next time. Really worth it! Will come back again to try their other dishes!

Fantastic two dishes! Carbonara was amazing but recommend sharing because it can get quite filling. The beef stew was well marinated and flavourful. Great stuff here, worth a try!