Better Than Sex

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Located on the first floor along Jalan Petaling, this vibrant cafe sees locals and tourists alike swing by for fresh twists on cafe dishes. The community-favourite is the Kai Fan 4.0 (RM24) which they upgrade often, so look forward to new versions in the future! Also good are the Hongkie Beef Stew (RM25) and Better Than Sex (RM20), a sweet dish featuring pandan roti jala with melted cheese, kaya toast-flavoured ice cream and gula Melaka.
Photo by Burppler Sam Chong

Pandan roti jala with melted kaya ice cream and gula melaka sauce RM20

The name of the dessert wasn’t the reason I ordered it. Ok...maybe a teeny bit.

The combination of pandan roti jala, sweet kaya toast flavoured ice-cream and gula melaka sauce with salty melted cheese was intriguing. It was topped with slices of strawberry and almonds.

It wasn’t as sweet as I expected, probably due to the non-sweet roti jala and melted cheese. Altogether it was delicious.

I wish they made the roti jala in little rolls like how it usually is. This came in one thick piece and I had to cut it with a knife. And also, maybe a heavier pandan smell. I didn’t smell nor tasted the pandan much.

This is RM20. Best to share.

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This pandan roti jala + gula Melaka ice cream dessert was definitely a guilty pleasure. Wish that it came with a good ratio of roti jala to ice cream though. Atmosphere of the cafe was really nice and beautiful - although it can be quite loud if there are families with kids seated. Overall, definitely a must visit!

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It was a sweltering hot day, so I decided to try out this dessert. The atmosphere at this cafe is so relaxed, cool and filled with charming decor. The food, was average. The roti jala had a nice chewy texture, and the ice cream was creamy and sweet. The portion is a little big though so it got slightly jelak towards the end.


Used to be better than sex. Pandan Flavours roti jala topped with cheese and kaya ice cream. Roti jala is a little hard . 😏
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🥘: South China Sea (poached eggs with grilled salmon fillets, topped with tangy housemade salsa and housemade hash) // Kai Fan (Ayam berempah served with salsa, butter rice and fried egg) // Kp. Sg. Tua (grilled salmon served with sweet potato mash, butter herbed veggies and masak lemak chilli padi sauce) // Better Than Sex (pandan roti jala topped with melted cheese and served with yummy kaya toast ice cream and a drizzle of gula melaka)

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This is a unique authentic fun dessert that I've ever had. Better Than Sex consists of pandan roti jala layered with melted mozarella cheese, served with creamy kaya toast ice cream and drizzled with melted gula melaka.

I didn't taste enough cheese from the roti jala, maybe it was overpowered by the ice cream? However, it is okay because the kaya toast ice cream won my heart. The creamy sweet ice cream with chunks of bread, adding somekind of crunchy texture to the gooey ice cream and the chewy roti jala texture, the cut up nuts and sliced strawberry adding crunchiness and acidity to the dish. The last drizzle of gula melaka successfully added the sweet local aftertaste.

It was a really amazing dish, and for me it was full of fun with all those varieties of texture and flavor combined into a harmonius local yet modern dessert! I might not know if this dish tastes better than sex, but what I know that it's the most fun dessert in case of flavor to me!