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Poulét Roti (Half)

$15.80 · 34 Reviews

Poulet Roti with Mushroom Chardonnay Sauce; the tender chicken paired well with the generous amount of creamy mushroom sauce (which reminded of mushroom soup but thicker and slightly saltier). It's pretty nice, but troublesome to eat being half a chicken.

The ultimate winner, however, was the Truffle Mashed Potatoes. The truffle taste was really strong, just how a mega truffle fan like me would love it! Simple, yet oh-so-very delish!

($4.90) One of my favourite mash potato! Buttery fragrance, & it has a little hint of truffle! No idea why when we didn't order the truffled mash potato. I'm pretty sure I can eat a whole pot of this. And sadly, this was possibly the highlight of my meal - their signature poulet roti doesn't seem as good as last time, although the sauce is still yummy.

Though we do not have the tradition of having turkey for thanksgiving, here's a Poulet Roti as substitute. Love the scrumptious sauce that accompanies the chicken!

The cranberry sauce is not as tangy as I thought it would be, but it is still a welcome change from the too-creamy Poulet Roti with Mushroom Chardonnay Sauce. Please read my full review at www.hungryghost.sg

Ordered the half chicken version (and hence, this ugly looking lump) because I was apprehensive of its size and taste initially! It tasted divine! The skin had this somewhat sweet and citrus-y taste and the chicken went really well with the cream sauce! Would love to have this again! :D

The chicken is oh-my-god-so-tender, but the sauce is a little too creamy to go go with it. Please read all about it at http://www.xiaoyangmeimei.blogspot.sg

really tender and juicy slow roasted chicken served with creamy mushroom chardonnay sauce... yum!