Spam Chips

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I really liked that this was served in chip form as opposed to spam fries. This resulted in a spam chip that is super crispy and like a potato chip, with all the familiar awesome saltiness of spam. As opposed to spam fries which tend to simply be just rectangular pieces of spam, this was a more interesting and delicious attempt at serving spam in a cafe. Good for an afternoon snack to share with friends!

What would you have on a lazy weekend? For me, it would be ice cold craft beers and light finger food

Yum I love it, but not exactly worth the price for its portion!

I woke up voluntarily at this time because I'm so used to it. So here's some food to kick start your appetite while I go back to sleep! 😌

It tasted like fishball noodles (but in a good way)! The spam chips and truffles fries were great too. This place is DEFINITELY worth a return trip.

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Spam chips - unhealthy goodness. Hehe...

Great location and good choice of furnishings and decorations; but food wise, definitely not value for money.