Cuppa Lava Cake

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Good and satisfying cup if you’re craving for a rich chocolatey dessert! The lava cake’s heated upon order, so you get that nice molten and oozy chocolate lava flowing out. Not that big a fan of their vanilla ice cream base in comparison, our was way too hard and milky.


My go to place to get cheap and good chocolate lava cake.

Perfectly baked warm chocolate cake with a luscious molten gooey chocolate lava flowing in the middle. Paired together with milky, ice cold vanilla ice cream in a cup that's convenient to eat on the go.

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Dark Gelato (single scoop) - S$4.50
Cuppa Lava Cake - S$5.50

Cuppa lava cake is more to my cup of tea. 😍
If you like dark chocolate which is slightly bitter, dark gelato would be your love.

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This is a quick fix and a good on-the-go option if you are craving for one!
It never fail to disappoint, as the lava cake is always served hot with melting chocolate once you break the cake. I can't say so for my not-so-favourite vanilla ice cream, as the texture may not as consistent across branches and it could be too hard to go together with the cake.
A sweet treat to start the new week right!

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Good lava cake with vanilla ice cream

Happiness in a cup. This innovative idea of having a lava cake in a cup has provided such convenience to many people here for a takeaway. They reversed the traditional way of having ice cream topping on a chocolate lava cake so that the hot air from the lava cake will not cause the ice cream to melt too quickly. The richness in chocolate flavoue has proven this to be a good deal.

Got suprised by someone with this actually.Chocolate Lava Cake in a cup with vanilla ice cream at the bottom. How cute!! Lol.I didnt know Choc Origin was also here until yesterday. The chocolate my friend, words won't be able tell you the feeling as you scoop the melted chocolate into your mouth. I got seconds by the way hahahahaha.

Chocolate Lava Cake always a must-eat when I'm at 313 Somerset.