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Vegetable Meal Set

RM8.50 · 22 Reviews

There's almost always a queue at this banana leaf rice joint but rest assured, the wait is worth it. The crowd is here for the Banana Leaf Rice (RM9.50), served with irresistible sides like the famous fried bitter gourd. Make sure to ask for an extra portion (RM2) of the crunchy, addictive fritter — you can thank us later. If there’s still tummy space, consider the Fried Sotong (from RM10), Coriander Chicken (RM7) or the Mutton Masala (from RM12) — all flavour-packed delights.
Photo by Burppler Terence Ong

One of the popular banana leaf rice spots in KL which is still utilising fresh banana leafs. Drown the rice in various curries, mix the sides and your selected protein (fried sotong being the most popular)

Try the fried squid and fried chicken with lots for curry and dhal! Top with side veges! Coffee brew with cow milk is the best!

Notably one of the popular banana leaf rice in Bangsar. Chances are there would be a long queue outside the restaurant.
Banana leaf rice w/ three types of vegetables (cucumber, cabbage & bitter gourd), papadum, rasam, pickle and a choice of curry or dhall. The fried bitter gourd is my favourite! Charges apply for additional serving of vegetables.
Side dishes I always order would be the mutton curry - tender, chunky, flavourful meat and the chicken masala.
Satisfying meal and was worth the wait and price paid.


Probably the best "Banana Leaf" in Kuala Lumpur!

This place is packed but worth the wait. Most people would order the Vegetable Meal Set (8.50RM) then add whatever à la carte dishes to their hearts' content. The set consists of free-flow rice, assorted curries, an Indian yogurt cucumber salad, curry with potatoes and the best part, fried bitter gourd! I don't even like bitter gourd but this was so darn addictive.

With the add-ons and drinks, a meal here would just set you back < 20RM per person. #Burpproved

It never fails me whenever I'm here to fix my craving for banana leaf rice. I usually eat much more rice even with veggie side dishes.

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I still can not believe I've never had banana leaf rice until this year. So far I've had Devi's Corner and Sri Nirwana, I honestly don't know how to pick one. At Nirwana, we sat outside the actual shop, shaded and surprisingly very cooling! The guy that served us was super helpful and friendly! Basic banana leaf rice set was RM8.50, which includes 3 vege side dishes, tons of curry, and papadum. We ordered Ikan tenggiri (RM10) and mutton curry (RM8), not the cheapest, but the fish was really fresh and moist, and the lamb curry has this very unique taste I've never tasted in a curry. Ice lemon tea and teh ice was RM2 each. I ate probably my week's regular rice intake, so so so full but so damn good!

Since young i dreaded bittergourd to the max

As for the fried bittergourd from SNM, its the exact opposite of the scale.

Though the sides were great on their own, the Rendang Mutton and Fried Chicken are legendary.

Dont be shy to request for more papadam and Resam (possible spelling mistake)

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Nirwana banana leaf rice in Bangsar is probably a brand name among banana leaf rice. Especially if you're in Bangsar. Sides of squid and mutton and everything you see in the picture (mango lassi by the side) comes at RM 50 in total. The curry was meh, but their deep fried bitter gourd was like chips that made me feel healthy. Achar doesn't seem like something everyone could get used to and the sides were ok. No seriously... I need to know what their bitter gourd recipe is!!!