Omoté Chirashi

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A huge mountain of sashimi slices! There is alot of rice behind the mountain of sashimi. Really like a lot! We couldn't finish the rice. But the sashimi were really fresh. I would like to try the other rice bowl next time!

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Pretty meh chirashi. Rice was mushy and fish was meh

When regular chirashi is not enough, order some tamago! Chirashi bowls here are great as usual - won't disappoint!

Come early or be prepared to queue. The queue does move reasonably on a regular day.

Visited few days before Halloween and the restaurant was decked in "cobb webs" and "spiders". Even the crew (chefs included!) had face-painting and accessories on. Very fun vibes with "treats" for every table - the good choices of chocolates too! 🍫🍬

I’ve ordered this Upsized chirashi don at least 10 times and each time it never fails to impress!! Decided to order the hand roll as well which was a bit pricey but still good 🤤

Omoté is a spot that has a place in my heart — still pretty stoked about how they had started off as Sushiro (not to be confused with the sushi chain from Japan that are conveniently located in malls these days) occupying just a kiosk stall with minimal seating at Thomson Plaza just right in front of the food court, serving up affordable Barachirashi bowls to the masses — now taking up quite a large shop area in another corner of Thomson Plaza as Omoté that serves up a whole range of Barachirashi bowls including some which are really inventive, as well as a full menu of appetisers, sashimi and cooked dishes (including Donburi and Udon), with a fully-fitted bar counter that offers a selection of cocktails. One could indeed say Omoté has come a long way indeed.

While the Sanshoku Don and the Upsized Barachirashi would be my usual go-tos if I am looking for something either spicy or more conventional (so I can experience Omoté in its purest form, just like in the good old days), I have always been excited about the more inventive bowls whenever they release a new flavour — had also previously given their Truffle Roasted Garlic Chirashi and Wasabi Power Chirashi a go as well. The Tom Yum Goong Chirashi is one that sounded weird on first mention but it’s a pretty genius combination after further thought — how could have one not thought about this when Tom Yum Seafood Soup is an actual dish anyway? This Thai-Japanese fusion of a Barachirashi Don is just like what one would expect of the usual from Omoté — the usual mix of diced raw seafood served atop lightly sweetened, slightly cool Japanese pearl rice — the same stuff that is also served in the Omoté Chirashi (with the exception of the whole prawn), coming with a different marinade that carries a light hint of spiciness with that zippy tang that one would expect out Red Tom Yum soup — especially intriguing, yet a fitting combination with the various raw items such as the salmon, tuna , squid etc.; the dish turns into a oh-so-shiok affair especially when one ends up getting a little of that wasabi and have it with the Tom Yum Goong marinade that has gone over the rice — it all turns into a teary, sweaty, drink-glugging affair real quick.

Have always found Omoté’s Barachirashi offerings to be a little controversial — purists will always pass their Barachirashi as one that is “excessive” and over-the-top; perhaps one that features unnecessary elements and undermines the true meaning of the Barachirashi where the freshness of the seafood is the main focus of the dish. That being said, Omoté does cater to their own demographic, and brings creativity to a dish in their very own ways — and it is us diners who ultimately benefit from all of that with more choices to go for!

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There’s a few Japanese restaurants within Thomson Plaza, but if you particular looking for some very good chirashi don, Omote is definitely the place you should heading to.

Constantly with walk-in queue outside the restaurant during peak hours, so I would suggest you to make reservation.

They have so many options of chirashi don, but if you love to have some grilled unagi to go with it; this is the one for you.

Featured their signature chirashi don together with a few slices of grilled unagi. I enjoyed every pieces of raw fishes and vegetables. The grilled unagi also retained its smoky taste and match well with the rest.

Complete your meal with some selections of their signature mock tail like the Lychee Berry I gotten, which is a refreshing drink with 2 pieces of lychee on top.

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Super fresh and generous with the portion! I usually have some stomach discomfort after eating raw fish, but never at omote. Went there on a Sunday evening and was quite crowded, would suggest making reservations in advance!

This place is known for its chirashi don since their early days in sushiro before they got rebranded to Omoté. This bowl of chirashi comes with really good quality and a fresh assortment of marinated diced seafood. It has a mix of fresh seafood such as prawns, octopus, salmon, squid, swordfish and tuna. The sweet and savoury sauce used to marinate/drizzle on rice was delicious. The portion of seafood given was definitely great for the price paid. This has got to be one of the most value for money chirashi don 》$18.80

My go-to-place for quality and affordable chirashi. The portions for the fish are HUGEE (especially when you dine-in) and of great quality. I’ve been here on multiple occasions, staff are very friendly and helpful too.