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Angus Beef Burger

$26.00 · 53 Reviews

Angus beef burger ($26++)

The burger was huge- beef patty was thick, but cant choose the level of doneness (only well done). Sunny side up prevented the burger from getting too dry. Came with a large portion of curly fries as well as salad.

Hard for a hungry girl to finish everything!

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Tasted like real meat and twas a delicious burger that was just the nice mix of juicy and not too messy. Loved the sweet potato fries and salad too cos #pseudohealthy😋 Also had a crab pasta which was good but a wee bit spicy for my liking.

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🤓 used burpple beyond to try the breakfast/mains at the coffee academics today. i had an angus beef burger. the bun was fluffy, patty was normal but nice, & the curly fries were crispy & thin! way better than mcd’s (which i dislike). —
my friend’s french toast came with an espresso maple syrup which was love 😍 esp bc maple alr kinda has coffee notes (the real kind) so add espresso & it’s even more pronounced!

also tried the coffee! TCA’s known for their unique coffee flavours, and i was just trying my luck when i asked if they had decaf and the waiter was like “yeah?” and i was like “yOU DO???” so i ordered the (decaf) jawa (i think that’s it’s name) which had pandan, coconut & gula melaka in it!! i love those asian flavours so needless to say i enjoyed my coffee. i also felt super extra & classy bc it was served in a wine glass 😂 this place had so many bad reviews but i’m so glad we decided to check this out bc their food & drinks were so good! aiya they just too picky la 😤

We visited this restaurant because we had Burpple’s 1 for 1. The burger was alright, not fantastic. definitely a lot more room for improvement.

My friend ordered her grain bowl and it took more than 20mins to arrive. The portion was relatively small and she finished it within 10mins.

The server was trying to act cool by not smiling and holding up a thumbs up sign after taking our orders.

Restaurant was pretty packed for a weekday afternoon. Love the burger and their bread

Angus Beef Burger ($26) didn’t disappoint!!! Huge portion, with a lot of fries. Fries were great, better than McDonald’s twister fries HAHAHAHA


Burger was big with juicy beef patty and egg, with jalapenos. Great deal with 1-for-1 burrple beyond, paid $30 for 2 pax.