Beef Rib Stew

$18.00 · 51 Reviews

One of my favorite place to go for Korean stews 😋 The level 2 spicy beef stew is 🤯😍

The picture says it all - my staples at Masizzim are always crab meat rice ball (10.80), beef stew (18.80) and a Korean pancake. We had the tomato mozzarella kimchi pancake (13.80) today which was just like a Korean pizza! All in all, Masizzim never disappoints - a bonus with burpple beyond discount but I will still come back without!

About $30 for each and it comes with two bowls of brown rice. Level 1 spicy-ness was already quite spicy for me. Ribs were good and soup was flavourful! We added topoki for $2 but I wouldn’t next time. Really worth it! Will come back again to try their other dishes!

Fantastic two dishes! Carbonara was amazing but recommend sharing because it can get quite filling. The beef stew was well marinated and flavourful. Great stuff here, worth a try!

Having this twice in a week because the beef stew was soooooo good! Comes with alot of meat, rice cake, mushroom and choice of glass noodles or udon and also with purple rice on the side. Level 2 spicy was just nice for an average spice eater.

Price: $24.48 (includes tax).
We had beef rib stew & pork rib stew spicy level 2. Meat is tender, soup base is tasty but we find spice level 2 kinda spicy. Will go for level 1 next round. Will recommend to friends but do come earlier than 6.15pm cos it’s crowded. The drawn back is: customer service isn’t really good, guess it might be due to the crowd.


not bad! reasonable for 1 for 1 i guess. long queue tho on a friday evening. waited about 15 min in queue and 20mins for food ...

The pork was very tender and soft and the the soup was delicious! Just the right spicy level in our opinion. However, the beef tasted rather gamey and the soup was a little too sweet. Overall a good experience and it’s worth the price with the Burpple Beyond 1 for 1 deal. Paid $22 with GST and Service charge for 2 bowls of stew which came with a portion of rice and noodles. Portion was just right for a meal. 6.5/10 for the Beef stew and 7/10 for the pork stew!!!!!

Had this for our CNY reunion lunch (thank god the Beyond app is applicable until 5pm). Had both the pork rib and beef rib stew (both Level 1 spice).

Pork Rib stew was nice, a mixture of lean and fat meat, with rich broth and a slight spicy taste. If you are a fan of beef, choose the Beef Rib stew which has a strong beef taste!

Definitely comfort food, especially during cold weather! Yum yum!

Was good but wasn’t mind blowing! (Used to be better in my memory tho) but had this with beef ribs cream pasta, mustard cheese egg roll (sounds weird but it was goooood - recommend sharing >3 ppl cos can get gelat after 2nd piece) & the ever so good crabmeat fish roe rice balls 🥰👌🏻