Thai Milk Tea Ice Cream

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The waffle batter here’s sweeter but had quite a good amount of crisp and fluffiness, along with a light fragrance. A decent dessert option! Also, it seems like the Thai Milk Tea and Coconut Taro are the most popular ice cream flavours.

The last time I came their waffle is crispy outside, moist and fluffy inside but this time is 😞 If only the waffle is consistent


Featuring: Coconut Taro (personal loveπŸ’–) & Thai Milk Tea Ice Cream

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πŸ˜‹ 5x5's version of Thai Milk Tea ice cream is superb & goes oh so well with their crispy yet fluffy waffles which makes it so easy to finish! Oh & their nachos with cheese & salsa dips is a MUST order! Not kidding, for realz. It's THAT good.
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Enjoyed scoops of Golden Vanilla and Thai Milk Tea ($4.20 per scoop) ice-cream atop one of the nicest waffles ($6) I've had. Just the right amount of crisp and flavour for me! Golden Vanilla had great flavour and texture while the Thai Milk Tea was a little 'icy' (not as creamy/you know what I mean). Definitely worth a try! The place has really nice ambience and my friend very much enjoyed the coffee served.

As not insta worthy and overcooked as it looks, it actly turned out crispy outside and airy light inside.πŸ‘ The coconut taro and thai milk tea ice cream may look ordinary but they were actually pretty rich and good. πŸ˜πŸ˜‰ Some way cld probably be found to bring out the buttermilk fragrance even more and improve the appearance(?) of the waffle! πŸ˜‰

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Flavours in this pic are Thai Milk Tea, Durian and Ferrero Rocher, with the last one being the best for me. The waffles weren't as crispy as I remembered November 8's one to be (opened by the same people) πŸ˜“ But still worth a try if you're nearby!

P/S: Why is there still no emojis for waffles?!