Mero Saikyo Set

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Texture of the fish was so soft and juicy but you could still taste the “slices” of the fish meat. There was also no fishy taste of the fish. The fish was also fattiness.

Everything tastes so perfect 🥺

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Nakajima Suisan is my ‘by default’ place for an affordable meal whenever I’m in town to run some errands.
I am a fan of their grilled cod fish with tender and succulent flakes of meat that practically melts in my mouth. What got me really hooked, is the rich and somewhat buttery flavour grilled with the sweet-salty miso which makes it so addictive!
The set meal comes with a bowl of rice, salad, miso soup, pickles, braised burdock root and hot green tea .
P.S. The long queue during dinner time can be quite daunting, hence I will make an effort to arrive a little early to avoid the long waiting time.
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JAPANESExFISH: a deadly duo that's always satisfying regardless of weather and cravings. The layer of fat under the crispy skin was really addictive and that warrants me endless visits for their reasonably-priced set meals.


The cod fish is seasoned with Saikyo miso sauce, has a buttery taste & kind of melt in your mouth! It's like eating butter that melts in your mouth😆. Best of all no fishy smell, very smooth & fresh! Ok best fish in Singapore and it's not expensive👍👍👍👍