Salmon Confit

$10.90 · 8 Reviews

Ordered Crab Tortellini $22, Beef En Croute $34, Foie Gras $14 and Salmon Confit $14. Loves the pasta for its complex creamy flavour. Lentil with foie gras combi was surprising good. Beef was too overcooked. Salmon Confit was good with the kombu sauce but the green apple slice wasn't a good match for me. Overall will be back for more.

Price: $10.90

This is going to sound so unsophisticated, but it's basically a slab of sashimi BUT sprinkled with some really yummy green stuff. I'm serious. I'm not able to articulate fancy food well on a Tuesday night, but this is good. Would recommend!

Fresh, medium done fillet of salmon, on a bed of fennel and apple. The tender fish is so smooth and sweet, contrasted by the burst of pepper, sharp lemon vinaigrette, and extremely crisp salmon skin chip! Loved it!


Salmon confit with apple and fennel in lemon vinaigrette. $9.90


Melt-in-your-mouth yummy salmon confit with apple & fennel + lemon vinaigrette! $9.90

Chicken Roulade with creamy basmati rice & parmesan sauce.
Salmon Confit. Apple & fennel with lemon vinaigrette.
Simple, casual French dining. Very reasonable too.