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Garlic Snowing Pizza

$22.50 · 51 Reviews

Thought this was an Italian restaurant but was Korean instead.
Had 1 for 1 Burpple and this was truly a good deal. The ambience was warm and welcoming.
The garlic snowing pizza was really garlicky enough and the meatatarian pizza was a great contrast from garlic. Eaten together one after another wasn’t jelat. 7.0/10

Still my favourite go-to pizza. Never disappoints, same taste everytime. Need to queue awhile on weekends but the food is worth the wait

Amazing amazing food!! My favourites were the garlic snowing pizza and the triple garlic seafood pasta!! The garlic snowing pizza was topped with garlic flakes and generous amounts of cheese. It really took me by surprise when I took my first bite. There was a burst of flavours and the cheese was savoury and a little sweet. The toasted garlic flakes added the extra oomph to the pizza and really took it to the next level! The triple garlic seafood pasta had the right amount of spice and was simply scrumptious! These two are the absolute must try’s when you visit!! The garlic ratu fattuccine was rather underwhelming and frankly too greasy for my liking! The beef steak cubes were a little too tough but on the bright side, the portion was pretty generous as compared to the triple garlic seafood pasta! Overall, the food here exceeded my expectations and I will definitely be back for more!

Taste: 8.5/10
Presentation: 7.5/10
Ambience: 8/10 (added points for their countless garlic decor hahaha)

Located at No 3 Temasek Boulevard, unit 02-300/301 Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983. .
Garlic Snowing Pizza, $25. We have heard about this as this is their signature pizza! Upon serving, the staff will ask if you want 🧀 topping for the pizza, cheese lover should ask for more! The cheese topping is grated finely onto the pizza. Pizza is very thin crust like a biscuit. There’s pineapple, shrimps and bits of garlics on the pizza with the white sauce, it’s finer licking good!! Surprisingly the garlic taste wasn’t too empowering, everything was on point! Very fragrant and unforgettable!
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Had the garlic snowing pizza and meatatarian pizza for 1-1 deal! Yummy 🤤

Used Burpple Beyond for this! Both pizzas are $25 each, and the final bill was about $30. Quite worth it for 16 slices of pizza for three pax. The garlic snowing pizza was surprisingly delicious (the pineapples & grated cheese!!) and not overpowering. However, the sweet white sauce can get jelak cos the fried garlic/shrimp/pineapple doesn’t cover all of the pizza. The meatatarian is more balanced as the toppings are savoury. Staff were really nice too (:

Tasty - shrimps, diced pineapple and garlic went well with the sweet sauce and the crust was also thin and not crispy. Enjoyed the mix of crunchy garlic chips and softer roasted garlic chunks in the pizza.

Ordered two pastas: triple garlic seafood pasta and garlic carbonara

Triple garlic seafood pasta came first. This dish is so good. Suits korean palate really well. Its spicy and not oily at all. My friend and I cleared this dish so fast. Definitely recommend.

The garlic carbonara came later and maybe because we ate the dish that had strong taste, carbonara tasted a bit bland to us. It was not cheesy enough.

I come here often so I recommend other dishes like garlic snowing pizza and garlic sizzling rice. These are my favs.

1-for-1 Entertainer: Ordered the Garlic Snowing Pizza ($25) & the Garlic Ragu Fettuccine ($26)

If you love garlic, this would be haven for you!

The pizza is a must have!! The thin crust is done to perfection, and it is a perfect blend of sweet & savory & garlicky in one plate!

The less-raved-about fettuccine is also pleasantly on point! Love the generous portion of cheese on top that complimented the bolognese-tasting base well! Also generous with the meat in the sauce!

Note: Burpple allows 1-for-1 pizza or 1-for-1 pasta. If you want a mixture of both pizza/pasta, use Entertainer for this! It’ll give you 1-for-1 on any mains!

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Ordered using beyond’s 1-1 deal. Snowing pizza and meateranian pizza was great!