Honey Creme (313@Somerset)

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The candy floss was a nice balance to the bitterness of the coffee. Definitely work a try!

๐Ÿ˜‚ 2 korean noms on last saturday!

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I think this combo is probably the most worthy to try. Not a big fan of vanilla softees so I like that the strong coffee masks the milky taste. They have pretty interesting varieties available for CNY so can try those while they're available. But to be honest, I think it's not something I'll keep going back for.

Shooo shooo!! ______________________________________
Agree to what some people said: over rated. The ice cream was nice but the portion was so small and a bit overpriced S$6.20 for the cotton candy affogato. Top PR agency created the hype? Good job but the queue will die down soon and we'll see if they can survive (with more similar shops selling the same items)

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Just becos there was no queue. Fresh milk + whipped cream + shot of espresso = Affogato soft serve.

Finally I've tried all the stuff in honey creme.

Waited about 10-15min to get in on the hottest ice cream (see what I did there?) in town. Probably the lushest soft serve I've had, though I found it extremely sweet due to the tuft of cotton candy that they melted into the ice cream with a heady shot of espresso, before affixing another wig of spun sugar over the cup.