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Yakitori Salmon

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Kinda ex for salmon and rice, but the coconut rice was really fragrant and the Vietnamese caramel drizzled over the rice was interesting. Might skip this next time tho as it's not the most value-for-money imo!


Good morning everyone! Saturday mornings are my favorite times of the week 😊
Had brunch at Nosh which is such a beautiful place.. we sat outdoors and felt right within nature with all the trees around. Pictured are:
Orange Beetroot Cured Salmon** ($19)
Yoghurt Pot with Honey Comb** ($8)
Full Monty* ($26)
Nosh Burger with Egg ($24)
Mac n Cheese ($6)
Truffle Fries ($7)
Strawberry Shortcake* ($8)

* Recommended ** Highly Recommended

A decently sized portion of salmon that has been marinated in a Vietnamese caramel to give it a lovely smokey, slightly sweet flavour, sitting atop a bed of light, long-grained rice which has been infused with coconut oil for a delicious aroma. #burpple #brunch #breakfast

No gimmicks, no fancy-schmancy nonsense – just simple, straightforward eggs, toast and the rest of the continental breakfast works. Probably one of the most satisfying brunches I've had in awhile.

A thick piece of salmon, grilled just about right without being over cooked. Normally that crisp, crackling skin and pink insides would be enough to please me but what really intrigued was that coconut rice drizzled in a Vietnamese caramel! 😝

Long grain, firm rice with that unique sweet yet savoury sauce was a pleasure to chow down on. But it might not be for everyone (my dining partner found it a little weird). Either way, deffo worth a try, just make sure you take note that brunch service ends at 2:30! ⌚️

If you thought good brunch were all eggs, sausages, and whatnots, you're about to be proved wrong. This Yakitori Salmon is definitely not your typical brunch item, but was one of my favourites that meal. A generous slab of salmon, executed perfectly boasting a crisp skin and pinky insides, glazed with yakitori sauce, then served over a bed of coconut rice and finished with Vietnamese caramel. Fantastic fish aside, the coconut rice (think uber fragrant nasi lemak) was immensely addictive. So if you're heading down this weekend, you know what you shouldn't miss out on.

From Noshery at Nosh, which is located at Level 1 of the colonial-era house across from the al-fresco area of Nosh. The simple-looking dish of the day but this left a very strong impression for how tasty it was. The block of salmon, despite coated in a sweet Yakitori glazing, contained its natural taste well within the flaky, pink flesh; went well with the glazing rather than being overwhelmed by it. Skin was also crisp, and seemed to be seasoned in a little salt for a better flavour. What blew us away was the Coconut Rice, which of course resembled a really good plate of Nasi Lemak where the rice wasn't too mushy and carried coconut-y flavours consistently and evidently throughout, and enhanced by the Vietnamese Caramel which brought a little Gula Melaka sweetness to the rice which went surprisingly well, and may I even say, mind-blowing. Totally zero effort required to finish off every single item that sits on this plate.