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Omakase Dinner

$80.00 Β· 119 Reviews

What an amazing experience! That chawanmushi in the middle is crazily delicious! It has this gooey yummy layer on top of the steam egg. Mmhmm. Highly recommended everyone to visit at least once a lifetime. 2 hours of dining just flew past without knowing. Left with a happy and full tummy.

Do note that everyone is required to put on a face shield provided by them throughout your entire reservation. It did spoil the eating experience as you have to carefully maneuver the spoon or cup under the shield and to your mouth.

Had the luxury of trying this out due to a treat from a very generous friend.

this was the lobster sashimi, scallop & tuna chutoro (if i remember correctly). all three were fresh with a natural sweetness. the lobster was especially succulent. ✨

this was the main course of the dinner omakase ✨ fried rice had a deep smoky flavour with a generous portion of fresh uni & roe.

overall, this was a really amazing & special dining experience ☺️ the ingredients are all really fresh & premium (especially the seafood β€” fresh from japan!). there are many courses with a good variety of ingredients and cooking styles, all executed with close attention to detail. definitely worth it. πŸ’«

Omakase (S$80++) at Teppei..
Welcome Drink : Paprika Frozen

Appetizer :
Fried tofu
Sakura Ebi Kakiage
Eho Maki
Scallop Kobu-jime
Anago Stewed with Hojicha
Firefly squid

Sashimi : Ise Ebi Lobster sashimi

Chawanmushi Shijimi Broth with Milk

Sashimi : Aburi Sawara (Rock fish), Shime Saba (mackerel) , Otoro (fatty tuna)

Negitoro maki ..
Mini carrot with spicy miso

Spoon : Ankimo (Monk fish liver) with pozu sauce

Spoon : Fresh Shirasu (Baby sardines) with yolk ikura (egg yolk)

Sub Main :
Golden eye snapper (replacing scampi which did not arrive in time)

White radish with mullet roe

Sea Grape with miso

Spoon : Akagai (Ark shell) with sea urchin ..
Main :
Waygu beef with mini cabbage (Hakko oil, Basil)
replaces with pork for non beef eater

Stick : Happy Tomato

Soup :
Renkon Surinagashi, Cha Soba
Lotus root soup with green tea noodle

Wasabi leaves

Stick : Strawberry..
Carbs :
Choice of Unagi chazuke / 4 kinds sashimi spoon/ Unagi Fried Rice/ Beef Fried Rice/ Sashimi Don

Dessert : choice of ice cream
Matcha/ black sesame/ yuzu

Accompanied with Shizuoka Sencha tea

Plus free pouch to bring back

Teppei Japanese Restaurant
Address 🏠 : # 01-18 Orchid Hotel, 1 Tras Link, Singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ 078 867
Tel ☎️ : 6222 7363
Open πŸ’ˆ : Mon-Sat
Lunch : 11.45am-2.30pm
Multi course meal : 6.30pm, 8.30pm
MRT πŸš‡ : Tanjong Pagar (EW15)

Just when you think this is just another Omakase place, they start surprising you by serving fried grasshoppers (only for the brave!) and feeding the sushi straight into your mouth (like your mother would!). Fun and lighthearted atmosphere as compared to other Omakase places.

This was the main course of the month of November (part of the 17-course meal) - unagi chasuke, which was fresh and very much comfort food. Pretty decent quality for its price, highly recommended for anyone looking to try omakase for the first time and do not wish to burn their pockets too much. They change their menus every so often so it’s always a surprise!

$80 for a set. Cheap and good quality, worth your bucks and experience. Changes menu every month, but still depends on what's available. I thought my Nov menu would skip the grasshopper but they still have it 🀣! Good try. About 15 courses, by the time we reach the second last main which ours was the wagyu fried rice, already couldn't finish.


Very satisfying dinner with Teppei. The seafood and fish dishes were all very fresh and gives natural sweetness to the palate. Every serving of the course was prepared just right and thus at the end of the meal, it felt just right. Above picture: Uni Fried Rice. Uni was so fresh!

Looking for an omakase spot that is light-hearted, engaging and serves up fresh Jap nosh? Come by this lively sushi joint in Tanjong Pagar for an upclose and personal omasake experience (from $80). Expect a fun-loving crew that goes the extra mile, even spoon-feeding you a couple of courses! The menu includes uni, sashimi, salt-baked wagyu, cod dish, otoro (aka the fattiest part of the tuna) and even snow crab! If it's available, be sure to get the flavourful Uni Fried Rice with juicy slabs of Wagyu beef that melts in the mouth.
Photo by Burppler Jianzhong .