Spicy Mayo Salmon

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Got the smallest available size ($9.90). You can select a variety of greens, and up to 2 poke. I chose the spicy mayo salmon and mentaiko salmon, which were both very delicious. Topped it off with the free garnishes of garlic chips, furikake and tobiko. There is also a variety of sauces for you to choose from e.g. shoyu, spicy mayo etc. The completed bowl tastes so flavourful and yet healthy at the same time. The place is really cozy and the lunch crowd isn’t that bad as most people opt for takeaway. The staff were really friendly as well!

Spicy mayo salmon ($12.50) with additional charge for the teriyaki edamame premium topping. A bit costly seeing as the regular toppings are nothing spectacular- cherry tomatoes, pineapple, cucumbers. Nevertheless a failsafe option when hankering for poké.

[Non-MealPal price $9.90] original mealpal was supposed to come with brown rice but it ended up as a sushi rice version. I actually preferred the mild vinegar taste! I also liked this spicy salmon much more than the Avo salmon that I tried for mealpal #1/18, cos spicy 😊 still loving the crunchy texture of the wakame, and not loving the pineapple which is very dry. 4/5.


Hehe and yay I can redeem my free poke bowl w my loyalty card so why not🙃 PLUS free premium toppings cuz of their opening promo yay!! Colourful food makes me happi h3h3, or maybe food in general🤓
• Regular - Romaine Lettuce + Salmon Poké + Pomegranate ($12.50 + $1)
• Regular - Romaine Lettuce + Salmon Poké + Cashew +($12.50 + $2)
• Regular - Romaine Lettuce + Spicy Salmon Poké + Almond ($12.50 + $2)

Altogether a healthy bowl of goodness. It consists of salmon cubes tossed in a creamy and mildly spicy marinade. A favourite for a salmon fan like me. It’s healthy, delicious, filling, and unique with varied sauces. They also allow customisation which an added bonus if you want something extra to go with it. Moreover u can choose the base and I went with sushi rice which has been always a favourite. (There is a lot to choose from, do try it out)


Tried most of the Poke places in the CBD and this is probably my favourite! The unlimited choice of regular toppings makes for a rather generous & satisfying bowl.


Feel that it was a tad expensive for the portion. But love the presentation! So pretty and amazingly colourful. Beating away the monday blues. The mix of flavours giving my tastebud a overload, from sweet pineapple to spicy salmon to salty cold seaweed!


We had lemon herb quinoa, with spicy mayo salmon and avocado salmon (100g-$12.50, 150g-$16.50) and all the free toppings like carrots, cucumber, pineapple, cherry tomato, wakame seaweed. Glutton us, added edamame and lime avocado ($1 each topping). Overall its kinda disappointing. Not sure if it was the combination we ordered wasnt right. It lacks of a crunch factor. Probably next time if i ever come here again, i will add something crunchy like roasted cashew, crispy salmon skin or kale chips (add $2 for each of this topping though). Total damage for a bowl $18.50
✖️probably not going back since i wouldnt pass by there anyway
📍27 Boon Tat St, Singapore 069623 #yybffTelokAyer #yybffTanjongPagar

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This spot is so conveniently located below the new yoga studio I go to so, I suspect they will be the recipient of a lot of my money in the coming future.

I went with the spicy garlic sesame tuna ($11.90 for 100g) with a base of lemon herb quinoa. There is also the option for shoyu tuna, spicy mayo salmon and avocado miso salmon - and larger portions too. It comes with standard toppings of tobiko, furikake, nori, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, wakame (which I opted out of), pineapple, carrot and sesame seeds.

While the fish was seasoned very nicely and I really like the selection of standard toppings, I don't think it quite hits the spot as closely as my favourite place. BUT, it definitely is worth coming back for. I hear they have rather delightful smoothie bowls...



This is really nice! Must try..

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