Shiok Maki

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Can never go wrong with mentaiko. Must try maki!

Personally prefer Gen 1 as the Unagi taste makes it more salty and flavourful! Gen 2 was a little bland but more texture. So really up to you

$16.8. Tried this again after a while and still as good as before. Also still as crowded as before.

Back after years since I tried their Shiok Maki. I mean, yea it’s pretty shiok with the sauce, salmon and unagi but the wait was too long. Not the wait for seats but after being seated, we waited 30 mins for the maki.

Would there be a third try for me? Hmmm probably not anytime soon.

Rating: 3/5


Came here for the first time to try the shiok Maki. Was pretty surprised at the queue on a weekday (definitely recommend making a reservation) but the food arrived promptly. Shiok maki was shiok, as expected, and we enjoyed the agedashi tofu and maguro tataki as well.

@jooeunchung loves American-style sushi which tends to have stronger flavours (think: american mayonnaise which has a certain acidic flavour to it) and more cooked / fried ingredients whereas I prefer my sushi raw.

One thing we both agree though is that Koh Sushi's iconic Shiok Maki is not surprisingly, shiok.

Some may call it blasphemous but the sight of a mountain of mayonnaise topped with loads of tobiko, warms the cockles of Miss Korea's heart.

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been hearing so much about it and i finally got the chance to enjoy some of that shiok maki! was afraid it wouldn’t live up to the hype but wow!! it really is shiok. personally a little pricey to fill your stomach here for my university wallet but worth every cent. MUST TRY!

This dramatic package lives up to its name 🀀🀀🀀 Torched slices of aburi on top of unagi and avocados nestled within the rice rolls, drizzled with a creamy shiok sauce of mentaiko and mayonnaise. Really very shiok 😍

Ultimate craving satisfaction!!!! βœ… There was still a long queue at 3pm, which goes to show how popular shiok maki is πŸ€ͺ Overordered because we were too greedy πŸ˜… Shiok maki is still as awesome as how I remember it to beπŸ‘πŸΌ

πŸ’΅: $16.80

πŸ€”: Finally trying this famed dish and it really did live up to my expectations... The sauce was like a sweet savoury mayo, whcih really zhng-ed up the entire dish, soso sinful but sososo worth the cals