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Omakase Dinner

$80.00 Β· 113 Reviews

This was the main course of the month of November (part of the 17-course meal) - unagi chasuke, which was fresh and very much comfort food. Pretty decent quality for its price, highly recommended for anyone looking to try omakase for the first time and do not wish to burn their pockets too much. They change their menus every so often so it’s always a surprise!

$80 for a set. Cheap and good quality, worth your bucks and experience. Changes menu every month, but still depends on what's available. I thought my Nov menu would skip the grasshopper but they still have it 🀣! Good try. About 15 courses, by the time we reach the second last main which ours was the wagyu fried rice, already couldn't finish.

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Very satisfying dinner with Teppei. The seafood and fish dishes were all very fresh and gives natural sweetness to the palate. Every serving of the course was prepared just right and thus at the end of the meal, it felt just right. Above picture: Uni Fried Rice. Uni was so fresh!

Looking for an omakase spot that is light-hearted, engaging and serves up fresh Jap nosh? Come by this lively sushi joint in Tanjong Pagar for an upclose and personal omasake experience (from $80). Expect a fun-loving crew that goes the extra mile, even spoon-feeding you a couple of courses! The menu includes uni, sashimi, salt-baked wagyu, cod dish, otoro (aka the fattiest part of the tuna) and even snow crab! If it's available, be sure to get the flavourful Uni Fried Rice with juicy slabs of Wagyu beef that melts in the mouth.
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$80++ for 17 courses that include uni, sashimi, salt baked wagyu, cod, otoro, snow crab, etc? I am sold.

The items served were very fresh so it is really worth it in my opinion! The beef dish was really good as the meat almost melts in your mouth.

It is a casual, fun experience (the servers actually hand feed you some items off a spoon haha). The chefs are not japanese so its not for those looking for a more authentic, serious, classy omakase experience! Regardless, for its price, i think its still worth a shot!


We went here with pretty high expectations. The food was decent but the restaurant was super warm and the exhaust was about as good as a hawker centre. Probably won't be returning anytime soon for the omakase.

beef in a sauce which i have no idea of. beef was cooked nicely and tender. first tuna roll was for the ladies. second roll which is like double the length was for the guys. super funny when they served me. starting to get full after finishing this. lol.

took a break with the grapes next. big fat grape and we assumed these were champagne grapes. hopefully they really are. haha.

main course time. four kinds of sushi for her. wagyu beef fried rice for me. she said the otoro was super duper nice. melts in the mouth kind. i liked the beef slices in my fried rice. the rice was abit clumpy and not as flavourful as i would expect it to be. too full and was not able to finish the rice.

and finally dessert. goma for her and yuzu for me. and they also prepared something for the pple celebrating birthday as well. effort up there. lol.

looking at the items we had, the quality and the high level of engagement from the staff. i would say the money spent here is definitely worth it. more worth it than kimura and definitely sushi jin imo.

95 per pax.

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part one of this dinner.

a mix of keropok, walnuts, vege, chicken(medium well?), mackerel tamago fusion and a chicken roll for the appetiser. keropok was fragrant and crunchy. i liked the chicken roll and mackerel tamago fusion.

sashimi platter up next. favourites were the sea bream, salmon and tuna. chawanmushi was custardy and there was a piece of scallop in it. the last few spoonfuls were a bit salty though. loved the presentation.

no image for the next dish. a small piece of grilled abalone topped with uni served on a spoon fed to everyone personally by the chef. trolololol. after this was a steamed fish served in a savoury and zesty sauce.

favourite of the night. ice cream and foie gras. a unique combination which worked surprisingly well. the hot and cold contrast matched each other instead of going against each other. truly a wonder.

another fish dish. this was prepared with almond flakes topped with the satki looking gold and silver leaves. goes well with the truffle which was served at the side. and a troll snack to take a break with. fried grasshopper. applaud her for having the courage to chomp it down. "跟 ikan bilis δΈ€ζ ·ηš„" said the chef. πŸ˜‚

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How can something so gorgeous not taste good? Part of the omakase.