Garlic Snowing Pizza

$22.50 · 69 Reviews

Got it at 1 for 1 with burpple beyond, and the pizzas were delicious. The garlic snowing pizza had shrimps, sweet garlic sauce, onions, and deep fried crispy garlic, topped with shredded parmesan cheese. They went so well with the thin crust pizza! The ham and sausage pizza had generous amounts of toppings. It was as good as the other pizza but I personally liked the garlic chips on the other. Definitely worth coming again!

First time trying this restaurant at Suntec. We had the risotto, garlic sizzling rice and garlic snowing pizza. Garlic snowing pizza is a must try and best when it's hot! The rice and risotto was not very good as it was quite bland.

$26. Love the real time shredding of parmesan cheese over the pizza. The combi of sweetness of the pineapples with the cheese and tiny shrimps really make this pizza lovely! Not forgetting their signature garlic chips again. Lol

As a huge fan of garlic, this place is definitely a must-try for me. Garlic in pasta, pizza, and anything you could think of. What’s there not to love?

Pizza was a joy to savour, served nice and hot with a nice creamy taste. Enjoyed it the most out of the items I had during both visits. Other food was pretty good as well, with an evident garlic flavour in all of them!

Point to improve, I concur with most of the reviews, to have the option of having extra garlic, the more the merrier! (That’s if you don’t catch the staff on a bad day, I was lucky both times I was there :D)

If you ever patronise this place, their pizzas are way better than their pasta. And this is the must try on the menu. Seriously, something about the garlic snowing pizza is really addictive.

I tried the garlic snowing pizza (since it is famous for garlic) and spicy pumpkin pizza. Even though I’m not a fan of garlic, I like the taste of the garlic snowing pizza. However, the amount of cheese on the pizza was quite little for a person who likes cheese. The pumpkin pizza was interesting as it has a sweet and salty taste. However, both pizza could be a little dry towards the end.

The 1 for 1 set meal does not come with a drink or water. Thankfully, we had water as the pizza was a little dry.

On a side note, the price is not nett. It comes up to about $35+ for the whole meal.

Ratings for food: 3.5/5
Ratings for price: 3.5/5 (it’s more worth it using the burpple app)

Honestly, pleasantly surprised by the Mad Tom Yum Pizza. Wanted to try something different apart from the famous Garlic Snowing Pizza and this really did it. It’s the right amount of sweet, sour and spicy. They are generous with their prawn toppings, the sourness from the lime really makes it appetising for us. Definitely recommend this!

amazin stuff. little cosy restaurant tucked in between DTF and starbucks but you can’t miss its sign from afar. we got 2 pastas and 2 pizzas - garlic truffle carbonara, crab & lobster pasta, garlic snowing pizza, old fashioned ham & sausage pizza.

the garlic truffle carbonara was far more superior to the crab and lobster pasta. strong truffle flavour with a classic creamy egg texture. they ran out of crab so they replaced it with more lobster and fish roe. honestly not the best dish, slightly disappointing with a rather bland and overly thick sauce. honestly tasted like stale cheese/seafood, though the lobster portion was p huge.

the pizzas were great!!! thin crust is gd crust. both of the ones we ordered were yummy!! especially love the sweet white sauce that they use in both :)

we also got the garlic tower on the side- it was e l i t e garlic bread. not the sweetest, the garlic flavour was strong but not overpowering, bread had the right amount of burn and crisp. they also perform a lil something for u at your table :)

Decided to head back to this establishment after being wowed by their garlic snowing pizza previously.

Unfortunately, the crab meat garlic pasta failed to deliver the wow factor. It is by no means a bad dish, but the flavour profile of this dish is nothing to shout about. Nevertheless, the dish was still worth it with the burpple one for one offer.

I loved this dish! It was so savoury with minced pork bits and had the right amt of sweetness and texture from the pumpkin! At the back is the classic Garlic Snowing Pizza which was good as always! Loved how the crisp fried garlic slices added a ton of flavour to the dish, along with the sweetness from the pineapple. The latter can be slightly gelat after a while but is definitely worth the try! Surprisingly, I preferred the Spicy Pumpkin Cream Pizza because it was more savoury than sweet, as compared to the Garlic Snowing Pizza which had sweeter notes to it