Dark Side

RM10.00 Β· 5 Reviews

Chocolate crepe, rich and creamy dark chocolate spread and vanilla ice cream. Nothing could go wrong with this combination.

Chocolate crepe filled with dark chocolate filling, with orange caramel drizzle around it, topped with vanilla ice cream. The filling was not too sweet at all, but neither did it have the intensity of dark chocolate, which wasn't necessarily a bad thing at all for this dish. I didn't think that the orange caramel drizzle went too well with the crepe but it was something different! The ice cream on top was so good! It tasted like the long-ago discontinued Sara Lee vanilla ice cream which I miss dearly, if you know what I'm talking about. Apparently Strangers used New Zealand Natural Ice Cream! Major thumbs up for not using Nestle or Walls πŸ‘πŸΌ

The crepes I had were so good. Shore to please was filled with well cooked seafood and paired well with the crepe. Dark side was so good. The chocolate was thick but not in the jelak or sickening way. It's kelapa was refreshing. The coconut blended really well with orange which was quite a surprise. Overall a great place to grab a light meal or/and dessertsπŸ˜‹


πŸ˜‹ Dark chocolate French crepe filled with chocolate cream, topped with vanilla ice cream and white chocolate rolls. Plus a little drizzle of caramel on the side.
This is an amazing chocolate dessert. But I did not die from chocolateyness because the balance was perfect! The chocolate crepe is nicely done and perfectly fluffy. Added with the generous amount of chocolate filling and vanilla ice cream, you kind of get a "crepe" brownie but better. I'm serious. It is the best crepe dessert I've had.
I can finish the whole dessert by myself but a cafe hopping trip will not allow me to because I must try more goodies! But honestly, I would if I can. ☺️ Moving to the Dark Side isn't too bad sometimes.
I'll be back for their savory choices and other sweet ones!
Good service too!
I also tried their cappuccino with soy milk. (Not in picture). It was good too!! So delicious especially when it's paired with sweet crepe desserts.
Food: 9/10 (So far. I'll be back for savory ones. Verdict could be different.😜) Price: 9/10 (RM 10 for Dark Side, RM 9 for cappuccino add on RM 1 for soy milk. Their prices are quite cheap too! I'm surprised for delicious French crepes. Le French Crepe kiosks must be overcharging compared to this)
P/S. Their waiters, waitresses and cooks are cute. PRETTY DECOR TOO!