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Iced White Brew

$5.00 ยท 10 Reviews

Presentation is definitely 10/10. Just look at thatttt adorable round ice ball in this fat round glass! ๐ŸŒš The ice ball contains coffee so even as it melts, it wouldn't dilute. How thoughtful! ๐Ÿ’• Coffee here as usual is superb โœจ & this cold brew doesn't disappoint. With juicy sweet notes. It's definitely one to enjoy on a quiet Sunday afternoon ๐ŸŒผ

Espresso ice ball to keep our coffee strong despite the unbearable heat and prolonged chitchat in the cafe. Such a clever idea. Love the coffee and the ambience there! Not your typical coffee shop that has lattes, capuccino or flat white in the menu.


Stumbled into this chic little coffee studio in Sunset Way. Loved the white brew, both iced and hot. Especially with the former, where it is served with espresso ice cubes, so that your coffee will not get diluted as the ice melts.

everything about tiny roasters exudes nothing tiny bout their caffeine passion. their bigger outfit at sunset just screams coffee. da perfect conducive environment to learnt coffee craft. my iced white brew of west steet blend beans from chiang mai. always enjoy a cold brew because is less the acidity. comes with ice cube of cold brew so your coffee is never diluted or if not even more intense!


Bigger space, same quality, heartening to see older cafes expanding and doing better.

Iced White Brew (SGD 5) - The unique triangular cup with an espresso ice sphere to prevent dilution.

Location: 106 Clementi St 12, 01-62
Opening hours: 12.30pm - 10pm (Mon-Fri), 9.30am - 10pm (Sat), 9.30am - 6pm (Sun)

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The Tiny Roaster is back at a more accessible location, launching its pre-opening today at Sunset Way (Blk 106 Clementi Street 12). Glad to find the space as zen as the previous West Coast location which makes for some good quiet time for coffee. The Iced White Brew is what I had remembered it to be; medium-bodied and nutty flavour profile with that thoughtful cube of coffee ice that does not dilute the coffee while keeping it cold. Liked how they kept the hand brew concepts, and having a roastery where they roast their own beans in-house. Small bites are also available now too; though only Dark Chocolate Tartlets are available as of now.

This place is serious about their coffee so there are no food options available. The Iced White Brew ($5) is made using the Honduras blend, in contrast to the Chiang Mai blend that is more commonly used, that ended up on a well-balanced and sweet tone.

From The Tiny Roaster. Iced White Brew that is hand-brewed with a Kalita dripper (which they also retail) upon order using single-origin beans from Chiang Mai. End product was slightly milky but complimented by a rather strong body still with floral notes and rather acidic flavour profile. Loved the fact that they used an ice cube made from their Cold Brew, which enhances the Iced White Brew rather than diluting the taste.