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Omakase Dinner

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Pleasantly blown away by how good and fresh the food was. Ingredients were artfully combined to form a unique taste. Overall a great experience here, really enjoyed the food 👍🏼

Pleasantly blown away by how good and fresh the food was. Ingredients were artfully combined to form a unique taste. Overall a great experience here, really enjoyed the food 👍🏼

One will find a gastronomical experience here definitely, as you will experience so many different flavour profiles from their dinner omakase ($100). We realised that we really cannot pick a favourite among the dishes served as most were so darn good. All seafood ingredients served are really fresh, and you really don't need the soya sauce because they are all so flavourful! There is a total of about 15-17 courses, and although most were small bites, they were more than enough to make us full. In fact many in the restaurant were saying that they were already filled towards the end of the course! Really felt like it's worth the price 😊

Premium Omakase (fish) Bento (S$40)
Rice top~snow crab.Ikura~
Mini Bara
Stewed Fish Cheek
Salmon Comfit salad
Sashimi(Dish of the day)
Japanese Sweet Potato salad(Dish of the day)
Ago Katsu(Dish of the day)

Where’s the stewed fish cheek?

Teppei’s Omakase dinner has been on my wish list for years and I finally had the chance to visit the restaurant recently. Each dish in the 18-course Omakase dinner ($100 per pax) is fresh, delicately crafted and absolutely delicious.

It’s hard to pick a favourite, but here are some dishes that left a lasting impression:
▪️Minced Tuna Maki with Sea Grapes, Pickled Radish, Flying Fish Roe and Salmon Roe
▪️Snow Crab Don
▪️Button Mushroom Tempura stuffed with Fish Paste and Sakura Shrimps
▪️A5 Wagyu Steak with 15-Layer Potato Pave
▪️Sea Bream Sashimi with Orange Dressing
▪️Firefly Squid in Olive Oil
▪️Scallop with Kombu
▪️Crab Porridge with Uni

Although the portion is small, each dish is a burst of freshness, flavours and umami, and the entire course is so satisfying. For an Omakase dinner of such top quality, the price point is very reasonable and value-for-money. The ambience of the single-counter restaurant is cosy and intimate, and the friendly chefs make the effort to introduce each dish as there is no fixed menu.

Out of all the Omakase courses I have tried locally, Teppei is hands down the best Omakase experience I have had so far.

Pictured: foie gras macaron. This was by far the most exciting omakase ever with the chefs literally spoon feeding u several dishes (crab porridge with miso uni, scallop with abalone gut) and turning off all the lights to sing happy birthday midway through dinner (complete with rainbow wigs). Was a fun experience that left me stuffed with amazing food and memories 😊

Last nite dinner

Omakase Dinner (S$100++)
Scallop Mousse
Lotus Root Tempura
Chawanmushi with King Crab & Kanimiso sauce
Yellowtail sashimi with braised radish - smiling face radish
Blue fin tuna series - o toro, aburi tuna, toro served in a ice bowl with seaweed strips below
Hiroshima oyster with yuzu jelly, seaweed balls
Uni, scallop, shrimp roe
Steamed Yuzu stuffed with squid, abalone, cod fish and miso paste sauce
Frozen orange
Roasted beef sushi with fried onion
Sweet potato tempura
Monkfish liver
Crispy Grasshopper
Wagyu Taco
Main - Ikura & Crab Uni Don
Ice cream - Calpis

What an amazing experience! That chawanmushi in the middle is crazily delicious! It has this gooey yummy layer on top of the steam egg. Mmhmm. Highly recommended everyone to visit at least once a lifetime. 2 hours of dining just flew past without knowing. Left with a happy and full tummy.

Do note that everyone is required to put on a face shield provided by them throughout your entire reservation. It did spoil the eating experience as you have to carefully maneuver the spoon or cup under the shield and to your mouth.

Had the luxury of trying this out due to a treat from a very generous friend.

this was the lobster sashimi, scallop & tuna chutoro (if i remember correctly). all three were fresh with a natural sweetness. the lobster was especially succulent. ✨