PS. Truffle Shoestring Fries

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Really tasty burger with a well-seasoned patty, fried onions, bacon and some crispy vegetables. The thickly cut wedges are a nice alternative to the usual truffle fries! I really enjoy the aioli that comes with the fries as I think it has a really unique Asian flavour (oddly reminiscent of Thai spices but I might be trippin’).

I'm not exactly one to order a Sticky Date Pudding ($15.00++), but this came highly recommended. Upon first bite whoa JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL, this is pretty good. Served warm & moist, this was quite heavenly. & if you read other reviews, you'll notice they say the same thing - PS Café, your consistency is commendable.

The sticky toffee sauce is sweet, you can't deny or help it. What's nice about it is that you can mitigate how much of it you want in each bite. Do you dunk, or do you lightly dip? The choice is yours.

Also, you may or may not enjoy it with their ubiquitous truffle fries. Dun say you hear from me one ah.

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ordered a truffle fries as well.
the red velvet cake was kinda sweet. but its a good thing to have after the curry. the ice cream was a nice accompaniment to the cake.
maybe the curry was too heavy. so the truffle fries did not taste as nice as i last remembered. we ended up having to ask for chilli sauce and tomato ketchup.
ps cafe is always a good place to chill after dinner. just that we enjoy this at a premium price.
$12 per pax.
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Had fluffy pancake ($24), truffle fries ($15), PS. harding club ($26), iced mocha ($6.5) and lychee & lime soda.
I enjoyed the passion fruit sauce that comes with the pancake but not the texture of the pancake - it is a bit too thick for my liking. The truffle fries smells good but doesnt have very strong truffle taste.
A bit pricey and very crowded and busy during weekend so be prepared to wait.

A must-order dish from P.S. cafe. However, i think the standard did drop a little over the years. I do remember it to be a much more comforting food.


Cooked in a complex multi-step process that makes them all the crunchiest ones on the plate. For $12, you get a mountain of shaved parmesan cheese piled on top of another super-sized mountain of truffle oil coated fries.


So... the famous P.S truffle fries, something that seems to be synonymous with the restaurant. Delightfully crispy shoestring fries, coated evenly with the aromatic essence of truffle oil and finally a generous heaping of shaved, fine cheese. This was an enjoyable side, and I can finally see why many tables had one. Not sure if I would go as far as to declare it the best truffle fries I've ever had, but the act of getting this dish right consistently (you'd be surprise at how many places failed to deliver this seemingly simple menu item) is an amazing feat in itself.
Also, kudos to the staff who were efficient and friendly on a busy Saturday afternoon (peak brunch period no less). This wasn't my first visit here, and while food isn't mindblowingly good, service and ambience never fail to impress.

I think everyone who goes to PS Cafe in most locations would agree with me that it is a must to order their Truffle Fries because 1) it's TRUFFLE! and 2) the fries are crispy and thin shoestring fries. But do you know that you can actually request for extra cheese!? This was a first for me since I never knew about this before. This extra cheese just makes it even better as you get to enjoy more cheese with each fries you have. It is absolute yum! 😋

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