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Shiok Maki

$16.80 · 350 Reviews

Taste: Shiok shiok maki Gen 2. Whooping tasty! They also served free flow of hot green tea.

Atmosphere: Clean and well-maintained store. Simple furnishing and soothing to the eyes.

Service: Staff was very friendly and prompt to response. Food was served within 10 minutes. Great service!

Price: ~$19

Where to find this place: Wisma, 3rd level

Of cos must order what they are famous for. I always get the fried ebi one. Absolutely gorgeous sushi. Everything came together so perfectly. I never ever dip this in soy sauce. Just slather on some wasabi and stuff in your mouth. Mmmmm

Lives up to its name—shiok indeed!! Would definitely come back for this one. Didn’t even need the usual soya sauce, it’s good on its own!

Why is it called shiok maki? Cos really SHIOKKKKKK ah!

One of my fav go to place at Wisma, though normally long queue in the evening. Totally worth it!

Tried the beef bowl as well and it’s cooked and seasoned well. Sauce was umami max as well! 👍🏻

Alternative to Shiok Maki. Actually, it is everything better than that. One bite, and you can actually taste avocado, unagi, tobiko, salmon, their shiok sauce with small amount of rice.

I would choose this over shiok maki. Ebi avocado wrapped in purple rice, topped with swordfish & mentaiko. Simply can’t get enough.

This rather interesting-sounding maki ($18) is stuffed with deep fried soft shell crab and topped with aburi-ed swordfish. The customary mountain of tobikko was present. One of the best parts of eating sushi is popping an entire maki into your mouth and feeling the ingredients just come together in the the first bite. The Crappy Maki gave me that experience, all the toppings and stuffings and rice melding together to form that perfect mouthful.

I preferred this slightly over the shiok maki because of the amazing crunch of the soft shell crab that provided such a lovely contrast to the silky fattiness of the swordfish. However it was a close call (mainly because of the shiok maki's heavenly sauce).

Perhaps topping this Crappy Maki with some shiok maki sauce would easily help elevate it to beyond shiok maki status.

This bombshell of a maki ($16.80) defined shiok for me. Stuffed with unagi and avocado, drenched with a creamy mayo sauce and then topped with fatty, smoky aburi-ed salmon, this was an explosion in my mouth. It was rich, decadent and indulgent, all the synonyms of shiok.

The magic that tied it all together was that sauce which enhanced the richness of the maki. The tobikko added a crunch and an additional layer of saltiness. My dining partner and I practically licked the plate clean.

The only downside was the monotony of the maki's mouthfeel. It was creamy and rich all the way through, with only the tobikko to provide variety in texture. However, still a must-try for those who love sushi.

the mother of all maki!! we keep going back for this and the standard is always there! really shiok!

Rating: 4.5/5

Its really damn shiok!
Choose between charcoal grilled eel (1st gen) or crispy prawn (2nd gen)
My personal favourite is the 1st gen charcoal grilled eel wrapped with lightly roasted salmon
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